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Today’s Reading: Leviticus 9-10

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The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in these caves in the region known as Qumran. These scrolls are a collection of 972 texts consisting of Biblical manuscripts from the Hebrew Bible as well as other documents. They were discovered almost 70 years ago in clay jars hidden in the caves which are located in the mountainsides on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, from which they derive their name. These are the most ancient scrolls in existence. The scroll with the book of Isaiah, the “Gospel” of the Old Testament, is exactly as we have it in our Bibles today. Portions of every other Old Testament book except for Esther are in the scrolls. The Bible is reliable!!!

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Key Verse: Leviticus 10:11

…and that you may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the Lord has spoken to them by the hand of Moses.


In today’s reading, we learn about the conduct of the priests and the judgment of God on misconduct. There are most serious consequences to the failure to follow God’s instructions, particularly for those whose calling is in leadership. The priests were not to drink any intoxicating beverages. Why? They must be fully aware at all times in order to distinguish right from wrong, the holy from the unholy, and the clean from the unclean, so that they could, by example as well as words, teach the people God’s ways. How often have God’s leaders and followers alike, lost our ability to discern what is right and then do it. The book of James should be regular reading for us, not just when our reading schedule requires it. It’s the New Testament book of Christian conduct. Consider the purpose of the Law for those who believe in Jesus… Read Galatians 3:23-27.


Thank You, Lord God, that I live in the time when I know Your grace, and I am justified by faith, not by the works of the Law. May I never take careless advantage of Your forgiveness, but may I live “With the smile of Your approval on my life.” In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


I had the honour of interviewing the Hon. Joseph R. Smallwood, Premier of Newfoundland, and one of our Fathers of Canadian Confederation. He said, “I don’t drink alcoholic beverages because I may be just one drink away from becoming an alcoholic, and I don’t wish to take the chance of destroying my life and hurting everyone around me.” At 15 years old in the United Church in Brockville, I went forward to the front and signed a pledge that I would not partake of intoxicating drinks throughout my life. It was at what was called, “a temperance service.” I’ve never been sorry I did this. Keeping that promise has enabled me to minister with integrity to many alcoholics and those who were chemically dependent. I had a great-great-grandfather who was an alcoholic. He lost the farm and simply disappeared. His only known son, my great-grandfather, Joseph Mainse, was converted to Christ at a Methodist Church, and that changed the entire direction of my family.

Yours for knowing right from wrong and the holy from the unholy,


22 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 3, 2018

  1. Wonderful testimony of David’s great grandfather, Joseph Mainse. I have a testimony also of how God used me as a young girl to stop any drinking in my father’s life before I even became a Christian. It would have been disastrous in such a large family. Thank you Jesus, Amen!

    • So true Ger. I’ve seen rampant misuse of alcohol ruin so many lives. It becomes a crutch for so many souls.
      I’m praying that the legal use of marijuana doesn’t become such another crutch.
      God bless us all please Father.

      I’ve told my story before but here goes again: 23 years ago April 16/95 after a Easter Service my friend & I went to the beach, I began to roll a smoke! she spoke these words; “we have the Holy Spirit that enables us to do more than we ever dreamt!” I looked at her and said “Eva you are so right” I took the tobacco/papers & threw all into the lake,we laughed as we watched the items float and roll in the waves and disappear! THAT WAS IT! NO SMOKING/DRINKING SINCE THAT DATE! However the Lord was not finished because one week after that happened I fell and broke my leg and that got me into a Rehab program and then I learned to swim! Every day I am so thankful for what God did, He removed the bad stuff & gave me something very good! I did not go through any program, HE DID IT ALL FOR ME!
      I still talk about His wonderous Love for me, I am so thankful,
      when I go for medical check ups, the news is SO GOOD! I can only thank God for what He has done in my life! PRAISE THE LORD!
      I pray for many who are addicted! If God can do this for me, He can help others! in Jesus Name I pray amen

  2. I remember Premier Joey Smallwood. Such a great little character. God must have been so proud of him. It is a joy to avoid misconduct when evidence of your behaviour influences others to seek the Lord with His rules and regulations.
    Quote from Denison forum:
    “Know that Jesus wants to be as real in your life as any other person you know. More real, in fact, since His Spirit lives in you (1 Corinthians 3:16), He is praying for you right now (Romans 8:34), and He will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). No one else can say the same.
    Imagine what would happen if two billion Christians listened for God’s voice and obeyed His word in every moment and circumstance of their lives. What if you did?
    So, offer God this prayer today: “Speak, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10 NIV). Pray it before making a decision or when facing a challenge. Pray these six words at least ten times today and ten times tomorrow.”

    • something I learned through meetings with doctors & AA is that I was already predisposed to drink because there was alcoholism in my family on my dad’s side; I was also predisposed to Mental Illness because it was on my mother’s side; these issues are hereditary; when I heard this I was so relieved because I came by these issues naturally through my inheritance from my past family….as I mentioned the Lord took these things from me 23 years ago, I praise and thank Him daily;

      Lynda I believe as you do also; I pray the Holy Spirit will enter the hearts of all the people in Canada; I believe great things will happen; I pray for our young people,

  3. Because many of my friends are First Nations, mostly I don’t drink–Anglicans do use real wine for communion however. Apparently the ‘glass of wine a day’ dictum may not be so healthy after all. The most important point may be not to cause someone to stumble.

    • some churches use Grape Juice for communion, or I know some only dip their tongue in the wine! I am so thankful that we are talking about addictions and we have the Power of Prayer to pray for others to become healthy.
      We rebuke the devil and all his ways, he has no power over anyone; the Lord God will give strength to all who call upon His Name; He will fight all our battles against the devil! He did before and HE WON!

  4. I was wondering whether anyone has any 1-800 phone numbers for 24 hour prayer lines, there was some however there appears no more.. if anyone can help would appreciate it very much……

  5. I’ve just come home yesterday from hospital where I was treat for an irregular heart-beat. I’m listed for a valve replacement Oct.17 …would appreciate your prayers for God’s restoration of strength. Thank you and God Bless you!

    Will try to catch up on blog doing some each day.

    blessings all you saints.

  6. Today’s scripture lesson reveals the importance of obeying and going God’s way. For staying sober and in tune to hear His voice and follow Him.

    Its always special to read David’s personal words!
    God bless you all!

  7. Praying for Irene, for complete restoration of health and strength .
    May our wonderful Saviour give you total peace and joy as you wait for surgery!

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