Thursday, October 4, 2018


Today’s Reading: Leviticus 11-12

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This Desert Horned Viper can be found in Africa, the Sinai Peninsula, Israel and Arabia. Satan, Lucifer, once one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven, the enemy of all that is holy, is called “That Old Serpent” in the book of Revelation (Revelation 12:9 and 20:2).

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Key Verse: Leviticus 11:44a

For I am the Lord your God. You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy; for I am holy.


God is holy! The four living creatures in Revelation 4:8 worship God by saying, “Holy, holy, holy.” God’s Word to us is, “be holy.” Self righteousness is as “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6); therefore, in God’s eyes, being holy is not attained by keeping the food regulations found in these chapters. These requirements may be good for your health, but keeping them does not make one holy. Romans chapter 4 is an important New Testament reading in order to understand the holiness God provides for us. Please do as I have done this morning and read 1 Peter 1:13-16. You’ll discover that God’s Word makes it clear that we are to live holy lives. We are holy before God and are to consistently conduct ourselves in a godly way.


I realize, Lord God, that, like Abraham, I am righteous before You by faith, and like Abraham I am to demonstrate righteousness by obedience. Grant me grace to conduct myself in a righteous way, doing what is right before You and before people. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


At a gathering of Pork Producers of Ontario, I was asked to say the blessing over a feast which featured, what else, roasted pork. I thought about my late Father-in-law, Godfrey Rutledge, who prayed over one meal at our dinner table, “Lord, if You can bless under grace what You cursed under Law, bless this food.” Needless to say, he did not partake, but the rest of us enjoyed our meal, pork included. I thought of my own Dad, who spent over 20 years in Egypt. He said that the pigs ate the garbage and so he would not eat pork there, but here he enjoyed it greatly. As I prayed about my blessing for the Pork Producers, I saw in my mind’s eye the vision of Peter with the unclean animals in the sheet let down from Heaven. There, in my imagination, I saw a pig front and centre on the sheet. I blessed the meal with a clear conscience. I’ve just read again Acts 10:9-16.

Yours for holy living,


14 thoughts on “Thursday, October 4, 2018

  1. I have, in recent years, tended to stay away from pork. I am so happy to realize clearly that the Lord spoke to us clearly – it’s okay. Go for it!

  2. Good morning to all. The sun is shining in the greater Vancouver Area today. A beautiful day though a bit chilly. But mindful that others are already getting snow. Praying God’s blessing of peace and strength to all.. whatever the circumstances.

    Reading Leviticus just reaffirms how grateful we are for the sacrifice of Christ –
    “once and for all”… how grateful not to be living in the days of the sacrificial system but amazing how the details of the offerings outlined in Leviticus points to our Saviour. “He’s the Saviour of my soul!” What a great Gospel Message we have.
    A note to the Administrators of the 100words. I did not get the Oct 1 blog on Leviticus 1 & 2 and today’s was missing as well.

    Not sure why this happens.

  3. Amen Samuel. Praying for you Irene that you will come through this surgery well and be restored to health. If you remember I had that surgery and the prayers of the saints helped to pull me through. May God give you all the strength you need. Right now I am facing another test with a lump and tests are not arranged quickly. Please keep me also in your prayers. Thanks and God bless you.

    • Lord God I pray that You will heal Ger completely! that tests will show no lumps, no problems with any part of her body; Lord You know this pp; she is the “apple of Your eye” You love her Lord, unconditionally; TY Lord for healing her completely,
      Lord we also pray and thank You for healing Irene! TY Lord in Jesus Name we Pray amen

    • Thank you Ger:) Praying for your test date will be updated, In Jesus Name I pray, that it will be sooner than later Amen, thank you Jesus for a quick answer!

  4. Another delightful anecdote (re pork) from David ! How was he able to remember so many memories from the past ? Bless him ????

  5. Lord please tell what am I supposed to do? I am really in a very mixed up state! I could use someone in the back room, money to go on loan; HOWEVER Lord I am asking You to hand pick the right person for me & I need to know that it is from You! Help me Lord, Please!

  6. Agreeing with you Sah. The Lord is our Provider. Father show Sah with amazing clarity the one of Your choosing! Thank You.

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