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Suggested Reading: Job 3-4

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Looking north along the shore of the Judean cliffs and Dead Sea on the right you can see a storm rolling in.

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Key Verses: Job 3:25

For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me.

To say that Job wished he had never been born would be an understatement. God would not allow Satan to kill Job, but everything short of death was thrown at Job. Job cried out, “Why did I not die at birth?” Jesus, in his 100% humanity, cried out, Why?” (Matthew 27:45-49). Jesus and Job no doubt have met already. I think Jesus would probably say, “Job, I understand what you went through.”

Consider what true friends are, as described at the end of Job 2: (1) They heard of Job’s adversity. (2) They made appointments and travelled to visit him. (3) They mourned with Job. (4) They comforted him. (5) Job was so emaciated they did not recognize him and they lifted their voices and wept. (6) They tore their clothes in a show of grieving. (7) Job was sitting in a heap of ashes and his friends identified with him by sprinkling dust on their heads. (8) They sat on the ground with him for seven days and nights. (9) they did not speak for an entire week, because Job’s grief was very great. (10) Then they heard Job speak first. He said, “May the day perish on which I was born.”

In most studies of Job, the commentators put Job’s friends down. While we need to know when they, and Job himself, were sometimes wrong, we can learn to think great thoughts from all four of these men. We should be blessed to have such true friends! Let us meditate on the words of the first friend as we read (again slowly perhaps) the words of Eliphaz in Chapter 4. Eliphaz had thought about what he would say for at least 168 hours. Can we spare an extra few minutes to consider deeply what he said?


Lord God, I’m so very thankful for at least 3 true friends with whom You have blessed me through the years. I pray that You will work in me sufficiently that I will be a true friend to several others. Your Word tells me that You, Lord, are a friend that sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 17:17 & Proverbs 18:24b). Lord Jesus, You are a true friend! Thank You for being my friend (Matthew 11:19) Amen!!!


(Happy Birthday Dad!) My son Ronald Wesley Mainse, who sets up the structure for me for the blog, typed that greeting in here. I assure you, my son, that I’ve never wished I’d never been born. I’m filled with joy at the fact that I was born on August 13, 1936, in the house pictured below in Campbell’s Bay, Quebec. There are six years between me and my closest sister in age, Elaine Boudinot, who lives now in Kentucky. My sister told me that mother had 3 miscarriages during those six years. These little ones were conceived but did not live. I find that sad, and I hope to learn all about the “Why” question some day in eternity.

There are two others mentioned in Ezekiel 14 besides Job. They are Noah and Daniel. An extra study for today could be Ezekiel 14:12-23. All three were severely tested. Can I expect to sail through life without testing? I think not!

There have been times when I’ve visited friends in deep turmoil. Often there are no adequate words to speak. I trusted that my presence would say loudly, “I care deeply about you.”

Yours for deep and lasting friendships,


In front of the home where I was born in Campbell's Bay Quebec.

On my first birthday - August 13, 1937. At 77 years old today, I would definitely not be considered cute. Ron found these pictures on his brother's computer and he wanted to put it into today's blog.

67 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 13, 2013

  1. Happy 77th Birthday, David. Unlike what Job said about himself, I am glad that you were born and have produced anointed and effective ministry to us over the years through 100Huntley St. and related ministries and now 100words.ca. May the Lord give you strength for this day to enjoy it to the fullest! What a beautiful boy in the photo and your feet are in a position to be up and running. God bless you and all the family!

  2. Happy 77th birthday, Pastor David Mainse!!! As you reflect upon memories of the past, I pray many more in your future among the love and support of family and friends!! Your life has been a gift to us all, emulating the love of Jesus Christ and the moving power of the Holy Spirit!!

  3. Happy 77th Pastor David. I pray for a day of celebration with family and friends.
    Being blessed with friends is a true gift and I wish that for everyone. I am personally blessed in that way.

    What a beautiful baby picture….you were and are cute, if I may say so!!!!

    Thank you for your faithfulness and guidance through our blog. Many days I make your prayer my own.

    As I said yesterday, Job in some way reminds me of our son’s trials these last 18 mos. and how God amazingly has restored him and we can see how he is working things out for HIS GLORY. Today is a challenging hurdle for Neil and I ask for your prayers that God’s will be done.

    Blessings and pray for my fellow saints.

  4. Happy birthday David! Our thoughts and prayers are with you & yours today & everyday. I echo other comments made here. You & your daily blog are a real joy for us. “We give thanks to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you”.
    In Christian love,

  5. Happy Birthday to you and may you have a wonderful and blessed day with family and friends.
    I am so grateful for 100 words and my prayers are with you for good health.

  6. I had my 61 st birthday yesterday so I wish you a happy birthday and many more joyous times .As Job was going through this testing time I m sure he knew God was with him and helping him so He ignored the words of his wife and continued giving God the praise for when we go through trials ourselves we know God is allowing whatever they are to rely on Him because He knows the whole picture , so we will trust Him in everything God bless you snd your special day and continue on the path that God has set before you Amen

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Pastor David Mainse.
    May God bless and keep you for many years to come.
    You are such a blessing to so many.
    I look forward each morning to reading your blog, the insightful comments and encouraging words to keep on, keeping on with God, trusting Him fully day by day.
    Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

  8. Happy Birthday David…77 years filled with blessings
    and the faithful goodness of your Lord. You are
    A blessing to us all and I thank God for your life
    of example in so many ways. Thankfully Job did
    not listen to his wife…but you can listen to Norma-
    Jean because God has given you a women of
    much wisdom and understanding. Enjoy cake and
    ice cream and lots of laughter with family and
    friends today as you celebrate your special day.
    We continue to pray for your healing, strength
    and a whole lot of joy in serving Jesus. Thank
    you for the wonderful gift of your time and
    wisdom as you faithfully minister to so many
    in your blog. God bless abundantly more!!!

  9. May the Lord bless you on your birthday Pastor David, and for the days to come.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in the past and now for writing this blog.
    Enjoy the day with family and friends.
    Blessings to all who read this blog.

  10. Happy birthday sir! May you celebrate many more birthdays by the grace and love of our Lord and personal Savoiur Jesus Christ! Amen:)

  11. Happy Birthday, Pastor David Mainse .God Bless You and your ministry and what you are doing for the Lord .I pray that you will have a blessed day today.

  12. True David, often commentators do look at the negative aspects of Job’s friends, however here we see a depth of Godly wisdom in Eliphaz’s speech. I pray that we might all have a wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Spirit as we comfort and console others in our midst. Sometimes it is so easy to ‘stick our foot in our mouth’ when seeking words of wisdom in offering comfort to others, when really all we need to do is to be there, our presence often speaks louder than words. Listen, pray, encourage.

    David, my family and I wish you all the best for a very happy birthday! 77 years, and I bet it feels as though it’s gone by in a flash! Well, it’s not the number of years, but the amount of life lived during those years that really counts. May God Bless you David, may He touch you with the love of family members and friends today, and may He give you many more wonderful love-filled years to enjoy as you continue to faithfully reach out to others with the message of God’s good news through this daily blog as well as other formats. Amen! Oh yes, enjoy the cake!!

  13. Hi David, Have a wonderful, fun-filled, happy birthday! You sure was a beautiful baby, the sort they photograph and put on the front of baby food! Ha! Ha! Love to everyone!

  14. I remember watching Huntley Street one day when you and Norma Jean were celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary. Your whole family was on set and they were singing a special song composed just for the two of you by your son in law. It brought tears to my eyes thinking how rich the two of you were— such a loving family and quite the legacy to leave to the world for the Lord. So I know where ever you are today you will be surrounded by love. Happy Birthday.

  15. Happy Birthday, Pastor Mainse, and thank you for these devotional readings. I am greatly blessed by them and hope that one day they’ll appear in a book.

  16. Happy Birthday, David! May God richly Bless you today and every day!!! Thank you so much for being a Blessing to all of us!

  17. Aren’t you amazed at how fast those years went? I am (of my life). Truly, we are not here for very long. The lady in a room next to my sister in the nursing home is 106 1/2 yrs old! She is so sweet and gets around in her wheelchair. Amazing. Your birthplace looks like an area that has not changed much. My husband and I visited our homes in the Beaches area of Toronto and it has changed so very much. Happy Birthday. Many blessings. Great blog. Thanks.

  18. Praise God and bless you, on this special day, David Mainse–celebrating your 77th birthday! How divine! Wishing you a most wonderful day with your loved ones–enjoy your cake! You were a most beautiful baby–cute as ever could be!

    I agree with you, Scott. It was encouraging to read the wisdom behind Eliphaz’s words in response to his friend, Job, who was so down from being tested, that he wished he had not been born. Sadly, that is the case with people who feel suicidal–so down and out, they cannot see past the moment of devastating circumstance they find themselves in. It is then that the devil does uttermost damage to seep into their minds and wreak havoc by convincing them with thoughts of doubt and insecurity and depression.

    Blessings to all saints, today. Jesus is our best friend, and always will be!

  19. Happy Birthday to you David and may this year be again filled with all the goodness of God upon you. Looking at your picture as a 1 year old, my husband and I commented that you haven’t changed much…..still handsome but more importantly serving our Lord with such fervour. God bless you and all your family.

  20. Happy Biirthday David! Thank you for this blog. I have learned much by the way you explain things. Thanks for “giving” to The Lord.

  21. Dear Rev. David M .
    Happy 77th Birthday what a blessing you have been to so many through your ministry . I am adding a little french touch to all the wishes that I know justly will be poured on you today
    Cher David c’est

  22. Dear David
    Happy, happy birthday. You were a darling little boy.
    Thank you for the many blessing that through you, God has given so many ((including me).
    Love, Beverley

  23. Happy Birthday Dear David. I believe “cute” is in the eyes of the beholder, however I would say handsome is the word for you; then, and now. May you cherish every second of this day, as you live in Him with your earthly family. In Christian Love; John, A Baptist.

  24. Happy Birthday David Mainse: You truly are an inspiration, not only for your dedication, but to your transparency. God has mightily blessed you and your family. I pray that on this very day, he would continue to strengthen and guide you. You are a very blessed man. Thank you for your devotion and light.


  25. Happy Birthday Pastor David; Hope you have a wonderful day, and I am praying that you will have many more days with your family and friends..
    You are blessing me with your 100 words every day. I have been through many trials and tribulations but God has been with me through it all and your blog is adding to that blessing I am receiving every day. Thank you

  26. Happy Birthday Pastor David! May the Lord give you many more years here with us and with your family! My parents were Dutch immigrants who came over to Canada in 1951 and 1952. I was raised with the Dutch birthday tradition of congratulating both husband and wife, whenever one of them had a birthday. The reason behind this is that believers in Christ, when they become married, become one in the Lord. Since you and Norma Jean are one in the Lord, Happy Birthday to both of you today!
    Much love from Alberta-

  27. Many blessings to you David on your 77th birthday….hope you have a lovely day with family and friend. Thanks so much for your daily blog, I appreciate your dedication to it.
    Blessings to you and your family for the coming year!

  28. Happy Birthday David my thought echo every blogger here
    you were very cute in baby the picture and still do today !
    Have a wonderful day with your family and friends
    God Bless you always
    Lianne Hogg

  29. Happy birthday David and Norma- Jean
    I have been straggling be hind on this blog again. I have Lol! This past week has been quit a week.
    The storey of Job is so powerful so gripping. Their are many who can relate to the book of Job. I to am no stranger to pain and suffering. But….I believe I am a better person for it. I thank God for allowing me to go through the process of building better caracture in me that has enlarged my heart for others.

    I was sad to hear of the boils that inflicted Renald as a baby. The storey of Renald’s heart for a blind friend proves he has an understanding heart for the suffering of others. Could it partly be because he has been there.

    Quite picture of you David at 1year old. Interesting …..most people don’t resemble them selves much the older they get. There is no mistaking that that
    little fella is you .

    I would love to see a picture of Norma-Jean at 1year old. It would be quite if Renald could photo shop you two together 🙂 What a treasure that would be.

    As all ways fellow bloggers your comments speak volumes for the Lord.

    I Wonder if they fallow this blog in heaven?
    Love and prayers to you all and have a wonderful day 🙂

    • M, of course they follow this blog in heaven. Who ordained it? Happy Birthday David Mainse. I don’t contradict you. I just remind that there are antichrists who want to corrupt and they pretend to be loving. Paul spoke the truth but so did James. Yet, they seem to speak of different and even contradictory to each other instruction. Look out for the ditch is all that I am saying to any who might need to hear it. I have been in that ditch and I was lead to it. If the greatest is love, which is a relief to read and see from you to us (and from most of the commentors), two cents of caution about the deceiver and his worshippers is not without a place from God’s team – even if it is not as gracefully said from me. Better, the good blessings and birthday wishes to you are actually edifying and soothing to read. Though they are to you for your birthday and not to us, they are like a chorus in one voice of goodwill to you and praise and glory to God and Jesus. It is like a healing light that we get to share.

  30. Happy Birthday David. You have been a blessing to us over the years and that still continues to this day. We have such good memories of working and traveling with you and Norma Jean. God bless you today and may there be many more. Jeremiah 29:11

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wow 77 years young. Today…….

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of yourself.
    U were a cute baby…..just needed to smile…

    It is funny in life. …everything shows in your face..when u have a close relationship with. Jesus. GOD ..,,,u usually have smiles for everyone.

    Have a wonderful day…u deserve it

  32. Today can`t be your birthday! You haven`t aged a day.
    You`ve got your pep, a springy step. And not a speck of gray!!!
    You haven`t gone all droopy like an older person would. Today can`t be your birhthday – cause you`re lookin to darn good.

    Have a wonderful day and may you have many, many more.

    Thank you so much for your daily blog, that I look forward to. God Bless.

  33. David .M.. A happy birthday and many many more to you dear friend may
    God bless you as you forage ahead. keep up the good work….R….

  34. Happy Birthday David! What lovely pictures! You are beautiful inside and outside! Thank you Ron for the pics! Have a wonderful day, David, and a great year ahead! 77 years young – WOW. God bless you.

  35. Happy Birthday Pastor David Mainse, we appreciate your blog,
    and remember when you were our Pastor in Sudbury, Ont.
    and have happy, happy memories there/ Say hi tp Norma-
    Jean for us. God Bless! Carl & Doris Croker

  36. Happy birthday to you today and your wonderful helpmate Norma Jean on the 14th. I add my thanks to all the other blog readers for making me read the Lords Book. I feel so much closer to the Lord because of all of your dedication.

  37. Happy Birthday David, thank you for this blog, and the personal gift of your time to write it. Just so we can read along and enjoy the blessings it brings. it has also inspired me to read my bible every morning. Which is changing how I approach each day. I would also like to thank you for writing your book “This far by Faith”. I borrowed it from my mommy when I was visiting on vacation last week. I am so glad I did! What a blessing this book is! I have grown up watching you on 100 Huntley street with my mom. Your book just confirmed my love for the show, and that it was a beautiful thing you were born August 13 ,1937. I so hope, and pray that somehow….. I get to meet you someday. God bless

  38. Happy Birthday David and very many thanks for your faithfulness in doing this daily blog. You and your family have been a huge blessing to me over the years and I thank God for you.
    The baby photo was lovely and reminded me of Isaiah 52:7 —
    “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news,
    Who proclaims peace,
    Who brings glad tidings of good things,
    Who proclaims salvation,
    Who says to Zion (and all of us bloggers)
    “Your God reigns !”
    The LORD bless you and keep you !

  39. Happy Birthday David from B.C.! Thanks for sharing your photos and for your
    dedication to this blog. I look forward to reading it daily. Also, looking forward to meeting you all on the Israel trip in November! Enjoy your special day!
    God Bless You and the Crossroads Ministry… Margaret

  40. May you know how much you are loved today and always. Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for being such a man of integrity and faith and for imparting that to us on the blog. I am enjoying all your blog writings and enjoying God and His Word!! Helen.

  41. Happy birthday David . May The Lord richly bless you . It also happens to be my husband Jacks birthday today and he is 70 today. Jack and I will always be grateful that we had the awesome privilege of traveling with you and Norma Jean to Isreal last November .We so enjoyed your teaching . God Bless you. Alvina

  42. Happy Birthday to you and may you have a wonderful and blessed day with family and friends.
    I am so grateful for 100 words and my prayers are with you for much good health and happiness!!

    Lovely pictures!! You were a beautiful child and are a very handsome man!! Everybody that knows you loves you!!


  43. Happy Birthday David. May GOD bless you as your continue to serve HIM with this blog .. for which I am so thankful. I began to read the daily readings of GOD’S WORD last October (2012) It’ll be the 1st time to read the BIBLE thru’ and look forward to continue , GOD willing, until I have completed it. (And maybe start over again !)

    I pray for GOD to be with you giving you strength to continue and a miracle of healing. GOD bless.

  44. Happy Birthday Pastor David! Thank you for your daily scriptures and prayers. They are such an encouragement to me!! Also, your son’s photos are amazing! You are blessed to have such a great family. And some day you will meet your siblings in heaven who did not get a chance to experience this life. They will be thrilled to meet you!

  45. Happy 77th David,

    You are such a tremendous blessing to myself and to countless others!! Thank you so much for this daily Bible study, it’s so valuable to me! Your daily 100 Words is such an inspiration to read each day, I really look forward to it! You are so precious to us!!

    May God abundantly bless you on this Special day and always!! May you have many more years to come of much happiness and good health and your loved ones as well.

    Thanks again David and Happy Birthday!!
    Peace and love,

  46. Thank you Brad for your remark. Yes ….I am imperfect .
    And yes…. of course they read the blog in heaven , how immature of me as a Christian. God knows every thought be for we even think it …so…..of course he
    Reads this blog. I have repented for asking that question.
    Blessings to you Brad
    M. 🙂

  47. Thank you thank you thank you David for being God’s partner in blessing us with His Word and His ministry, done His way, for sharing the treasure He shares with us. I feel blessed through the time spent with our living Lord, sharing in this blog. I pray God gives us all boldness and people to share this 100 words with, and that they will join us in this march to Zion…And Happy birthday too, and to Norma Jean!

  48. A blessed birthday to you on your 77 th. I have learned much from the Bible study and look forward to the same. Loved the song you sang with your wife and daughter . So good to see your family all serving The Lord. Birthday blessings to you! A day filled with JOY, a year filled with PEACE, a life filled with Love, may all of these be God’s gifts to you.

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