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Today’s Reading: Genesis 32-33

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A jewish man prays with Torah in hand at the the "Wailing Wall"-- The Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Just over half the wall, including its 17 layers of stones located below street level, dates from the end of the Second Temple period: 516 BC - 70 AD. Papers jammed in the cracks of the wall contain the prayers of many sincere hearts.

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Key Verse: Genesis 32:28

And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”

The vertical and the horizontal directions of life are both important. Think of a cross and you have the God/man relationships. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. In Him we can get it right both ways. Before Jacob could handle the fear of meeting his brother, he had a much more important meeting. An encounter with God is absolutely essential before a truly successful, God blessed encounter with man. Because of his refusal to let go of God, Jacob’s “dark night of the soul” became a glorious morning of forgivness for past wrongs Jacob had done. The horizontal relationship with his brother was restored directly as a result of the vertical struggle with God. Jacob now becomes Israel, a “Prince of God.”


Lord God, You are King of kings and I believe that I am Your child. By faith I know that as a result of the Cross, my relationship with You is in place. Now I will approach my human relationships with the confidence that You have gone before me to prepare the way, because of Jesus Christ. Amen!


It was over 50 years ago that I heard Rev. Laurie Price tell a story of two daughters. One said, “You wouldn’t give me 25 cents would you?” Dad said, “You’re right, I wouldn’t.” The other jumped up on his lap, kissed him and said, “Would you give me 25 cents?” Dad said, “Yes,” and produced the money. This story is probably a parable, useful to make a point. I’ve never forgotten the truth I learned that day. I make sure I’m in a fresh loving relationship with God before I ask God for His provision. I remember my two young sons, Reynold and Ron, when we went to an ice cream stand, waiting patiently for me to order. They would order exactly what I ordered. My Heavenly Father is the Provider. I want what He wants, no more, no less. His choice is always the best!

Yours truly for right relationships vertically and horizontally,


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Here I am last night speaking to those who attended my second of eight summer healing services (Sunday nights at 6:00 pm at the Crossroads Centre Chapel). My wife Norma-Jean is at the piano.

24 thoughts on “Monday, July 14, 2014

  1. The Cross – Your comments on the cross struck home with me this morning … I had never heard this explained this way before or perhaps my ears were not tuned into this explanation . I understood the vertical part of the cross and our allignment with Jesus on the cross .however had not embraced the full vision of the horizontel meaning of the cross…

  2. Today’s chapters stand out as monumental for Jacobs Devine wrestle and renaming, “Israel.” It was interesting how the Israeli custom of not eating the hip bone tendon came about, having had Devine thumb pressure applied there. It almost implies a thorn in Israel’s side for which we can see they have experienced over history. His blessings and strength to all!

  3. God uses your Ministry to enhance my prayer life. I am 67 years old and althoughI I am a baptised christian I tried many a times to read the Holy Bible and understand but failed. Now, through your daily blog I am detetermined to understand the Bible readings within these two years so that I complete at least reading the Bible once in my life time. I am now on the “cross roads” so as to speak in my lifes journey with serious ailments (Supposed to undergo open Heart Surgery shortly), serious finacial limitations, loneliness etc the list goes on and on. Your Blog with the scripture readings gives me hope and courage to go on till the end of time.I realise that reading the Bible verses from your daily blog that God is spesking to me ! I say this because everything that I read pertains to my life at present. it is really amazing to feel this way. I am confident and hopeful that God in his love and mercy will grant me relief in my troubles and disapointments soon.

    Thank you David for all your good work and may God bless your Ministry.

  4. What kind of “wrestling” would that be? Spiritual or actually physical and what does it mean, “the Man could not prevail against him”? A friend and I were discussing this before the service last night but we seemed to have 2 different views. We found the ESV version (in the chapel) a bit unclear on this.

  5. Thank You David, I wish though that you could have had the services live streamed or at least archived for the rest of us that could not travel to also take part in?

    Could not that have been done?

  6. Jacob certainly did prosper after deceiving Esau and their father. So loving of Esau to forgive Jacob. Who wouldn’t be touched by such an action.
    God bless us and Israel (the country).

  7. Thank you for this teaching today as this day I have a prayer request for the salvation, pentecost & the future of a young woman who my husband & I are to meet with today at 2 pm. I am holding on the the hem of God’s cloak in prayer for a young woman named Amy Wallace & have been for weeks now – Amy, her brother Chris & their Mom Julie have been a part of our lives for about 12 years through music & theatre. Amy has been given a rare God-given gift with her voice. She is untrained but has the power & maturity of a trained soprano. Amy wishes to now submit to training & decided to apply to a school at entry level but when Anna Gabrieli (voice coach) of the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA heard Amy sing, she was in awe of her vocal ability. Anna told Amy she was far too advanced for entry level & put her into the Master’s program at the school offering Amy a $20,000.00 scholarship for this fall. The year will cost $40,000.00. Amy applied to OSAP in Canada after reading up on what they would do for her with the confidence that they would cover the $20K she needed to make up the difference. Last week she found out that OSAP will give Amy only $6,700.00. She fell into despair & has given up her plans. We, along with some others have been rallying around. Jim & I are meeting privately with her today to talk about the whole situation. We feel that this is an open door for her in more ways than just the school. Amy’s brother is a Christian & has been praying for her also. I have already spoken to Amy about Jesus & have promised to relay some of the adventures of the Christian life that have happened to us since we put our faith in Him & we hope to lead Amy to the Lord. We are also petitioning God for Him to show us & to make a way for Amy to make up the $13K+ that she needs to go to school. We are all performing together July 25th at a concert here at our church in Port Sydney, Muskoka. Not sure how God will lead but we covet your prayers for Amy’s soul & ourselves to hear & obey the Spirit’s leading. Thank you!!!! Blessings to you David, to fellow blogger readers here & to Crossroads. You are our encouraging team & family!

    • I have a prayer list of family and friends that I pray for each and every morning – praying that they will find Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. I have added Amy Wallace to that list…

      Blessings everyone…

      • Thank you so much David! I just had a phone call our of the blue from a lady who wanted to put up some posters for our music night. I ended up telling her Amy’s story & she is giving Amy $5,000.00 as a gift!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers! Our God is a great God!!!

    • Michele, thank you for sharing about Amy, beautiful voice.
      I pray God’s will in her life and that her needs will be met, but more importantly she will see her need for salvation and accept Jesus as her Lord. Blessings on your meeting at 3pm today.

      • Thank you so much Catherine! Will get back to you after our meeting today! God has already just now supplied a $5,000.00 gift to help Amy go to school : ) PTL!!! I know the Holy Spirit will do His work.

  8. I am sure that there are many near and far who would love to be in your Sunday evening healing services but for many reasons are unable. As your group gathers each Sunday evening, hearts are with you in spirit and we gather together in thoughts and prayers. Healing is so needed from coast to coast to coast. Blessings

  9. This reading, message and prayer are very timely in my life today and for tomorrow. If we fear God and try to please Him we do not need to fear man. We can just relax and love them. Amen? So in a very real sense this whole endeavour here gives us confidence and trust. Jacob got it right in getting his relationship with God first and crying out to Him. “I want more of Jesus, more and more and more.” I am all caught up now. Blessings!

  10. Seeking The Lord first is what I am learning more and more, as I know in any situation He will prepare the way and also ready the hearts of those involved.

    Trust and obey, for there’s no other way.

    Jacob and Esau wept, as they met, it gives me hope as I have a brother who has alienated himself from us. In God’s time. Forgiveness needs to happen but he is a bitter man.

    • Thank you Lianne! I know God is working. You may have read the posts above about how He has already sent one Christian lady in our community to gift Amy with $5,000.00. She doesn’t even know it yet as she is not due here for another hour. Wait till we tell her how our prayers are being answered : ) She’ll cry haha!! Lovely tears & we pray more importantly for her life that she will trust Jesus as her Lord & Saviour!! Thank you again. Will post later as to what transpires next!!

  11. Mac & I continue to learn and grow through reading your blogs. To God be the glory! We were excited to see the picture of your second ‘prayer for healing’ nights at Crossroads. When you shared with us your future plans to do this, we were going through your newly purchased home just outside Bonnie Shores. It thrilled us that day to hear you talk about doing this since so many churches had quit having Sunday night services. God has responded with blessing for you and Norma Jean in your obedience. Thanks for the example you have set for others in this regard. May God truly move in the miracle of healing in your midst on Sunday nights and during the rest of the week. Love in Christ. Mac & Betty

  12. The story of Amy Wallace gives me goosebumps! I pray the Lord will provide! I also pray that somehow in my small community a Pastor would have a healing service. I also am praying for an increase to income! I trust the Lord will provide for Amy and for myself. In Jecus Name I pray! AMEN,

    • Sorry I didn’t get this earlier SAH. Thank you for sharing your heart & needs. I will pray for a healing service to be held in your community & that God will provide for you financially!
      Dear Lord, You know our each & every need, our deep need for You close to our heart, to lead us, guide us, protect us & care for us in so many ways. You have hear SAH’s requests & we ask now that You will make a way & send someone to SAH’s community to hold a healing service. And Lord, only You know the financial needs SAH has. Please provide an increase & cover all the needs lifted up. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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