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Today’s Reading: Genesis 30

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These are the gates of the main city of the tribe of Dan. It was located in northern Israel near the base of Mount Herman and the source of the Jordan River - Joshua 19:40-48.

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Key Verse: Genesis 30:22

Then God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb.


Two women living in the same household, vying for the affection of the same man. Not only was polygamy culturally acceptable, it was often encouraged. What heartache could’ve been avoided if they had followed God’s original plan in creating one man and one woman, and making His will known. Nevertheless, God meets us where we are and bestows mercy and grace. Rachel’s first son, Joseph, became one of God’s great men of all time. How heartwarming it is to know that God answered Rachel’s prayer. Also, God continued to bless Jacob with wealth and many children. In our 21st century understanding of God’s will and purpose, it’s difficult to process these things. Just keep open to the Teacher, the Holy Spirit.


Dear Lord, please give me the grace to wait for Your timing. I realize that going ahead on my own will only bring heartache in the long run. I’m like a little child, and I know You’re holding my hand. I belong to You and You want what is best for me. This confidence comes from knowing You, Lord Jesus Christ. In Your Name I pray. Amen!


Ok, I admit it. I have gone ahead with my own initiatives. I struggled with this matter of gettings things done. I finally reached a conclusion. If I believe that something is good to do, I move ahead. But at the same time, I pray that if what I’m about to do is not God’s will, He’ll step in and stop events before they progress. Even on our wedding day on the way to the church I prayed this: “Lord, I believe that Norma-Jean is to be my wife and I’m going ahead with the marriage, and I love her very much. But if this is not Your perfect plan, please stop it right now.” How thankful I am that God allowed the marriage to happen. Four children, 16 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren, plus great ministry opportunities later, I’m a blessed man!

Yours in the service of the God of Jacob,



13 thoughts on “Saturday, July 12, 2014

  1. Interesting story about sorting the sheep and goats and a strange technique used for breeding. Also, about Rachel’s timing later in life by God to give birth. It sort of sets a power/influence balance between Rachel and Leah to Jacob. So true to life how Our Lord fulfills our plans when in His Will. Starting with a well intentioned initiative, we pay attention to our Teacher. Much goes into our thought as split moment decisions can be made. An excellent read on this subject is a book entitled “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. May His strength and blessings be yours today!

    • Good morning friends. Thanks for the book reference David. I googled it and it looks like I can read it free on-line…

      Blessings Beloved

  2. Good morning Reverend Mainse…. Thank you for your blogs .. They go everywhere my phone does. A question regarding the photo of the Tribe of Dan settlement. I understand Dan was not mentioned in Revelation. Was that because his tribe was more into idolatry and wickedness. I was reading that it was members of Dan that made the first settlements on British soil (which would explain druids). I know at the end, God knows who belongs to which tribe. Who was the other brother that was absorb into the tribes and where in scripture can I find out what happened to them?
    Praying over a mighty service for you and Mrs Mainse tomorrow .

  3. Can’t help but think of the predicament Israel is in. May God protect that country from all sides.
    Amen to your Prayer for Today Rev. DM.
    It’s great to know and admit either privately or out loud that we are blessed.
    Blessings from the West.

  4. Im so glad to be the wife to one man I would nt have been a happy wife if I would have to share my husband as Leah and Rachel did as eell as their female servants thank God for my one and only husband

  5. It was just last week we prayed a similar prayer: “If it was not the Lord’s will to leave the door closed, and if it was his leading, to have an open door for us”
    This gave us peace in this particular situation. Thank you Pastor David for sharing your story with us.
    Blessings to all.

  6. God obviously knew what he was doing when he introduced you to Norma-Jean a few years ago!
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.
    PS I recommend “Living in relentless grace” by Iain M Duguid. The Gospel in the lives of Isaac & Jacob.

  7. I’m back after Hurricane Arthur! I was five days and four nights without electrical power, the longest I have ever experienced. Please pray for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as you probably have seen on the news that there are thousands without power yet. I feel for them especially ones with small children, the sick and elderly. May God’s will be done through it all. As a song I sing, “Even in the Valley, God is good” and “Through it All.” God is doing something through our weather. The outage put this older computer out and I just got it fixed professionally and running this morning. Kept up my reading but still need to catch up on the blogs. God bless you, David on your upcoming service and all my fellow bloggers. And to my brothers and sisters in Israel, Shalom and prayers!

  8. Thank you Pastor David for sharing your story. You truly are blessed.

    Thank you Father God for your Grace and Mercy each day of my life, that your word tells us You will never leave us or forsake us!

  9. Dear Rev David M,

    When I read Genesis and saw these past few days how polygamous was so common, I am truly greateful to be living in a time where relationships and love are between one woman and one man, to the sacred vow of marriage.

    As Ger was explaining the last five days without electricity, because of hurricane Arthur, we are definitely blessed to be able to be in the hands and protection of our Lord.

    We also in Quebec witnessed the rage of the end of Arthur.

    And Isaiah 41:10 was my refuge all week!

    Isaiah 41:10

    10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
    Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you and help you.
    I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

    Have a blessed day, everyone!

    Keeping Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and of course, dear Israel in prayer.


  10. Pastor David, you truly are blessed, and in turn we are blessed to have you lead us through The Scriptures each day, filling us with God’s daily bread. Thank you.

    I have many times gone ahead of God only to reap things not going well, but for quite a while now am trusting in a His divine leading and haved reaped tremendous blessings.

    It is difficult to read how people lived in those times, sharing their husband in order to have children and yet God’s great mercy and love, providing for them, always comes through. Glad too that I live today and have my one precious husband.

    Praying for you Ger and those affected by the storm. Blessings fellow saints.

  11. Hi everyone
    I’m back two months my computer was not working it was frustrating.
    Now my sister said to me its up to date.
    There is a show on T.V. called ” Sister Wives” about polygamous which
    wish it wasn’t put there . It would be very confusing ever thinking of
    going that way to me i think
    I will keep New Brunswick and those in Nova Scotia in my prayers
    and their children

  12. Thanks Carole, Catherine and Lianne for your prayers. It’s amazing how very much we depend upon electricity and makes one appreciate it even more when you regain it. God bless you.

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