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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 34

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An actor from "Nazareth Village" in Nazareth holds a scroll in the synagogue as he depicts Jesus from Luke 4:14-20. Perhaps it was a scroll resembling this one from which young king Josiah read aloud in the hearing of his people, and which produced nation-changing results.

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Key Verses: 2 Chronicles 34:19, 31

Now it happened that when the king heard the words of the law, that he tore his clothes…Then the king stood in his place and made a covenant before the Lord, to follow the Lord, and to keep His commandments and His testimonies and His statutes with all his heart and all his soul, to perform the words of the covenant that were written in this book.

Back in 2 Chronicles 24, we read of the boy king, Joash, who became king at 7 years old. He did well as long as he had his teacher present, but then went astray. Now we have an 8-year-old, Josiah, made king. No doubt he also had strong guidance from godly people. Unlike Joash, Josiah stayed true to the God of Israel all his life. It seems reasonable to suggest that finding the lost manuscript of the Bible made all the difference. The turning points of Josiah’s life are as follows: At 8 he became king. Josiah would’ve been 6 when his grandfather, Manasseh, died. Manasseh had turned from God and then returned in repentance. Perhaps Josiah’s grandpa had told him the stories of the tragedies that resulted from ungodly behaviour. At 16 Josiah began to seek the God of King David. At 20 he began to destroy the idols such as the Baals which the people had been worshipping. The northern tribes had been dispersed throughout the world in what is now known as ethnic cleansing, but the remnant who remained came under Josiah’s leadership. At 24 Josiah began to repair the ancient Temple of God built by Solomon. Then comes the words of our key verses.

We need to cherish the Book we are reading together. Many years before the workmen discovered the manuscript of the Bible (probably Deuteronomy), diligent people had spent countless hours copying, by hand, the Words. There were no print shops where copies could be run off. All the effort at copying was rewarded long after the writers had passed on. Do we wonder if we will ever see the fruit of our labours? Don’t loose heart! Rejoice in our sowing of good seed; we can trust God with the reaping of results in His timing.


Lord God, I pray for determination to serve You well today, leaving the results of my labours up to You and Your timing. Thank You, Father God, for the opportunity to sow seeds which will yield a good harvest. In Jesus’ Name In pray, Amen!!!


24-year-old King Josiah tore his clothes to indicate his profound grief at the failure of Israel to keep true to the Word of God, which was found hidden in the Temple. The King, himself, read aloud from the Bible in the hearing of all the elders of Israel. I often read the Word of God out loud when it is called for. One of those times was in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dr. Shapiro, a Jewish medical doctor, had, like Josiah, torn his clothes to show extreme grief. I don’t have space to tell the story here. It’s on pages 113 -116 in my book, This Far by Faith. A great turn-around happened in the doctor’s life as a result. Here’s how my book can be sent to you (click here). If you can help Crossroads with an offering when you ask for the book, it would be appreciated. I find it interesting that offerings are often the lead-up to blessings. Again and again in our readings, I find the connection between giving and receiving. That has certainly been my personal experience through the years. A New Testament reading on which I’ve just meditated is 2 Corinthians chapter 9 (click here to read with me).

Yours for finding our Bibles and for reading carefully its transformative message daily!


Jesus portrayed by an actor entering the synagogue in Nazareth. In this synagogue I take delight during our tours in reading from Isaiah, as Jesus did here in His hometown synagogue.

17 thoughts on “Friday, July 12, 2013

  1. Thank you for that photo of Jesus, this morning!

    We are so blessed, indeed, by the rock of our daily Word, which helps us to stand strong in our faith; grow in our relationships with Jesus; and plant seeds of fellowship in the garden of eternal life. We are each of us petals, that grow together, into one beautiful flower, after another. Our love for our Lord continues to bloom and grow stronger, each and every moment we stay in the Word and committed to prayer.

    Feeling a bit poetic, this morning. Wish I had more time to write. I have been thinking about Ger. Praying for the wellness of all saints, today. God bless each and everyone!

  2. Josiah must have been elated at the discovery of the lost manuscript. He followed the Lord faithfully and God blessed Him with the finding of this precious Word. I remember when I first truly discovered the reality of God’s Word back in the early 1980’s, it opened my eyes to a spiritual reality which I never had known before. Seeking and searching God’s word brought great joy into my life and this joy continues to this day. I’ve found that the Word of God is a precious treasure more valuable than anything this world can offer. Like Josiah, God really does bless our heart when we seek after Him.

  3. Joshua 1:8 “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

  4. It is so precious to spend time in the Word each morning with my fellow saints.
    I have never really been a morning person, as my sleep is often not of good quality, so instead of “counting sheep” I talk to THE Shepherd.

    Having joined our blog from the beginning I now look forward to the time spent with God and all of you.

    Lessons are learned every day and I thank you Pastor David and others for your personal input.

    It is uplifting to hear how Josiah even at a young age sought The Lord and I pray I can show my grandchildren how they can seek Jesus as I share the stories with them .

    Have we heard from Janet and how her appointment went. Still praying and like Beverlee thinking of all today. God bless you. I will miss the blog for the weekend, no Internet, but will continue in prayer and reading.

  5. Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet, and a light for my path.We are so very blessed to have our instruction manual for a victorious life “in Christ”. l’ve seen someone try to put something together and get it all wrong because they tried to put the thing together without following the steps in the instruction manual, the booklet was right there in the box,but they thought they’d do it their way, and it resulted in incredible frustration! It’s best to go by the book! It is wonderful that we all have access to the bible in our part of the world and the answers are all buried in it’s pages! Amazing Love! Thank you Father! Have a great day everyone!

  6. Janet just read your blog from yesterday. I am in tears thinking of your bravery and trust in OUR LORD and how He provided for you. All of yesterday things were falling in place for you to continue on your journey to good health and what the Lord has for you in the future is continuing to be shown to you over and over again. Stable is a good word as we hear our results and I will fervently pray for your continued progress.

    I am so glad the children were kept safe and your precious prayer together and your son praying himself is a blessing, an being able to witness to your friend….my dear Janet….I believe God has great plans for you. What a day you had!!! Sending you a hug and God’s love.

    Be strong and courageous….It is Our God that goes with you!! Catherine

    • thanks so much Catherine, and Colleen, Christine and all of you for supporting in fervent prayers! Hugs for you all from the bottom of my heart, I thank God for knowing you all through this blog…
      With love,

  7. Seed planting is very important. If we don’t plant seeds there won’t be a harvest. I know many Christian become disheartened because they think they aren’t winning any souls for Christ, but that is misleading. We can plant seeds every day, in large ways, or small to influence those around us- to start a person’s journey toward the Lord. It can be a prayer, smiling at a overworked cashier, or refusing to listen to off colour jokes at the office- If the Lord allows you to be there at the moment a person comes to Christ that is wonderful- just remember for every person who does come to the Lord, most likely many Christians were there in unseen ways before you. I think we are all going to shock and surprise on Judgement Day to find out what the Holy Spirit accomplished with “our widow’s mites”, our “tiny seeds”.

  8. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a 2011 GMC vehical. It is what’s
    refferd to as loaded . Meaning it has so many features I have to fallow the manual in order to get the most from the driving experience.
    Like all of you fellow saints my Bible is my manual for my life. I have to read it every day to get the most out of my life. I treasure my Bible. Yesterday I ordered by phone three KJV Bibles.
    One is for a 25year old man from Kingston. He said he could not find that version any where. I have decided when I have time I will inverstigete this for my self.

    In the mean time I subscribe to several Christian organisations who not only teach the gospel but are spending some of their time defending the gospel.
    This is simply my own opinion and you may agree or disagree and that’s fine
    by me. But I find that with each new bible version the “MESSEGE ” is becoming
    Luke warm, waterd down and distorted. It lacks Gods two eged sward .Its like having a line up of 10 peopleand the first one says a word to the person beside them, they wispers the word to the person standing beside them …. by the time the last person hears the word it is not the same word at all … just sounds
    the same.
    Through out The Bible God warns us loud and clear we are to be aware of false doctrine in the end times . We “ARE “in the end of days.
    So be careful little sheep. The wolves are out in fulforce. They have dawned their
    Sheep’s clothing and they are coming for any one who is not paying attention.
    They will creep in if you are not watching.
    If it were not true. Jesus would not have told us.!!!!!!!
    Yours for contending for our faith in love , blessings to all.
    M. 🙂

    Here is an extreme example of what I’m talking about.
    In May of 2012 Wycliff put out a new Bible version that replaces the word
    God With Alla and ….. has removed Jesus’s name 91 times.

    When I heard about this I wanted to know if it was true so I researched it on the Internet. Sadly …. It is true. I say sadly because as you know ,
    Alla and God are not one and the same. This is what I call a politicly correct Bible.
    Like what kept happening in the book of Chronicals , this bible version will likely decive / leed many in to worshipping a false God. We need to pray that our loved ones will not be deceived. The bible says MANY WILL be deceived even the very elect. It’s talking about Believers , Christians people who believe. So……
    this will be a real spiritual battle. This is serious stuff . Satan is litterly going to snatch Christians out of Gods hand. We must stand strong and keep rooted in sound doctrine. Be careful what you read there are a lot of new age thinkers
    and even none believers writing so called Christian books .
    That said, I have no fear nor am I surprised, God is in complete control .

    Sorry for the rant ….but, when you care and are passionate about something that happens some times LOL! 🙂

    • Nothing wrong about speaking out against false doctrine. Fortunately Scripture has warned us about this time coming upon the earth, so we should not surprised by it, but we need to be careful. I too heard about this Bible version and their explanation for doing it was to make it easier for Muslims to read the Bible– they claim it is a tool to evangelize the Middle East. But in reality this is just the start toward building the One World Religion foretold in the Book of Revelation. So yes it is best to stick with a Bible Translation proven to be accurate to the original Hebrew and Greek text and not accept any translation that alters basic Christian doctrine. Thank for bringing up this very important issue.

      • Good Morning everyone, thank you so much for your affirmations of the importance of treasuring God Word. m and j thank you for your zeal for God’s Word. When the God says No one can snatch them out of My hand not even Satan can. The question that needs to be asked is am I in God’s hand or being deceived. We need to pray for Wycliffe and others that in their desire for unbelievers to come to Christ God’s Word is not compromised. Matt 7:21 and Rev.22:18-21 come to mind. God bless each one today.

  9. David:We ordered your book and I was amazed at the great things I did not know about you. I underlined and stared the whole book and then lent it to Frank for a quick read. I am like you and want to read any thing two times. I am looking for your next book. By the we contribute to Huntly Street every month but I am sure Frank sent extra for all the work that wonderful book must cost. It is priceless to me. thankyou so much.

  10. This should be in yesterdays blog, but think it will ‘fit’ in today’s too. In the early 90’s I moved into a suite where the previous tenant was into the occult. They practiced seances and used the ouija board and so forth to call up spirits.
    I never gave much thought to this when I moved in, but a few weeks later I would be wakened in the night with footsteps, my entrance door opening and closing, calendars falling from wall, but next morning would be hanging back in place, I would feel someone come sit on my bed and when I would look over I could see the imprint of the ‘person’ on my bed but could see no one. Sometimes i would here a voice call : “are you here?” and steps coming towards my bedroom.
    This activity always happened in late and wee early hours of the night.
    I never felt threatened or that I needed to fear this ‘visitor’ as in that it was coming to harm me in anyway.
    But one night I felt this ‘visitor’ come onto my bed and rather then sit on the side as usual, it came and laid right up so it’s full body was touching my whole body, behind me. Then I felt an icy hand and claw like fingers fold over the top of my head and onto my forehead, and I felt like a darkness surround me.
    As it touched me with it’s hand I found I was paralyzed and the only thing able to move was my eyes. I couldn’t even call out! But immediately in my mind I called out to Jesus to come help me. As I said Jesus’ name repeatedly in my mind, the ‘visitor’ fled.
    The next morning I talked to my Pastor and a very committed to prayer friend, who came that same morning and anointed my whole home, including all door and window openings, praying through out this time. I never had any nightly visitors again.
    After some talks with those who have experience in this sort of thing, I was told that because of the previous tenants activities, this was like a left over spirit still lingering around and because it had been welcomed before, it felt it would be welcomed still….that it was not a spirit that was out to harm me, but more of a ‘friendly’ spirit. Not sure what ‘friendly’ means!
    Since then, whenever I move into a place, even motels or hotels, I pray for the Lord’s cleansing power in that place, that any activities of darkness or sins done in the home or room, would have no effect on me or those with me. I invite and welcome the Holy Spirit to dwell in that place where I am, and for the Lord to guard and protect my mind. If it is a place I will be living I go around and anoint door frames and windows with oil and pray.

  11. Good morning dear bloggers ,Good read this morning.Thank you David.M.
    for the book ” This far by Faith” I was working a Moosejaw Hospital at the time of untimely death of our dear Peditrtion passed away.How wonderful her partner
    Doctor’s life changed through this tradgidity.God turns all thing for good out of bad.Bless you all …R…..

  12. Dear David M. and precious fellow bloggers
    The story of the conversion of Dr. Shapiro is so uplifting what a truly amazing God we serve. Thankyou so much M. for showing us the danger that surround us when it comes to the Bible and the Word .I pray diligently for the Holy Spirit to keep me always on that narrow path that Great Light which is only found in Jesus .
    Like Wanita I have also experienced the presence of evil spirits and was able to cast them out through the calling of Jesus and His precious Blood and also having all of my house annointed and prayed on . My favourite Psalm 23 is also my daily comfort even though i walk through the passage of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me . Your rod and your staff they protect me . You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemy .You annoint my head with oil my cup overflows surely kindness and love will follow me all the days of my life and Iwill dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen and Amen.
    Have a blessd day everyone.
    xxxx Carole.

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