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Suggested Reading: Job 1-2

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There is a tomb in Nazareth Village that represents the tomb were Jesus was buried. Nazareth Village is a tourist attraction in modern Nazareth that re-enacts what life would have been like when Jesus lived there. Today we begin reading the book of Job. Job cries out for a redeemer and a mediator between himself and God. The empty tomb is proof that Jesus is redeemer and mediator, and that the last enemy, death, is conquered!

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Key Verses: Job 1:21

And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

The enemy of Job is Satan! Job did not acknowledge the existence of Satan. While Job is unaware of the work of Satan, our reading tells us that Job is wrong in the statement he makes in our key verse. Satan is the one who has “taken away,” not God. Even though Job believed that God was causing the disasters, he remained faithful to God.

What an important lesson this is for us! Job is considered to be the oldest book in the Bible. The Sabeans and the Chaldeans were nomads who had not yet settled into cities as later history indicates. Job lived for 200 years, which makes him at the very least a contemporary of Abraham who lived for 175 years. Job uses the Name for God used by Abraham, “Shaddai,” 31 times. This means “The Almighty One.” There are no references to Israel, the Law or the Tabernacle. Therefore, we can conclude that Job did not have the first books of the Bible for his instruction. We know far more than Job about the destructive spiritual powers waging war in this world. As an example of the knowledge we have available to us, read 1 Peter 5:6-9. Satan is still active in this world, but we know that the death and resurrection of Jesus are proof that God has taken Satan’s worst actions upon Himself. James 5:11b says, “You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord – that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.”


Lord God, I ask for grace to always apply to my everyday life the knowledge which I have as a result of reading the entire Bible. I pray that I will learn the very difficult lessons taught here in the book of Job. I ask these mercies in the Name of the Redeemer/Mediator for who Job was seeking. Amen!!!


My new baby son, David Reynold (our photographer), came home from the hospital with a staph infection, causing boils on his little head. I’ve had one boil only, and that was very painful. My heart was pained for Reynold as I had an idea about his suffering. At the time I was working from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, on a new church building in Deep River, Ontario. We lived in Pembroke, 26 miles away. When I would arrive home, Norma-Jean would hand Reynold to me to put to sleep. She had been holding him all day, as it was painful for him to lay his head on the pillow because of the boils. I would rock him for 2 or 3 hours until he fell into a sleep deep enough to bear the pain. I often wept for him as I would pray for his healing. When he was old enough, we purchased a Jolly Jumper, hooked it on the door frame, and he would fall asleep there, his little legs still kicking occasionally. God did heal him eventually, but the results of his months in the Jumper were yet to come. He went to University on a full football scholarship and was the fastest runner on the team. Of course, I’m not saying that this was the reason God allowed the boils. There may have been another reason. He is a man who feels the pain of others. For example, when he was 8 years old, we lived across the road from Queensdale school in Hamilton. He would dash out the door after lunch and I thought he was going to play in the school yard. When we moved from there, the neighbours came by to wish us well. A lady I had not met before said to me, “Thank you for Reynold. He would come by my home at noon each day and take my blind son for a walk along the street. He would describe the leaves, the squirrels, etc. and then return him to my door.” I wept! Perhaps the blessings of Job’s later years were as a result of the sufferings he had endured.

Yours for learning from our troubles,


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  1. Powerful reading and message–thank you David for sharing that story with us. Thank you for everything you have given to God’s ministry in your lifetime. Thank you for praying over your son and rocking him to sleep. Along with God’s blessing, it left an incredible mark on both he and you!

    We are being tested by what God allows to be laid at our feet–just as Job was tested–just as you were tested with your son, David. Job believed that everything was coming from God. We have the entire Bible at our blessed feet; God’s history in the making; and Jesus as God’s sacrifice and our Saviour, that we might be saved. With that full knowledge and the awareness of Satan’s role in this world, to disrupt, tempt, and pull us away from God, we have a double-edged sword in the Word.

    I am grateful to Job for being a prime example in the Bible to “keep our eyes on God and nothing else” and to “give thanks and praise for everything, without creasing.” Job didn’t recognize anything else as being important. God trusted him to be tested. I have eagerly been awaiting this study of Job, and pray that it strikes all of us in the heart to fear not in times of trouble and trust in Him with thanks and praise.

    God bless you, David. Hoping you are feeling well this week, with rest, after your treatment. God’s continued blessings, dear fellow saints. In the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Amen!! Beverley!!

      Thank you so much Pastor David for sending us these precious daily readings no matter what circumstances you are at. May God bless you and bring complete and speedy recovery to you after the treatments. Thanks to your sharing about Reynold. True compassion comes from God alone. Thank God for His grace to manifest His compassion in us and in our times of trouble so that we get to reproduce His compassion in our lives for others’ blessings!!


  2. Good morning all….and thank you David for all you
    shared with us this A.M. Trials do work for our good
    even though we would like to avoid them. Looking
    back at those that were permitted in my life, I am so
    grateful for the experience as they taught me a deeper
    sense of intamacy with my Lord.
    Trials Work for us:
    1). They stabilize and mature us
    2). Lead us to self-examination
    3). Purification
    4). Wean us from the world
    5). They call Christian graces into activity
    6). Drive us close to Christ
    7). They promote separation and holiness
    8). Quicken our desires for heaven
    9). They accumulate for us corresponding
    rewards as we go thru them faithfully

    “O my child, be strong in the battle with the
    strength I supply. My will can never be evil,
    it can only be good. As I manifest My glory
    in each victory, so I allow you to taste the
    fruit of that victory when you engage faithfully
    in battle”.

    I’m sorry I cannot remember where I got the first
    list from and I believe the prayer is one of Sarah
    Young’s quotes from her book, Jesus Calling.

    However the Bible has clearly stated the effects
    and benefits of suffering. James 1:2-4, 12,
    2 Cor.1:3-5. and 2 Cor. 2:14, Rom. 5:3-5
    God’s Word is so awesome!!!

    God bless all today with His peace and Joy.

  3. Oh how I love Job his patience was profound , As I look back over my life of 61 years I see how my tests of faith have made me a better person , from being an abused child up to being an abused wife and living in the abuse for 15 years it has made me a compassionate person , My heart goes out to sad people lonely people dying people , I nursed for 34 years and during my employment I loved it so as I retired from nursing God has led me into a ministry of serving others by volunteering at hospice , at the hospital visiting patients , and helping at the Ozanam program serving meals to the needy and helping at the St Vincent de Paul , all My desire is to serve God where He wants me , I have 6 daughters and my only son passed away into the presence of God in 1977 and my treasure is in heaven My grandson as well as my only brother are all in heaven too and my dear God loving mother and my grandparents who never had anything to do with God but only through prayer and fasting did they go to a penticostal church and recieve Jesus in their latter years thank God they are in heaven too so now its up to me to pray for my grandchildren that God draw them all 15 by His spirit so they all come to repentence .Thank you do much David for your dedicated time to write Gods word and your own personal stories about how God has been faithful in your life and in the lives of Norma Jean and your children as well as your grandchildren and your great grandchildren God Bless you dear heart

  4. I really do hope this study in 2 years will be a book in the future. It is so helpful, both the scripture reading, your prayer, and your experiences. The pictures are very enlightening too. What happens to us here is only for a moment but we have a great promise ahead! (my son did very well yesterday in his sermon while the pastor was away. – people are asking when will he speak again)! Thank you for your prayers folk and I pray for a very close walk with the Lord for all of us.

  5. I return today after no Internet at the cottage, but continued in my reading and wonderful sermon at church on Sunday. Just got caught up on all I missed here and find Blessings are flowing.

    I pray your treatment went well Pastor David and your strength and healing is taking place. Your faithfullness to our blog is a great testament to the courage God sends you each day.

    Trials of Job reminds me of our son’s last 18 mos. during which The Lord has miraculously worked in his life and restored him to Jesus. However tomorrow he faces another huge challenge but knows The Lord goes with him, so I ask for your prayers for Neil that he will sense The Lord’s presence and that HIS will be done. OUR GOD IS ABLE!!!

    Thank you fellow saints and praying for all of you fervently!

  6. Thankyou for sharing this very meaningful story about Reynold and how his afflictions may have resulted in his strength and compassion (not to mention photographic talent) in later years. It has been a challenge to try and understand how, though Satan was responsible for Jobs afflictions, God presented the matter and defined the outcome by commanding to Satan, “all that he has is in your power, but do not lay a hand on his person.” I am grateful and never take for granted, Christ’s omnipotence and sustaining love and redemption in our lives. No doubt, Satan is real, deceptive and desires to take credit for all that he may. My focus is on Christ, whose feet crush the very head of this serpent! Have a great day, to all!

    • I really like how you worded that, David–your focus is on Christ, whose feet crush the very head of this serpent! Such power in that description. Indeed, Jesus Christ defeats the beast!

  7. As I was reading about your son Reynold, this verse came to mind: 2 Corinthians 1: 3 and 4: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.
    Who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort we ourselves are comforted by God. ESV translation.
    Blessings and comfort to all.

  8. Whenever I am in the middle of a trail, affliction or suffering in anyway, big or small I just keep reminding God of His promise that a bruised reed He will not bend. Or perhaps I do it to remind myself that God will never give me more than I can handle when I put my trust in Him. Whichever way, it always strengthens me whenever I start feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances at hand.
    Also today’s topic reminds me of a line from a poem I wrote early in my Christian walk.

    ” I was not wise but weary when I saw Jesus clearly.”

    Ain’t that the truth— Amen.

  9. Thank you David and fellow bloggers for your inspiring blogs today. Those personal stories makes God real. From your book and today’s sharing, you have had a few in your family David. Besides my mother, being the first Christian in a family of thirteen, I have born the brunt of a few too. But as I stood my ground, they have turned out for God’s Glory. Praise God!

    Praying for you during this recovery time David. Was inspired by this insert in Max Lucado’s Bible this morning. Most of the greatest thoughts of the greatest thinkers of all time had to pass through the fire. Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress from jail. Florence Nightingale, too ill to move from her bed, reorganized the hospitals of England. …American historian Francis Parkman…His eyesight was so wretched that he could scrawl only a few gigantic words on a manuscript, yet he contrived to write twenty magnificent volumes of history. Sometimes it seems that when God is about to make preeminent use of a man, he puts him through the fire.” (From You Gotta Keep Dancin’ by Tim Hansel). God bless you all.

  10. Thank you David M for sharing that touching story about Reynold. 🙂
    The book of Job has long been one of my favorites. There is just so much packed into it as lessons on surrender, trust, hope, and focus…to ‘see’ beyond our trials and circumstances to the ONE who IS in control and will work all things for our good.
    When the darkness closes in, it is often difficult to not feel alone, or to have hope. Or to give thanks and praise in spite of the storms. Often we do need family and friends who will help us through such times.
    Poor Job with a wife and friends like he had who showed no support or encouragement in his time of need!
    I pray I will always be sensitive to the leading of the Lord when coming alongside another who is suffering in anyway, and/or facing such losses and heart-wrenching challenges as Job was….to be a reflection of His love, compassion and encouragement.
    Looking forward to what nuggets of wisdom you have for us from this great book, David M. 🙂

  11. Dear David

    Thank you for sharing …your son Reynold helping the neighbor’s blind son brought tears to my eyes too…how true…trials make us more compassionate and stronger
    May God continue to strengthen you in your walk…you and your family have been an example and blessing to many
    thank you

  12. In order to mold us, sometimes He has to melt us. “He knows the way I take and when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

  13. When I made a commitment to the Lord ,I don’t know why , but the first
    thing I read was the book of Job. and it still has a great meaning for me ..
    It might have been because of two broken marriages. with physical and
    mental abuse from my childhood on ,, Job was a consoling book especially
    at the end of the book .God’s love to me at that time very comforting ,praise His
    Holy Name …..R….

  14. Dear Rev. David M.
    The book of Job is so encourarging that when I first became a reborn Christian a few years ago through the reading of book of Job I finally understood that all the heardaches of my childhood and present illness have made me the strong warrior faithful servant of the One and Only Jesus Christ .
    Keeping all of you in prayers .
    Have a blessed day everyone
    xxxx Carole.

  15. Lord sing to me a love song.

    Lord sing to me a love song,
    I feel sad and alone today.
    Draw near to me and help me,
    This is all that I can pray.

    Mary, you are my child and I love you,
    By your side I will always remain,
    You stole My heart with one glance of your eyes,
    You are Mine, I know you by name.

    Nothing can ever destroy you,
    For your’re safe in My Father’ hand,
    Don’t doubt it,no matter the trial,
    I’m your Rock and not sinking sand.

    So quiet down and rest on My shoulder,
    I am tender, yet mighty and strong,
    Trust in Me and give me your burdens,
    AsI rejoice over you with a song.

    LORD, thank you for all of my trials,
    They show me Your power and Your might,
    As You come to my aid and sustain me.
    You even give me a song in the night!

    I am so thankful that GOD is in control, that He will not give me more than I can handle, although sometimes I think it is way too much!
    He is always there, I will never leave you or forsake you, and especially that we learn from Job, satan has to ask for permission to harass me.
    I am going through a trial right now, that effects all my immediate family, and I don’t know what I need to do, prayer is the only answer at this time. But prayer is the best answer, so that’s what I am doing.
    Pastor David, thank you for all the blessings we receive from God, through you, and your blog. May God richly bless you. Mary.

    • That was beautiful, truly from the heart. Sometimes all we can do is be still and let God be God, trusting in Him to get us where we need to be. As a fellow poet, perhaps something I heard a long time ago, most likely on Huntley Street will help and forgive me if I don’t get this exactly right and I don’t know the source, but it went something like

      “When you don’t see the plan.
      When you don’t understand.
      When you can’t see His hand, trust His heart”
      Keeping you in my prayers.

  16. Mary, God says in His Word In our trials He strengthens us . When we are weak
    that’s when He can be strong in our trials and tribulations ,So take heart God is
    the closest then .I’m praying for you .May God bless you and keep you……R…

  17. Jesus said of John the Baptist, did you come to see a willow bending with the wind and a man dressed in soft robes? At another place Jesus said that because he was not fasting and drank some wine, they called him a glutten and a “wine bibber” but they said John the Baptist was possessed by a devil because he fasted. To speak peace is one thing. To have judgement to do good is also important.

  18. Job is an example of patience and faith in torturous circumstances. His friends were not wise. This is not rare – to have unwise aquaintances and friends. However, my favorite words in Job are when God says, to fear God is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding. The apostles, John the Baptist and Jesus would not have been persecuted and killed if they just said what people wanted to hear. It took courage and faith and judgement. We still need it today. Letting the blind follow the blind, if they would otherwise try to trample us like they were pigs or lead us into their pit, is important, but don’t let them turn you into willows that bend to their lies. To have patience while having this judgement can be difficult. Sometimes you need to let the pigs go to their own ways but don’t let them trample and mislead you and your children. Jesus said Charity, Judgement and Faith are the great matters of the law. It is hard to have all three but all three are important.

  19. Barring Jesus, there was no perfect man who has ever lived, although there are many shared characteristics between Jesus and Job. A brief example of this parallel can be found in Job 1:1b where it states “…that man [Job] was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil.” This could perfectly well be said of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, He was perfect, and His very life and mission made Him unlike any other man. Without a doubt we will see many more similarities or parallels as we read through the Book of Job but I thought it might be interesting to point out a couple of these characteristics at this time. I’m really looking forward to reading through and studying the Book of Job with you David, there is a wealth of wisdom to be learned in this book. David, I just have a feeling that you’ll find a way of tapping into this wisdom through the teachings of your blog. God Bless!

  20. Dear David

    Just to affirm my previous comment…Reynold ministering to the blind boy…brought tears to my eyes

    I have just tuned in to your blog with the last week and am finding your comments a blessing
    Thank you

  21. Happy Birthday Mr. Mainse from Smiths Falls!

    I saw you the last time you visited Bethel Pentecostal Church in Smiths Falls.

  22. Happy Birthday Pastor Mainse.

    I feel very blessed to wake up everyday with the choice to read, learn and pray about the words and thoughts you put to paper. It truly makes my day more fulfilled to know I have spent some time with our Lord through you.

    I really enjoy that you share with us pictures of you as a beautiful little boy and of the family home in Quebec.

    My wish for you is to have many more years to do the things in life that bring you great satisfaction and joy. God bless you for all you do for others.

    Barbara Bean


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