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reynold portraitThe photography for 100words.ca is provided by Reynold Mainse, the oldest son of David Mainse. He accepted the challenge from his father to photograph biblical locations in six different countries. During three trips spanning 72 travel days, Reynold took over 70,000 photos, and over 900 images have been used for the 100words.ca blog.

Reynold and Kathy Mainse now live in Gulu, Uganda, as missionaries. They are the founders of World Embrace, a mission organization whose vision is to see the nations transformed as followers of Jesus become passionately committed to loving God, embracing each other in unity, meeting the needs of their communities and, as one, revealing the attractiveness of Christ to a lost world.  www.worldembrace.org

To contact Reynold, email him at reynoldmainse@mac.com

6 thoughts on “About the Photos

  1. Hi Reynold and Kathy. Are you still attached to 100 Huntley Street?
    They are doing a membership drive and have not mentioned your involvement with Huntley Street at all.
    Just wondering
    Thank you,

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