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Today’s Reading: Genesis 31

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Mount Hermon is at the north of Israel and is the highest point in the land. A peak in this area rises to 2,236 m (7,336 ft). Psalm 133:3.

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Key Verses: Genesis 31:3, 44-45

Then the Lord said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your fathers and to your family, and I will be with you.”…”Now therefore, come, let us make a covenant, you and I, and let it be a witness between you and Me.” So Jacob took a stone and set it up as a pillar.


Jacob heard from God and from his father-in-law Laban. Back in Genesis 28:18 Jacob set up a stone as a pillar of witness to God’s restating of the covenant He made with Abraham and Isaac. God reaffirms the same with Jacob. Now Jacob does the same as a witness to his covenant with his father-in-law, Laban. These stone pillars would be permanent reminders of the life-changing commitments made to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and now, Jacob; also to Jacob’s family. Be assured that the twelve sons of Jacob and his daughters listened over and over to the stories of Jacob’s encounters with God and now they were watching as their Dad and Grandpa Laban made their commitments to each other. Here’s a lesson: pass on to your family “stones of witness,” e.g. your testimony for Christ in your will, special mementos, etc.


Dear Lord, help me to be creative in the reminders for my family of those times I have encountered You, as well as my committments to others. Cause these items and/or documents to bless my children, their children and beyond. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


I carefully chose a great and beautiful “Stone of Witness” from a quarry near our Severn Bridge, Ontario, Circle Square Ranch, transported it to the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario, and erected it in front of the main entrance. Along the stone’s foundation a Bible verse is written, “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls” (Jeremiah 6:16 NIV). The cost of doing this was paid for by Leno Mori of Niagara-on-the-Lake in memory of his wife who had recently passed into Heaven. It is a powerful witness to the Mori family and to all of us (see photos below). Norma-Jean and I are still working on the “witness” we want to pass on to our family. It won’t be a great stone, but we believe it will serve to remind generations to come of God’s faithfulness.

Yours sincerely for blessing our families,



The rock outside of the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario. CTS stands for the "Crossroads Television System," a 24/7 television network.

A close-up of the plaque beneath a "Stone of witness."

23 thoughts on “Sunday, July 13, 2014

  1. Dear David, You & Norma Jean have been forging the ‘stones’ for your family for most of your life. A goodly heritage & paths of righteousness are what I see you leaving for your family at this moment. It is a role model for anyone who encounters the Mainse Family whether one of your spiritual family or being one of the blood relations. Pointing the way to God is pointing the way to the ‘ancient path’. And you are doing just that.
    I respectfully submit an excerpt from the eulogy I gave at my father, ‘Norm Hare’s’ memorial service.
    “Mom & Dad held to their guns and each day Dad would read us the Old Testament stories from the Bible. They taught us to pray out loud to get us accustomed to talking to God Himself. Mom had us memorize verses from the Bible. All this gave us our grounding in who God was and what He was like. All of this was wisdom, knowledge and heritage being passed down to the next generation – us. We didn’t know it then, but Dad was giving us our inheritance early. It wasn’t about money, or the family business, it was about being a torch bearer. All we had to do was accept. And eventually we did in our own time & not in blind faith either. As for the torch bearing, that stemmed from long before when our great-grandfather lay dying on a Sunday night. His son, our grand-father Charlie Hare was supposed to be going to preach at church & he asked his Dad, Henry, if he wanted him to stay with him because he was so ill with cancer. “No son,” he said, “You carry the torch.” Papa went off to preach & Great-grand-dad went off to heaven that night. Little did our Dad know he would be the next torch bearer. Charlie’s grave stone reads, “He Carried The Torch”. Now the torch has been passed to me & I have taught my three children in the same way I was taught. It’s an intangible heritage in many ways with tangible results. Rich stones of blessing to you & yours.

  2. David
    I see it in you and Norma Jean and all your family that you have a good heitage
    and forging the stones just like Abraham down to Jacob. Just like Michele

  3. My dear brother in Christ, David Mainse:

    What a joy and a privilege to follow through day by day your “100 words” as a daily walk with the The Lord and His Word. It is for me, a precious opportunity to learn about the Bible, the great Manual of Life in my understanding, to share it and to attend vividly to His everyday message through you.
    Please take this little note to express my gratitude to you as a Christian asking The Lord for His continuing blessings upon you, your son Ron and Crossroad Ministries.
    Unfortunately my wife Sonia and children ( grown ups ) are a kind of luke warm hearted with spiritual matters; my youngest son Daniel, whom I love so much as to the rest of my children, is embracing a homosexual life-style, please pray the conversion of all my family and for his strength for me to continue in faith my Christian life to make a difference not only among the members of my family but wherever The Lord leads me among His children, now still as a husband, father and a semi-retired person.
    Truly your in Christ,

  4. Such a striking stone commemorate monument! Something to think and pray about. Our lives are fleeting, and what memories will they hold? Hopefully, memories reflecting how Our Lord has worked in and through us to bless others. It’s our choice to “walk along the ancient paths where the good way lies.” Amen.

  5. What a beautiful pic of Mount Hermon. Thanks Reynold.
    Thank you for your Prayer for Today Rev. DM, amen.
    Your life’s work is a great and blessed witness to pass on to your family David and Norma Jean. We all have to live with our relative’s past.
    The stone in front of the Crossroads Centre is very big and beautiful…..looks like petrified wood.
    May your healing services be fruitful and blessed today Rev. DM.
    God’s blessings on us all as well as Israel.

  6. Prophetic scripture, photo, personal message and carrying forward the torch of our Lord into your family line, David Mainse, and to everyone touched by the Crossroads Ministry. Praise God through whom all blessings flow to saints posting this morning. What a wonderful revelation from the Lord, uplifting, encouraging, inspiring! “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls” (Jer 6:16 NIV).

    This morning, down at the lake, I watched the waves roll in like thunder against the crashing shore. Hallelujah is my Lord. Hallelujah is my Lord!

    Be still and know that I am God, no matter how stormy the sea,
    How high the waves with white tipped caps, or strong the wind may be.
    For in the midst of confusion, I am the rock to which you cling,
    I will never leave you, nor forsake you–I am your risen King.
    Hold onto the Word before you, let its truth absorb your soul,
    Sing praises of thanks and worship–to Me, your God, alone.
    Lay your burdens here before me, bowing down on bended knee.
    For I laid my life down for you, and my love has set you free.

    Beverlee Kay, c. July 2014

    Wishing all saints a splendid day as we worship our Lord!

  7. Dear Rev.David M
    Once more Genesis shows us Jacobs obedience to the Lord command and immense impact on all the future generations .

    When i look at your father, your mother,and yourself ,your loving wife Norma Jean and all your children and the strong unshacable Christian values with Gods word as the foundation being carried and sharred for all who will receive i am so grateful to be part of Crossroad ministries

    Thank you Beverlee for another beautiful poem

    Heading off to worship Our Lord

    Have a blessed day every one
    XXXX Carole and Ray.

  8. I thank God for the blog and all the wonderful comments and poem and etc. and I agree that the Mainse family has a wonderful ministry and testimony. Our son was a worker at one of the Circle Square Ranches for 3 summers and also did Mission trips with YWAM. Something has happened and he no longer wants to go to Church,even though he still believes in the Lord, I know… his life has to line up more with what he believes. He has just bought a house and needs to sell another one. probably..should have done so before the purchase..but God knows and sees… he has asked for prayer for the first one to sell… please pray that this will not bring him financial destruction….,!…. that the Lord will have the other house sell..2.. also that he will find adequate work in this country.something that the Lord knows he needs(.he. has been working in Iraq but had to stop because of the unrest at this time)3. That he will marry the girl he is with according to Gods will.. I have never asked for prayer here before but really impressed of the Lord to do this today. I thank you for letting me ask and hopefully the Lord will lay it on your hearts to pray for him. It is always heavy on my heart. I thank God for the Circle Square Ranches… they have ministered to both of my children and then they in turn were able to work there and minister into others; lives. Our daughter is now a Pastors wife and it hurts her heart also for her brother as she loves him so much and so do her 4 children. I love this blog and I love the witness of David Mainses family and work for us all. I also love all the testimonies and bloggers words and poems and testimonies. God Bless you all

  9. Lots to ponder over today. When my mother-in love passed into God’s glory a couple of years ago, we used her Bible as a testament to her faith. She had marked many passages with notes beside each. We had each person in the family take part in the church service as we said our goodbyes, but only for a little time! It reminds us of the heritage we are left with, and today’s blog gives us a challenge as to what to leave our family. Thank you for sharing Pastor David.

    Lovely poem Beverlee. Blessings.

  10. How blessed are we who have had Godly parents. It is the most worthwhile heritage we can leave to our children. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and that the rockets will stop. God bless Israel.

  11. Saw a young lady in the mall today pushing a very disabled child in a wheelchair. She was followed by 2 younger curly-headed & active kids. Prayed for them (silently). Later, driving on a busy street, I saw a woman without arms or legs, driving a skooter with her chin. God have mercy. Draw them to Yourself. May Your Perfect Will be done.

    • My husband says we cannot have a rock like yours so we will continue to enjoy yours (if that’s okay). Thanks for your wonderful ministry over many years.

    • Also, when we got home, we passed an acquaintance of ours. A senior who is the height of a 6 or 7 year old. It has impressed me that I saw these 3 situation within a couple of hours today.

        • Amazing, Doreen! Thanks for sharing. So often I have the same experiences, noticing the situations of others–seeing God’s blessings as a result. I complain about having such a hard time with physical pain and see someone who has no legs and realize how grateful I am. I can imagine the woman without arms and legs is giving thanks for her scooter and chin to operate it. God is so amazing. Amen!

  12. Amen. You are leaving some “ancient paths” to walk in David Mainse and your family. God bless you. This morning my Pastor talked about how the decisions we make define us and the legacy we leave. God help us to make the right decisions in your sight. Thanks for all the postings this day, the photograph and your poem Beverlee. Remembering your service tonight, David Mainse.

  13. PRAISE THE LORD! so enjoy going through this blog 2nd time! sleep pattern has changed, I go to church but I am late, no matter, I go and enjoy! I think we serve the BEST coffee after service! I have a “rock” in my path..praying for increase to income..have room for rent HOWEVER the Lord needs to send the right person..thinking someone working in the tar sands would like clean quiet place to rest on days off…I don’t know…the Lord has to provide..He found my swim ticket/hubcap A MIRACLE! when the Lord leads and provides I feel so comfortable and no fear, I can trust the Lord…it is hard for me financially but I can;’t move unless the Lord shows the way..I need to clear debts, fix house/car and find my children, so thankful to God for using my broken leg and turning it into swimming. I also have a mental illness and the Lord helps me to deal with that situation.
    I am very happy and thankful, just needing a financial blessing BIG TIME!
    Prayers very much appreciated. So look forward to the blog for tomorrow.
    I sure needed the discipline to read Scripture every day. I also have said “Lord if this is not meant to be than stop it immediately! Like Mr. Mainse I go ahead and trust in God to stop it or help me proceed. Very thankful for everything. Pray that my income will increase soon! I ask for prayers in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. AMEN

  14. I pray for wisdom in your financial situation…the word say in James 1:5 “if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of the Lord that gives to all men liberally, and upbraids not (scold); and it shall be given him.”

    I pray in the Name of Jesus that you will be set free of that burden. Amen

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