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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 35-36

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Sometimes hard to spot, Bedouin tents can be seen as you drive through the wilderness around the Jordan Valley. Jeremiah 35:7 tells us that, like some Bedouins, the Rechabites lived in isolated places.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 35:13; 36:28

Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: “Go and tell the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, ‘Will you not receive instruction to obey My words?’ says the Lord…Take yet another scroll, and write on it all the former words that were in the first scroll which Jehoiakim the king of Judah has burned…”


Jeremiah 35 reverts back in time at least 11 years before the immediately preceding chapters. King Jehoiakim and his court had turned away from God, but there still were true believers in Jerusalem. The Rechabites (35:2) were a clan that had lived as nomads, living for the most part in tents in the wilderness, something like the Bedouin tent pictured above. They would not allow themselves to be under the influence of the corruption of the city, even though they had moved in for protection. They remained steadfast in their loyalty and obedience to God. They had maintained this for 300 years, ever since their ancestor Jonadab had helped King Jehu eradicate the worship of the false god Baal from Israel (read 2 Kings 10:15-23). They stayed away from the idolatrous cults in which intoxicating drink played a major role. The Lord used a test of the Rechabites’ obedience as an object lesson to show the rest of Jerusalem’s people how they had sinned. They would be put to shame by this example and hopefully repent! Let’s think about this example for us today.

Jeremiah 36 shows us that, even though the King burnt the first scroll which contained Jeremiah’s message from God, God’s Word will ultimately prevail.

Therefore, let us be loyal to God as were the Rechabites, and let us be determined to make the Word of God known as were Jeremiah and Baruch. Amen!!!


Lord God, there were Church of England priests by the names of John and Charles Wesley who, like Jonadab, the son of Rechab, left a legacy. The Wesley brothers’ legacy was known as Methodism. This message, and that of other men and women of God in other movements of revival, has reached down to my generation hundreds of years later and has had a profound influence on me. May I be faithful and wise in passing such a legacy on to future generations. In the Name of the One Who is Faithful and True, the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah), Amen!!!


In a way, this blog is something like the efforts of Jeremiah and Baruch who had to do their scroll writings twice to make sure that God’s Word was maintained for current and future generations. I don’t understand much about the technology I’m using in making this blog. Sometimes I’ve made a technical mistake and my blog has been burned up somewhere in the “blogosphere.” I just pray for patience and write it again. Writing on a scroll would be simpler. I could understand that. Here is a way of writing that will last! I’m told that as long as the laws of God’s creation allow this blog to exist in the blogosphere, it will continue to be available all over the world! These words I’m typing will be here for anyone who takes the trouble to Google anything that approximates 100words, Crossroads, 100huntleystreet, etc. Please help share this blog with others. Remember, a person can start any day and in just 24 months complete the reading of the Bible from cover to cover, New Testament to the Old Testament and back to the New, book by book.

Yours for making absolutely sure that God’s Word is faithfully communicated!


18 thoughts on “Monday, February 10, 2014

  1. Good morning. Enjoyed reading about the Rechabites and their clean living which promised a long life. Also, the way in which Jeramiah and Baruch acknowledged the scrolls being tossed into the fire and didn’t freak out:) but rewrote, even adding more words. All meant to be. Not consuming intoxicating drinks for life, a healthy diet, exercise and maintaining the tents and food source, does set a fine example! Enjoy a healthy day by our Lords strength, to all!

  2. Is the world as bad or worse than it was back then, in the Rechabites time? The cities seam to be a worse place to be than the outlying arias. I live in a small comunity in North Ontario, Vioance is also felt around here. I would dred to live in a large city. God protect your people. Your eye is on the sparow. Jesus said ” It is finished! ” Lord help us live out your victory day by day.

  3. Praise God! Wonderful message this morning. The meaning behind the scripture has left its impeccable imprint on us as has your fine example, David Mainse! You rank right along with the Wesley brothers and the Free Methodist Church, of which I am a part of. 100 Huntley Street and the Crossroads Ministry has fed hundreds of thousands of souls the Word of God and continues to lead people to Christ all over the world. We are so blessed by the instrument God has equipped in you to lead us–this blog being another fine example. Thank you, fine sir! God bless you fellow saints, on the start of this week!

    The lamp of the body is the eye.
    Therefore, when your eye is good,
    Your whole body also is full of light.
    Luke 11:34

  4. The passages of Jeremiah are truly inspiring. The king who destroyed Jeremiah’s first writings may have been on the evil side but no one gets past God. One way or another God will set us straight.
    Enjoying Jeremiah passages. Thanks and may God continue to bless you and yours. May you continue for many, many years to be a fisher of men.

  5. Everything God does seems to start off small and expands outward– which makes sense since Jesus himself said the Kingdom of God was like a mustard seed, a tiny seed that grows into a big tree in which many animals find a home in. This blog started off small, an idea, which turn into reality and now it is reaching out touching the lives of many people. And it is amazing to know these few words of mine will be read in one day probably by more people than even know directly–

    In the end how God will use this blog and the ramifications of it might never fully be known until the fullness of time, when all will be revealed. But when that time comes I am sure you be even more astounded than you are today, Mr Mainse to see what God did with brief time here on earth. Glory and praise to be His forever and ever. Amen.

  6. Thank you David Mainse for your daily bible reading followed by your blog… Today’s message reminds me of the importance of records for future relevance…

    Your daily inspiration with bible reading has been a part of my daily routine since beginning a little over a year ago now. After each morning devotion I have saved each daily blog in a 100 words folder. This came of good value recently, since a couple of my family members had expressed concern about Rick Warren. There comments bothered me, so after leaving their home I promptly went back through your blog messages and found the response that you, your son, and Rick Warren gave in Rick’s “defense” – copied it and forwarded it to them in an email…

    Praise God!

    It is a holiday today in BC – Family Day. May our Lord bless our blog family today… Amen!

  7. Good morning David Mainse,

    I try to share this blog with others when I can, but I was wondering if you could put a link on your blog for face book and twitter, my space and other places so it can be shared there by others as well? I am just on face book and twitter but many are on other sites as I am sure you already know. Just a suggestion.

  8. Praise God for Canada and that we are free to read His Word openly and share it. The obedience of the Rechabites is an example to all of us.

    Thank you Pastor David and fellow saints for your continued faithfulness and prayers.

    May I ask for prayer for our son Neil who has a very important meeting today at 1 p.m. The result of which can affect a huge decision he has to make. Knowing God already knows the outcome and that Neil will heed His voice.

    Nothing is impossible with God!!! PTL

  9. Luke 11:34 inspired some good thought for me this morning thx.Beverly Kay !!
    Father we lift Neil up to you…you know the end from the we pray you would give him wisdom and help him today…Amen
    Nice to see the picture of your catch of fish on Sunday David Mainse!! My husband and I fish on Lake Dieffenbaker here in Saskatchewan….today is 30 something below !!! Brrrr can’t wait for snow and ice to be gone and warm weather!
    Blessings to all today ! SMILE !

  10. I want to thank Beverlee, Wanda and Wilma for your prayers for our son Neil today. While the outcome was not exactly what he wanted, he knows God has given him clear direction, and what could be better than having Iur Lord make things simpler for us. Praise His name. Thanks so much.

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