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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 39-41

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This statue of Cola Di Rienzo was erected in 1877 near Campidoglio, Italy, where he was killed. Di Rienzo was an Italian medieval politician and popular leader in the mid-14th century. As far as we know, the people of Jerusalem did not make sculptures of their most famous leaders, otherwise there would've been statues of David, Solomon, Hezekiah, and Josiah. These men all accomplished great things, unlike the king in today's reading who was disgraced and executed by the Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 39:18

“…For I will surely deliver you, and you shall not fall by the sword; but your life shall be as a prize to you, because you have put your trust in Me,” says the Lord.


Our key verse gives us the eternal perspective of God as He sees the future deliverance of His people. This should help us to realize that when we put our trust in God, regardless of present circumstances, we’ll eventually win the “Gold”. The Winter Olympics, now on in Russia, should model for us commitment, perseverance, and discipline, all necessary to win the “Prize!”

Chapter 39 – After 18 months of siege, the Babylonians broke through Jerusalem’s walls, burned the city, captured King Zedekiah, killed his sons in front of him, blinded him and took him to Babylon in chains, never to return to Jerusalem. Such was the end of one who had repeatedly heard the Word of God but ignored it. Zedekiah brought this on himself. God had done His best through Jeremiah to warn the King (2 Kings 25:4-7).

Chapters 40 & 41 show us why Jeremiah won God’s prize for his life. The Babylonians released him from Zedekiah’s prison and offered him position, land and freedom in Babylon, but he chose to stay home and minister to those left behind in the ruins of their country, where wicked and violent men such as Ishmael were creating continued havoc. Our choices also should be to stay where we are most needed, serving the Lord faithfully.


Lord God, I pray that I will consistently do my very best to win the prize of life, here and now, as well as eternally. Lord, Your Word tells me that my works will be “revealed by fire.” The “wood, hay and straw” will be burned up, but the “gold, silver and precious stones” will remain (1 Corinthians 3:11-15). I’m asking for grace to “strive for the prize.” In the Name of the One Who has gone before me, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!!!


I cannot help but recall the first gathering ever of the leaders of various Christian denominations in the history of communist Russia and the former 15 republics of the Soviet Union. Undeservedly, I was invited to be the speaker at two nights of this conference. With the help of a Finnish ministry, we had earlier released across the Soviet Union the first ever Christian-produced TV series in the Russian language on prime time television. I had the privilege on these telecasts of interviewing leading scientists, philosophers, etc. about God’s creation. The USSR was officially atheist, and our goal was to create doubt in the minds of those who believed that God did not exist. As was the case with Jeremiah, pastors had been severely persecuted. One pastor I met had badly twisted fingers on his right hand. I asked him what happened. He said that the local authorities had broken his fingers, one at a time, to try to make him deny his faith in God, but he refused. I felt like crawling under the table at which we were sitting. I was not worthy to be in his presence, let alone be the guest preacher. I weep at the memory.

Yours for striving for the “gold” that will remain through the fire,


P.S. Prior to the invasion of Iraq (Chaldea/Babylon) by the American coalition of nations, billboards were everywhere which pictured the brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein, with his hero, Nebuchadnezzar.

Saddam Hussein and King Nebuchadnezzar on a billboard in Iraq. This modern would-be emperor tortured and murdered tens of thousands of his people. He allowed his sons to have "rape rooms" to which they took any woman that they wanted. This was evil personified!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 12, 2014

  1. The Russian classic Crime and Punishment by Rodion Raskolnikov justifies murder and that good deeds can counterbalance the crime. Several times throughout the novel Raskolnikov justifies murder by comparing his actions with Napoleon Bonaparte, believing that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose. It is no wonder Christianity was so gravely threatened during this period of atheism, given this ideology. Thankfully, Russia is now more open to the message of Christ and redemption. The horrible extent of human cruelty still prevails in many places. This is why I do not choose not to watch programming which contains torture or cruelty in its storyline as entertainment. We see enough of this reality in our news daily, much of it “justified” for one reason or another.

  2. We rise above the evil,
    We overcome the storm.
    We raise the cross of Jesus,
    To conquer and reform.

    The light of God shines brightest,
    When hate turns into love.
    We are armored with protection
    Because of Jesus’ blood.

    For as we live with honour,
    May we serve our lives for You.
    Just like Moses and Jeremiah,
    Our commitment shall be true.

    We worship and adore You,
    We honour You with praise.
    For You, our Lord and Saviour,
    Gave Your life, that we be saved.

    Beverlee Kay
    c. Feb. 2014

    Wishing all saints a blessed day!

  3. Jesus said, and you shal do all things that I have done and more. God bless the Saints who have given their lives for Christ and the ones who have sufered refusing to deny him. I often wonder if I could be a marter if put in that posion God himself must give his Dear Saints the strenth when He requires it of them. Since ( we can do all things through Christ who strenthings us) I pray for those who God requiers more of. thank you Lord for giving them the strength to honour you. Thank you for the strength to resist my temtations of each day. Amen
    Nice fish David and David ! My husband and grandson and myselfhave been fishiny in Whight River in frount of our farm in North Ontarou this past week . We did catch a few Pickrel one 6 lb. It has been 30 below this past few weeks , nething like florida weather, but I know you are no stranger to cold weather David. Again thank you David for your faithfulnes to the callof fishreman of people. God has given you a great ministery andmany many of his people are falowing Him because of you. May God keep blessing you for many years to come David.

  4. David thank you also for faithfuly going to the ends of the earth to bring the gospel to our brothern in Russa as you have.

  5. Inspiring poem, Beverlee and Amen fellow saints. Was blessed by your writing of Jeremiah today, David. He continued to show his love of God and his love for his people. May God’s will be done in Russia at this time through your servants. It is touching to see the love among the athletes. Blessings on this cold day!

  6. Today I am celebrating an anniversary— it was twenty five years ago today the Lord Jesus delivered me from nicotine addiction. The story of it is a perfect example of a prize that He gave me for trusting in Him— here is a Reader’s Digest version for anyone you like to read it.

    I was always a Christian but it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I invited Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Saviour. And as many of you know that is a transforming experience. One of the things that was transformed was my desire to smoke, but I was heavily addicted and every attempt to quit ended in failure. It was my prayer that I would not go into my thirties a smoker but as my birthday approached and I was still smoking it didn’t look good, the best I could do on my own was cut back.

    Then on Feb 12 1989 in the afternoon when I was about to light up I heard a voice say in my mind as clear as day– “Donna smoke that cigarette and it will kill you.”
    Now I didn’t think it would kill me literally on the spot, but I knew that I knew that cigarette would be the one the planted the seed of cancer in my body and if I smoked it- cancer would eventually kill me. I knew I had reached a point of no return and that Jesus was telling me it was now or never. I looked at the clock, it was 4:10—

    I went to the washroom and I crushed all my remaining cigarettes into the toilet and as I flushed and gave my addiction to Jesus. I told Him I didn’t know how He would do it, but I said I trusted Him to do something so I would never smoke again.

    I still went through withdrawal, but I never once was I tempted to smoke- not then, not again in the last twenty five years. It was all the Lord’s doing because it my own strength I would have failed. Praise the Lord.

    And, the icing of the cake was years later I realized the significance of that date and time, and why I felt compel to note it. I can’t say with certainty, but I am fairly confident that moment, when I chose to trust the Lord and give him my addiction was the exact day and moment I smoked my first cigarette. I know because of journals I kept from high school it was a couple of days before Valentine’s day and I just broken up with my first boyfriend that day. I came home from school upset , both my parents worked nights, so after my mother left just after four, I raided her stash of cigarettes and smoked one– if it wasn’t 4:10 it was pretty close– the same time of my deliverance from nicotine years later. God’s timing perfect as always.

    So for all those who are struggling for a prize whether it be a healing, deliverance, or whatever– no guarantees but you have a better shot giving it to the Lord and trusting him with it than going it alone–

    Thank you Jesus for twenty five smoke free years.

  7. Dear Donna, What a great story , being finally set FREE from the nicotine addiction! Dear Lord please help the many Christians who are struggling to give up the smoking habit and other addictions, please bring deliverance to them as they call out to you for help. Thank you Lord, we know you have no favourites, we are all equal and beloved children in your sight who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We Love You! Help us all to trust and obey even when it seems hopeless! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..You are our HOPE!

  8. Striving for the prize, as I stay close to the Cornerstone, praying for the strength when things are tough, but knowing My God IS ABLE.

  9. Thank you Beverlee for sharing your
    gift of poetry with us. Simple truths,
    so nicely put.
    Thank you Donna for sharing your
    story of victory. I’m praying for the
    same deliverance for a friend.
    God is omniscient, omnipotent and
    we can trust Him to do the impossible.
    Catherine, I pray you will have strength
    for your day today and each day.
    Thanks all blog buddies for all your
    encouraging words every day. Blessings!!!

  10. Please pray for Andy, my husband of 31 yrs. he has been trying on his own strenth since the day we maried , his promis to me, to stop smoking, if I’d mary him. Well it has not happened yet and I have praying for him all this time. God bless him with a merical . I know it is posable , you alown can do all things. Amen!

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