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Suggested Reading: Job 5-6

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in present day Nazareth, first century life is acted out at Nazareth Village.

In present-day Nazareth, first century family life is re-created at a place called Nazareth Village.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Job 5:17

Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects; Therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.

The above statement was made by Eliphaz to Job. Eliphaz had a good grasp on truth, but let us remember that the words of Job and his friends are their opinions. They are accurately recorded in the inspired Scriptures as being what Job’s friends said. Our key verse can be considered to be “Truth” because when we compare Scripture with Scripture, it stands the test. For example, we may want to read Hebrews 12:5-11.

In everyday life we know those (maybe ourselves) who are suffering because of the sins and failures of others, or because of circumstances beyond control. Job did not know why he was going through such testing, but in it all he retained his faith in God. Someone has said, “A believer is like tea; real strength only comes out when we are put into hot water.” The Apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 2:19-25 about the example of Jesus in enduring suffering. God’s plan is to make us like His Son and our Saviour, Jesus. Suffering temporarily is included in that plan. It is not meant to defeat or destroy us but to strengthen and refine us as gold, purified in the fire.


God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for strength to endure any suffering that may come to me. I worship You, Lord God! In the Name of Jesus, the One who “learned obedience by the things which He suffered,” Amen!!! (Hebrews 5:7 & 8).


Today is Norma-Jean’s birthday. Happy Birthday my darling wife! Thank you for sticking with me throughout 55 years as of this September 19th. God has allowed testing in your life and you have come through as fine gold. I think that I’ve been a big test for you. Thank you for passing the test and continuing to love me. For every time you’ve asked for forgiveness, I’m sure I’ve had to ask your forgiveness 100 times. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

For many years we celebrated our birthdays at midnight, as my birthday was yesterday. However, in recent times I’ve been unable to stay awake ’til midnight. Please forgive me once again, Sweetheart. This old man still loves you just the same.

On this past Monday we had a family gathering. My grandson-in-law, Rev. Jason Patterson, gave a devotional for us. He’s Andrea’s husband, Ron and Ann’s son-in-law. He spoke from Luke 11:2, “When you pray say…” He said this was a direct command from our Lord. Perhaps all of us as blog participants could pray the Words of Jesus, Luke 11:1-4. Jason has a devotional video blog (a “vlog”) for the young people that he ministers to each summer at youth camps (it’s actually good for all of us!). It’s called “Bedhead Devos.” Check it out here.

Yours for hanging in there, even in suffering,


Happy Birthday Norma-Jean! Earlier this year she received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award. It's a commemorative medal given to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

40 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 14, 2013

  1. May I also extend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Norma-Jean!! I met you once as you welcomed us at Crossroads and remember your big, welcoming smile and greeting. I thought what a perfect match you and David are!! Have a wonderful day with family and friends! Also, thank you for your emploring words to us bloggers today to endure suffering as it may be, in the love and light of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Have a great day, to all!

  2. Not unlike Job, I’m sure we all have friends who are only too willing to offer advice in our times of trial. It’s great to have friends, we all need them. It’s also sometimes great to hear their advice, for often good friends may know us better than a sibling. There is one thing to be cautious about though, and I believe David picked out this point; always confer with scripture, comparing and contrasting scripture with scripture and studying within context. God’s Word is not God’s opinion, God’s Word is reliable and won’t lead anyone astray. But more fully than this, we need to be able to keep a razor sharp focus on Jesus by whom the Bible leads us and teaches us. Jesus will accomplish the task(s) for which He has set out for us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus alone will see us safely through to the end, if we believe on Him. His advice is truth and our rock-solid promise.

    Happy Birthday Norma-Jean! Hope you have a great day today, God Bless!

  3. Happy, Happy birthday to both of you. You have been for many years and continue to be such a Blessing to me. Thank you for being such an example of how God wants us to live and for the way you minister – not just to Americans but to people all over the world. Your family continue to be obedient to The Lord and carry out what the two of you so beautifully taught them and I only know so little of what they are doing. May God continue to Bless you richly throughout this year. OX OX Bev

  4. Happy Birthday to you both!
    Vivienne and I have many fond memories of our wonderful trip to the Holy Land with you both last November.
    We especially enjoyed our dinner together in Tiberias and I often think of your challenge “Do you KNOW Jesus?”.
    In all humility I can say that I truly believe that I am getting closer to Jesus in no small part due to your dedication in getting up at 4 am and sharing your wisdom in this daily blog.
    May God bless you both now and always.
    Graham & Vivienne,
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  5. Happy Birthday to both of you dear David and Norma Jean. I trust you will continue to have a wonderful time with your family up in paradise where you stayed so many summers! What an amazing legacy you have left in each of those dear ones of yours.

    I too, am blessed by your blog each morning, may God grant you the strength to continue. Even through your suffering through your illness this past year, you have not complained and have stood on God’s word that “everything works for our good”… thankyou for being such a champion to get the “word” of God into so many hearts!
    Have a fantastic rest of the week in paradise with many of your loved ones around you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Norma-Jean!!! God’s continued blessings and love to you! Wishing you and David a wonderful day together!

  7. Not only am I your age, Norma Jean, but we also married 55 years ago in September. We find it very difficult to stay up untill midnight too. We also had our first four children very close together. Our last one was born 16 years later! Anyway blessings to you both. Happy birthday. God bless you even more.

  8. Happy Birthday Norma Jean, what a beautiful example you are to the rest of us!!! Thank thank you.
    Belated congratulations for receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award.
    May the Lord bless and keep you.

  9. Happy Birthday Norma-Jean, and congratulations for being awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award, That’s wonderful! Well deserved!

  10. Here is a second happy Norma Jean. You have been such fun to be with. David’s praise of a Happy 55 years is well deserved, I love you and there aIre not many women I say that to. Frank got me some one to help with the house work since I am still healing from the trip caused by those myrtle vines. Love from Elaine. I see that I missed putting birthday after happy in the first line, so many more

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Norma-Jean and I pray you and David will enjoy and be blessed today as you celebrate. Congrats. On the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal. Beautiful picture and oh. That Smile !!!
    Once again a big thanks Pastor David for our blog and your continued faithfullness in getting it out to us.

    I can say in suffering I have grown closer to The Lord and can say I know he will see us through our RED SEA.

    Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

    Have a great day everyone.

  12. Your blog today really touched my heart as I have been going through some difficult times. As I prayed I remembered that when I was a child my parents did not discipline or chasten me. I felt insecure and unloved because of this – if they really cared about me they would be upset that I have been out till midnight. They would be worried about where I go and who I am with. I realized that God loves me enough to care about what I’m doing and who I’m with and this is GOOD. It shows how much HE loves me that he would take that much of an interest in me.
    Thank you for reminding me of how much God loves me and that these difficult times are only temporary.

  13. When reading this blog this morning I was reminded of one of Shakespeare’s Sonnets about love. Back in 86 I wrote a translation of this sonnet into more modern language for a family member’s wedding. It can be apply to romantic love, as well as the deepest love of all– God’s love for us. I will admit Shakespeare’s version is better, but I hope my version has some merit as well.

    Do not say that true love united admits defeat in the face of trouble
    For true love cannot be changed by circumstances or person.
    True love is ever constant
    withstanding every storm.
    It is a light to the weary.
    A priceless treasure to be possessed.
    Although all things of beauty fade with time– true love will not.
    It will remain strong and vibrant
    It will carry us to our fate– the grave
    and beyond.
    If this be not the true nature of love,
    then all words of love are meaningless
    and no one has ever loved.

  14. Happy Birthday Norma-Jean!!!!! I wish you and David a very pleasant day together. I think it is neat that your birthdays are so close together. My husband and my birthdays are 5 days apart.

    May God continue to bless you both with many more years!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Norma-Jean and congratulations on the Queen”s Diamond Jubilee Award. Also your photo is beautiful! I also remember you flashing a smile at Mother and I at the Grand Opening in 1992.
    Thank you for the encouragement today too David. I stayed up to midnight reading a book last night and I paid for it after until about 2AM; still adjusting to this new heart valve. Paul writes in Phil.3:10 about the…”fellowship of His sufferings” for all who are suffering today. The Lord bless your birthdays too.

  16. Sometimes it is not because of our sins that we suffer. Sometimes it is. Job was not suffering because of his sins. Likewise, it is not because of any sins you have that God has afficted you with illness but it is a tempering and I hope he heals you and I have also prayed that he will heal you. As Job said, the wicked and the just do both suffer. Yet, many wicked who live off hurting others go their whole lives without being punished for it and Job was a man who did good and had faith and had praise from God. As you quoted, God chastens those he loves.

  17. Happy Birthday, Norma-Jean. You are a beautiful woman inside and out and Jesus is the reason for your countenance as well. We have met you both a few times and pray and thank God for every remembrance of you.
    So enjoying this blog and have introduced it to many friends. Thank you and God bless you.

  18. Happy Birthday dear Norma-Jean,
    The verses that came to my mind this
    A.M. when I learned it was “your special
    day” today were Prov. 31:25-26…
    Strength and dignity are her clothing
    and her position is strong and secure. She
    rejoices over the future-the latter day or
    time to come (knowing that she and her
    family are in readiness for it)!
    She opens her mouth with skillful and godly
    Wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of
    kindness-giving counsel and instruction. (amp.)
    Your inward beauty is always evident in your
    lovely smile…God bless you today and enjoy
    your birthday cake and ice cream!!!
    Love, Faith

  19. Happy Birthday Norma-Jean and Congratulations on receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal! Well done! Blessings to you all! See you in November.

  20. Happy Birthday to you, Norma-Jean! How amazing that you and David have back-to-back birthdays like that, and that you have made it a marriage tradition to celebrate your birthdays together at beautiful!
    Congratulations to you on receiving the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, as well. That is a very timely honour for you and your family.
    May God bless you and David together today as you celebrate your ‘Dutch’ birthday together as husband and wife!
    Much love from Alberta –

  21. Happy Birthday Blessings to you Both! What a privilege it is to enjoy this Bible Study with our own tutor. I don’t have adequate words to express how much it means to me. First thing in the morning I grab my coffee and run to the computer. It must keep going.

  22. David Mainse & Norma -Jean –yous two are amazing godly people and love people and it shows.Thank you for being so candid and sharing so much of your personal life and pictures I feel like I know yous personally, I don’t just through 100 Huntley St. which I have been following for 18 yrs and now still hanging in doing the 2 yr bible study online. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you Both and may God continue to enrich your lives. Thank you to all the bloggers, I am enjoying reading them, may God continue to Bless you all! Adele

  23. Happy Birthday and many more to the both of you. I really enjoy your blog. I started it when we got back from Israel last November. I was one of the Nazarene ladies in the blue bus. The trip was a real journey and it has blessed my life and makes Bible reading really different. It is so encouraging to read your blog each morning. Thank you and may God bless and keep you in good health.

  24. Happy Birthday, Norma Jean!! And Happy Belated Birthday, Pastor David (forgive my late greetings) I truly thank God for you and your ministry and faithful service in Him, that so many people including myself got blessed. Praise God for your fervent heart for Him!! May He continue to write many more amazing and wonderful pages of your lives!!


  25. Happy birthday to you both , may the love of Christ surround you with His Love .
    Have a very nice and blessed day with all your family today, and thank you
    for this blog I wouldn’t miss it , such a blessing it is ….R…

  26. After reading all these wonderful comments, I can only say “ditto”. You both are such a blessing & shining example for us all! Similarly, my husband & I were born 2 years & 2 days apart.
    Enjoy this time of celebration!
    Blessings & love,

  27. Happy birthday Norma-Jean….may the good Lord continue to bless you and your wonderful family and may you celebrate many more birthdays to come! Amen

  28. Dear Deanne My heart feels your pain. I to was allowed to roam free . I felt in loved. But I know my parents loved me as I’m sure yours do you. Some people just make poor parents.
    You deserved better and that’s why Jesus has becond you , chosen you to be apart of his personal family . You belong to the family of God sister Deanne . We here on this loving blog are your family. I will pray for you that God will ease your pain and eliminate these difficult times from your life. Hang in there Deanne , as Jesus said ……. (and I Know this is true) This to will pass.

    Love and prayers
    Marla A.K.A.
    M. 🙂

    Love you Deanne your sister in Christ

  29. Wow ! Norma-Jean you like David never ciese to amaze Jery and I. Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award and Happy birthday!
    We are really looking forward to seeing you and David tomorrow.
    I would like to share a little event that took place today in our lives with you and
    Our fellow bloggers.
    To day we had to face opposition as our neighbours decided to protest against
    our application for severance and re zoning. At our shop.
    We were prepared and I knew the lord was with us.
    It was truly amaseing how quickly a negative became a posative dispite the fact that I had to defend our position against a consulting firm from Ottawa that one neighbour hired, plus six others. I asked God to give me the words. And he did.

    Jerry can remember what I said better than I can. It’s strange but… most of the details are a blur to me . We wittnessed Romans 8: 28 unfold before our eyes. Praise the Lord. God is sogood and faithful.

    We can’t thank him enough. Some day I know I will enjoy reminissing face to face with Jesus the fun we had defeating satins plans to harm us.

    Good night to all and may God richly bless each and every one of you.
    Xxoo 🙂

    Yes …… Our application was a proved ! “Hurray”
    and again … thank you Jesus 🙂

  30. Happy Birthday, Norma Jean! Hope that you and David had a most wonderful day with family and friends. Blessings to you and yours!!!

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