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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 33

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An hour drive north of the Sea of Galilee is Caesarea Philippi, also known as Banias. Here you can view the remnants of the Temple of Pan. It was here that Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do men say that I am?" (Matthew 16:13-20). As in today's reading, here is evidence of the people of God turning to false gods.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: 2 Chronicles 33:3, 15

For he rebuilt the high places which Hezekiah his father had broken down; he raised up altars for the Baals, and made wooden images; and he worshiped all the host of heaven and served them…He took away the foreign gods and the idol from the house of the Lord…

Manasseh was just 12 when he was crowned king. His father, Hezekiah, was a man of the true God, but he died, and obviously those around the new boy king exerted a great influence. Not only did Manasseh reintroduce idol worship, he led the people deeply into the occult, practising witchcraft, sorcery, and consulting mediums and spiritists. This list sounds as if it could be lifted from today’s newspapers and magazines. Manasseh worshipped the starry hosts. Does that sound like reading the horoscopes? Ouija boards, fortune telling, and palm reading are prominent in our time. Let us run from such practises into the truth of Jesus, our Saviour and Lord!

Manasseh repented, making a 180 degree turn, but only after he had paid a horrible price. Nevertheless, God is full of mercy, and the latter days of Manasseh’s 55-year reign produced a return to God and God’s blessings upon the people of Judah and Israel. The story of Amon, Manasseh’s son, was a return to evil practises. However, Amon reigned only two years. For that we can be thankful. How crucial it is for each generation to have its personal encounter with the true God!!!


Lord God, I pray for total freedom in my life from any and all influences that come from the “rulers of the darkness of this age.” I run into Your complete protection! Keep me pure in Your sight, Lord Jesus! In Your holy and all-powerful Name I ask! Amen!!!


I look forward to standing with our group this November, God willing, under the imposing facade of the shrine pictured here. I intend to speak on the confession of Peter at this location, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16). May I suggest that all of us read Matthew 16:12-23. Could it have been the influence of the spirits inhabiting this shrine that caused Jesus to have to say to Peter shortly thereafter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me.” In order to always think like God thinks, I must be faithful in reading, underlining, meditating and assimilating God’s thoughts, His Word.

It has been a while since I asked readers to check out Here’s a powerful testimony of a woman deeply involved in the occult, as Manasseh was, who found deliverance in Christ (click here for part 1 of the story of Carole Kornacki and click here for part 2).

Yours for turning away from any influence whatsoever from the occult,


This was a "high place" in ancient Caesarea Philippi. It was a temple where various gods were worshipped. The main source of the Jordan River flows from under this mountain.

Jesus and His disciples likely walked on these very steps when they visited Caesarea Philippi.

This is an depiction of what the sacred high places in Caesarea Philippi may have looked like at the time of Jesus.


21 thoughts on “Thursday, July 11, 2013

  1. There is hope in Jesus. Although we might go astray, disappoint and sin, God is always there with open arms willing to forgive and refresh our lives. To those who have come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour, they have also come to known His love and everlasting security. Jesus is willing and awaiting on us to come to Him so that He can for give us of our sin. No matter how dire a situation we may feel that we’re in, Jesus is sure to forgive and to save, His Word promises it. To those who believe, we are not alone in this world, Jesus is for us, He is with us and He wants to be in an intimate relationship with each and every one of us today. Jesus is true to His Word, with Him living in us, and us living in Him, there is a trust, a hope and an assurance than goes beyond the temporal and into the eternal. Jesus truly saves! Amen!

  2. The 360 interview with Carole Kornacki was hard to listen to, but I thank
    God that WE do have a personal realationship with him and it is secure.
    I hope David you didn’t get stuck in the flood/storm. My brother in law did
    but he is safe now.
    God bless everyone today
    Lianne Hogg

  3. We have to guard against influences that take us away from the path The Lord has laid out for each of us, and that means staying steadfast and secure in the knowledge that Jesus is our rock and high tower, and as Scott said always there ready to forgive when we falter. Hallelujah what a Saviour!!!

    Praying for all the saints in treatment or pain and especially for you dear Janet as you see your oncologist today. God is with you and I prayed early this morning that you will feel peace under His Loving arms.

    Have a blessed day in The Lord everyone and thank you Pastor David for your faithfulness in prayer and getting our blog out each day.

    • What a wonderful powerful testimony from Carole Kornacky, and that our Saviour is using her mightily for His purpose and glory.

      • Thank you Catherine and other fellow bloggers for praying for me so faithfully and fervently. Today’s appointment went very smooth. Cancer is still there and oncologist said it’s considered stable, so they will continue to observe me.

        Yesterday and today, God particularly showed His compassion to me.

        I got a chance to reread a book called “Modern Day Miracles” by A. Restagno and it so happened I got to page 95 yesterday, which shows the verse Jeremiah 29:11 “..hope and a future..”. These four words are actually given to me by God in my previous spiritual downpits during this trial, appeared in a vision of a dear sister when she was praying for me and saying that the Lord intended to give me these words. God did give me these words again somehow before my previous checkup in February. Yesterday, He spoke to me with these four words again. I could see His compassion for me when I didn’t ask for it.

        Then, a non-believer colleague of mine who heard about my health finally called me the first time yesterday to talk to me and I got to witness God’s blessings to her, which I had been praying to get in touch with her since the cancer. That was so uplifting!

        A couple of hours later, my husband came home with the kids and the kids shared with me how they escaped from a near car accident because of some mindless driver on the road. We held hands together to praise and thank the Lord starting with my 8-yr old son praying out loud in his own words. I thanked the Lord for not only His protection but allowing my kids to learn to lean on Him in times of trouble and fear, as well as to show Him our thanksgiving in prayers.

        By 7 pm yesterday, guess what? I got a phone call from Crossroads asking to talk to me and ask if I got the book, “This far by faith”, which I already received, and the lady asked to pray for me. There, God sent an “angel” from Crossroads to call me right at the time I needed the prayer support!

        Ps 103:13 (NIV) “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.”
        Praise God for His compassion for me and my family, and for many others!
        And thank you all for praying to support me. and many thanks to Crossroads prayer team!


  4. It is a sad reality in the absence of knowing ones Creator, Jesus Christ, that many seek explanation and guidance, only to end up empty, as was Carole Kornacky’s wonderful testimony. The power of suggestion and spiritual influences have misguided many lives and lead only to thirst for more remedy. All attempts to seek higher power and enlightenment which are not centred in Christ are as if to respond to the question, “Who do you say, I am?” with “I know not Whom.” Thankfully, we have His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us on our journey through life. All power and glory are His, Jesus Christ!!

  5. What an amazing work our Lord has done in Carol Kornacki’s life. What a marvelous deliverance from the darkness into our Lord’s glorious kingdom of light! As children of God, the father of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, we being born-again through the blood of Jesus and the finished work of the cross are the most blessed and securely loved people in the universe! Once we grasp whose we are and the authority we have “In Jesus Name” we can enter into Mark16:17,18 ” and these signs will follow those who believe: In my Name they will cast out demons: they will speak with new tongues:they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly,it will by no means hurt them: they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” That’s us the scripture is talking about! It’s amazing! “Lord help us to walk in it and see the mighty things you will do!” How wonderful is this, the good news!

  6. What a testamoni. Carole Karnacki ‘s storey gripped me to my core. I believe God was with her through it all. Like Joseph, David , Daniel and so many others who have lived and experienced a kind of living hell onearth and lived to tell about it .I believe that because God knows when where and how to reach each generational curse. God uses these people they are his messengers. Theygive hope to those who have none. They are tangable living breathing proofthat God is greater than Satan and that Jesus ‘s unconditional love is there for every one.
    Thank you Lord Jesus forhealing and restoring broken lives.

    M. 🙂

  7. About 30 years ago, before I knew the Lord,like Carole I too was involved in the occult- not as deeply as her, but enough. I remember many a times I convinced born again Christians to let me do a Tarot card reading for them or astrological chart. I broke down all their arguments against these things, making it all sound harmless or actually getting them to believe this was just another way for God to reveal His will for them. After when I became born again myself and renounce all this demonic stuff disguised as spiritual enlightenment or entertainment I found it to impossible to convince my old friends still involved with the occult it was evil and to give it up.

    My point– it is a lot easier to deceive people away from the truth than to lead those who are deceived to the truth.

    When I read in the OT about Israel constantly backsliding between true worship and false doctrine, or in the NT how early Christians struggle to stay faithful to Christ within a culture filled with deceit— I have nothing but compassion for them because having been on both sides of the fence I know how seductive and good the devil’s lies sound.
    And although I know I am forgiven from my past sin in this area, I still today regret leading those Christians I knew back then away from the truth. I pray for them still, hoping God was able to correct them about it. And if any reading this who might remember a Donna at work or a school convincing them to try these so called New Age sciences — I apologize. I am certain many of you prayed for me back then and perhaps had a hand in the Holy Spirit leading me to Jesus– if so Thank You.
    And for all those who think these things are harmless, and some Christians are nutty for saying they are evil– believe me and believe Carole– it is not harmless, just like second hand smoke is bad for your lungs, even minor association with these practices are hazardous to your soul–don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Amen

    • Thanks for sharing Donna and God continue to bless you on your journey with THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD!!! Bless your day.

    • Bless you and thank you Donna for being so candid in sharing your experience. Amen to your point of it being easier to deceive people away from truth then to lead those deceived back to truth.

  8. Last night I was at a church where the pastor Prayed for all my physical problems after anointing me with oil, The first Wed. of every month the have a healing service. I have an appointment for that date. My back feels some better. I will be thanking our precious Lord for his healing from now until then. Thankyou for the faith your wonderful blogs have given me.

  9. Sorry my Droid is acting up it is no spacing properly. And some times replaces a u with an i After I post.
    Also just want to say that I realize that in the case of Joseph , David and Daniel
    they had the lord in their lives unlike Carole who from her perspective at that time didn’t have the lord, but I believe God had to have been there or she would not have survived such abuse and hard ship.

  10. Donna thank you for your tesamoni. I know some Christians who I am concered about. I have reasons for being concerned that they are in danger of being deceived .Sadley they are more close minded than some non believers I have met. It is heart breaking . They have said things like ….the kjv blble is not trust worthy and more ….. I am praying for them. I will pray for you Donna.
    Donna let go of the guilt you have been a quitted by the one true Judge.
    Jesus Christ has washed your sins away. If he can for give you and forget what you did in your past ……then so should you. Rememder those were Gods children you were toying with God isn’t sleeping .

    As your sister in Christ may I say Donna Jesus loves you and I love you….you are a brave and honest woman of God .

    Have a wonderful day 🙂


  11. Our hearts are with you, Lord. Jesus, You are the way, the truth and the light. You are the ONLY way, because You are love. There is no greater power, blessing or healing, than the love that Jesus brings.

    Blessings to all saints, today!

  12. Dear David M. and precious fellow bloggers
    As I read todays Gospel my heart screams to recite Mathiew 16 24 Then Jesus says to his deciples if anyone would come after me he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me .And like Carole Kernoki I also was attacked by satan on many ocassions in my youth and many years before finally surrendering my life to Jesus and living my life as Gods child.
    PS. From early this morning Ihave been praying for Janet to be fully recovered by the blood of Jesus and by the same token fully protected and powered by the Holy Spirit and let the healing come in Jesus name Amen and Amen.
    Have a blessed day.
    xxxx Carole pony.

  13. Thank you David M. for sharing Carol Kornacki’s story. I have done a lot of damage ” in the name of Christ” with family and friends. Thank you Donna for being so transparent I will be praying for your friends as well. Janet my thoughts and prayers are with you.Thank you fellow-bloggers for your comments and prayer support!!!! God bless each one !!!!!!!

  14. Dear fellow bloggers , so good to read all your comments .Please don’t
    condem your selves ,that’s the enemy doing that to you .There is nothing
    you have done ,or said the our Lord Jesus can’t for give. .He forgives once and for all never ever rememberd by Him again .God bless you all …..R…..

  15. Dear Janet, You are a wonderful testimony of the grace of God, that gives his precious children like yourself, the peace that surpasses all understanding. This peace isn’t of this world, but is part of our inheritance in the supernatural. l know you will be greatly rewarded by our Father in Heaven, and we will all dance and jump for joy when it happens. l just want to hug you!

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