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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 37-38

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The ruins of the School of Aristotle is a short distance from contemporary Naoussa, Greece. This is the place believed to be where the renowned philosopher of antiquity taught classical Greek thought and the ideals of Platonic philosophy. His students included the son of the King of Macedonia Phillip II, Alexander the Great, and the other nobles of the Macedonian court. The encounter of these two most prominent personalities of the ancient world, Aristotle, the scientist, with the great military commander, Alexander, would definitely affect the future of mankind.

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Key Verse: Jeremiah 38:20b

Please obey the voice of the Lord which I speak to you. So it shall be well with you and your soul shall live.


Today’s reading tells of Jeremiah’s ministry during the siege of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans/Babylonians. It seems that the reason King Zedekiah did not do as the Lord said through Jeremiah was that he was a weak leader who could not stand up to the strong, ruthless and ungodly leaders around him. They believed that an alliance with Egypt would save them, preserving the sovereignty of Judah and Benjamin. The Babylonians left their siege of Jerusalem to go and fight the approaching Egyptian army and the people thought they were safe. This was not to be the case. Jeremiah was imprisoned, released and imprisoned again because of his message. Our key verse is Jeremiah’s final call to King Zedekiah. Zedekiah feared men more than God, and the final result was disaster. All Jeremiah’s prophecies came to fulfillment.


Lord God, I pray for strength to obey Your Word rather than the words of those opposed to You. I ask for grace so that it will be well with me, with my family, and with those for whom I bear the responsibility to communicate Your Word. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!!!


My photographer son chose a picture for today which speaks to me of the rising of another great world empire, Macedonia/Greece. Israel/Judah and Jerusalem is located on the land bridge between Europe (Greece, Rome), Asia (Assyria, Babylon, Persia), and Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia). The armies of these nations crossed back and forth again and again through Israel. This is why the British began referring to the region as the “Middle East.” This small piece of our planet is still the focus of world news and the attention of the world’s great powers. God’s original creation of the human family happened in this area, and people then spread out to all points of the compass. The same was true for the Message of Jesus in the first centuries of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Greek language of that time was like the English language of today. English is everywhere as a result of the former British Empire and of the world’s super power of today, the United States. Because of this, our seven television channel communications service (Crossroads360.com) could potentially be accessed by far more people outside Canada, U.S.A., and other places where English is the majority language, than inside these countries. The teachings of the philosophers, as highlighted by today’s photo, have had great influence, but the teachings of Jesus, His life, death and resurrection, has brought life to billions of people (read John 1:1-18).

Yours for communicating the message as to how, as Jeremiah said, “It shall be well with you and your soul shall live!” (click here for Crossroads presents, “THE LIFE!”),


Last Sunday’s blog contained my apology for telling what appeared o be a fish story. I claimed that we, six of us, had caught approximately 50 fish, but there were only 30 when they were cleaned and put in our freezer. My grandson seen below, bailed me out when he reminded me that indeed we had caught at least 50 fish, but about 20 of them were under the 12 inch length and we had to throw them back in the bay. David’s Dad, our photographer, is still in Africa ministering in areas where the church leaders want to have “Heaven’s Rehearsal” gatherings. (google, “heaven’s rehearsal”)

David Peter Mainse, freshman at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. He caught 7 keepers last Saturday morning which were over the 12-inch length required by the Florida fish and game law for Mackerel in Tampa Bay off the Gulf of Mexico.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  1. So your estimation of 50 fish caught was right all along! Hahaha. What a gory description of the dungeon Jeremiah was placed in, even to the detail of putting cloth under his armpits to cover the rope as he was hoisted out of the mire! The prophesy of surrender and hope for King Zedekiah through Jeremiah was certainly a difficult one to face, if it were not for faith. Sometimes, life presents these challenges where we have to make a move or face unfavourable consequences. Lord give us the wisdom and strength to do so when called upon. Have a great day!

  2. What a great history lesson, David–thank you! The word that comes to mind from this morning’s reading is ‘power’. God gave power to Jeremiah 37-38 to shout His message of warning to the people to flee to Babylon, to rescue Jeremiah from imprisonment, and to relay to King Zedekiah His warning through Jeremiah. If only they had listened! Praise God that we listen to You, Lord, by reading, learning, and participating through this blog. It has opened our minds hearts and souls. We are so grateful for Your loving grace. Thank You for saving us, dear Jesus!

    Thank you, David, for the link to ‘The Life’; great fish, David Peter; excellent photo to paint, Reynold! God’s continued blessings fellow saints. May this be a Tuesday that is worthy and wonderful!

  3. We are so blessed to live in today’s age I believe. Jeremiah’s messages from God would be so much easier to believe today because we have history to fall back on.
    We’ve seen and experienced what happens to us over and over again if God’s commands are disobeyed.
    Thanks again Rev. Mainse and a blessed day to all.

    • Well that is partly true– we have more history, but they had history too. They saw what happened to the Northern Kingdom when they didn’t listen, how it was destroyed by the Assyrians. They had oral history of everything God had done, they had prophets throughout the years, urging repentance and obedience, but they didn’t listen. In our Lord’s time they had many Scriptures and evidence proving He was the Messiah yet the leaders in His day refused to accept it. And even today, there are many that will not accept the Gospel message or follow the Word of God when they know it. Why?
      Well if history teaches us anything it is that no generation should think themselves better than the one before– we make the same mistakes, errors and believe the same lies as everyone before us has made. Because the real problem, pride, the belief we can make it alone, that we are the masters of our own fate– hasn’t changed since the day the human race fell in the Garden.
      The saying “there by for the grace of God go I” is apt, because if it wasn’t for God’s Grace I would still be exactly like those in Jeremiah’s time– why I heard, why I understood, while so many around don’t, I don’t know– except I did by Grace, not because I was so wise or learned anything from history– and for that Grace I am humbly thankful Amen.

  4. Enjoying the book of Jeremiah! All his prophesies fulfilled!
    This blog is so personal, involving all your life Rev. Mainse, and hearing from the readers that participate. It makes the children of God so family-based.
    Trusting that this day will bestow blessings on everyone.

  5. The gift of prophecy. Before Christ, God communicated directly to us through his chosen prophets. Change thy ways and repent or disaster will befall you.

    We seldom see prophetically teachings such as “love thy neighbour as thyself” or “pray for your enemies” in the old testament. Thank you Jesus – God in the flesh among us – that you showed us how to LOVE.

    May the light of Jesus – LOVE – shine through us this day… Amen!

  6. Fear of stronger people around us can make us weak, but as we tap into the POWER of Almighty God we can stand firm and obey. The strength given to Jetemiah for all he endured could only come from God.

    We are blessed to be able to share in this blog and feel close to those we haven’t even seen. Thank you Pastor David for obeying the voice of God in starting this 100words.

    P.S. to those of you who prayed for our son Neil thank you. I posted later yesterday of the outcome.

    • Agreed. Thank you, David Mainse, for listening and following the lead of the Holy Spirit when you heard the call to start this blog!

  7. Enjoyed that history lesson, David and helps us understand scripture better. Also all the blogs, fellow bloggers! The photos yesterday and today are interesting too! Jeremiah is a man of great courage and strength and how Lord did reward him for his obedience and faithfulness to God by preserving his life and not sending him off to Babylon. God’s message is simple; obey and good will come. God help us. Lord help Catherine’s son, Neil today in his need. God bless everyone!

  8. Blessings everyone!!
    Great learning yet again…I feel like im in History class back in school days…but now I’m listening Lol
    It’s such an interesting blog and yet not overwhelming.

  9. Dear Rev.David M.
    The scriptures once again today show us how rewarded we can be by following God’s asking .
    Thank you Heavenly Father for putting in our way a servant like David Mainse whose only desire is to let us become one in Christ and all this in THE NAME OF THE ONE AND ONLY JESUS CHRIST OUR SHINING LIGHT OUR GREAT TEACHER OUR REDEEMER OUR KING AMEN.

    Be blessed Rev.David Mainse and all my fellow bloggers.

    XXXX Carole

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