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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 35

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The Great Sphinx of Giza, commonly referred to as the Sphinx, is a limestone statue of a reclining or couchant sphinx that stands on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt. In today's reading, King Josiah unwisely decides to pick a fight with an Egyptian Pharaoh.

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Key Verses: 2 Chronicles 35:1, 22b

Now Josiah kept a Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem, and they slaughtered the Passover lambs on the fourteenth day of the first month….[Josiah] did not heed the words of Necho from the mouth of God. So he came to fight in the Valley of Megiddo.

At 26 years old, King Josiah served God faithfully, following in detail God’s instructions for the celebration of the Passover. This was to be the annual observance for remembering the time when God delivered the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 12:1-14). No doubt Josiah learned how to do this from the scrolls which were discovered in the Temple. Josiah, as recorded in 2 Chronicles 34:31, had read aloud the entire book in the hearing of all the leaders of the people. Josiah was obedient to the words he had read.

But when it came to another encounter of the Children of Israel with Egypt, there is no record of Josiah praying for guidance in his decision to engage Pharaoh Necho in war. We can learn from this tragic end to Josiah’s life that we need to add prayer and waiting on God before we make our decisions, waiting on God for His directions. Poor and destructive decisions will result from failure to hear clearly from God. Amazingly, God warned Josiah through the mouth of Necho, but still Josiah stubbornly went into battle.


O Lord Jesus, teach me to pray as You taught Your disciples (at this point let’s pray “The Lord’s Prayer,” slowly and carefully (found in Luke 11:1-4). Amen!!!


In thinking about what Josiah did when he was 26, I was reminded of one decision I made at the same age, about which I prayed a great deal. When I felt the “go-ahead” from God, I called Wes Millar, formerly the accountant at Healey Motors in Pembroke (where I had worked when I was 16). Now, 10 years later, Wes was a co-owner of a car dealership in Cornwall, Ontario. Someone had told me that they saw a used bus on his car lot. After our chat, Wes and his partners decided to donate the bus for our Deep River Sunday School. I was so excited as I went to buy a bus ticket to travel to Cornwall to pick up the bus. As I drove it back, I could see it in my mind’s eye…the bus filled with Sunday School students. That’s what happened! On one side of the bus I painted the words, “TEACH ME THY WAYS, O LORD. PSALM 86:11.” On the other side I put these words, “STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD. 2 TIMOTHY 2:15.” For at least the next 3 years, that bus ran steadily every Sunday morning from Deep River to Deux Rivieres and back, and in the afternoon to Chalk River and back. Our new little Sunday School in Deep River grew to almost 150 students, and in Chalk River we reached another 50 children. God was in that decision to ask for the bus. He taught us His ways, and we studied His Word. His ways are discovered only through much prayer and complete obedience.

Yours for reading and studying God’s Word, obeying God’s Word, and praying until we are convinced we’ve heard from God concerning decisions which will have far-reaching effects,


The Temple of Luxor was originally founded by Pharaoh Amenophis III but altered in later years by Tutankhamun, Horemheb, and Ramses II. At night the temple is illuminated with yellow lights to reveal a golden halo around the ruins and statues.

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12 thoughts on “Saturday, July 13, 2013

  1. Josiah, although following in the ways of his Godly forefathers David and Samuel, refused to seek the counsel of the Lord in one very important decision. He sought after victory through physical war when he should have first approached the Lord and done spiritual battle in prayer. Unfortunately this Godly man took his eyes of the Lord and self-desire took over. How easy it is for us frail human beings to forget to look unto the Lord in all of our decisions both small and large. I pray that we would uphold our Lord as first priority in all of our decision making and to look unto Him in prayer before we move ahead in faith.

    • As you say Scott…it is so easy for us to forget to seek the Lord’s will in all our decisions. I know there are times when it is after the fact I ask myself: Now why didn’t I pray about this FIRST?! Self will and thinking ourselves so wise is a hard sin to get over it seems. Everything around us encourages us to be self sufficient. Thankfully The Lord is so patient and keeps on forgiving and creating clean hearts and renewed minds.

  2. Josiah purposed his leadership for our Lord in many ways including asserting scripture and overseeing the Passover of such tremendous magnitude. Yet, thank you David, for clarifying Josiah’s slip when he thought to challenge Pharaoh Necho, even though he warned him of the God of Israel on his side. Though this was true, it was not God’s way for Josiah to be up to this particular challenge for which he paid his life. Confidence obviously does not cut it without thoughtful consideration and prayer. A lesson to be learned, indeed. I will be off-line camping for a week now but following along in our reading and prayer to “you know Who.”

  3. I usually make a decision then ask God to support it- He laughs, I get ticked off- He waits- I sulk- He waits- I plea bargain–He waits– Finally I surrender and say Thy will be done- He smiles- I listen- God answers- I obey. And you would think I would learn my lesson and just go to the final steps and avoid all the run around, but I guess I have a stubborn streak in me God is patiently weeding out of me. PTL

  4. Truthfully I don’t think I remember to asked God first in making descsions . I am just starting to learn about surrendering I still have to pray about this.
    Lianne Hogg

  5. Dear David M and precious fellow bloggers,
    Every morning before having breakfast I ask the Holy Spirit to direct my path so that everything I do is according to His Will .
    These past months have been quite challenging with my main care giver going through major surgery and by the same token becoming wheelchair bound but God is so good she is now recovering very well and glorifying the Lord witnessing to many residents of Jewish faith she actually sang gospel songs for all to enjoy what a perfect plan our Heavenly Father has .
    I would appreciate greatly for your prayers as I am being cared by two musulman
    care givers who have just started ramadan and that I am trying with all the Love of Jesus to share .
    Have a blessed day
    PS enjoying so much your book this far by faith
    XXX Carole.

  6. Hi David M and fellow-bloggers thank you for thought-provoking comments. Carole I will be praying that your care-givers will see the difference Christ is making in your life and that God will speak through you to them. The verse in Psalm 127:1 come to mind Unless the LORD builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain. God bless each!!!! David take care and have a great trip!!!!

  7. I to use to jump ahead of God . Every time I did that even simple things would be difficult.It is a hard lesson to learn when youv’e lived most of

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