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Suggested Reading: 2 Kings 22

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Facing the Mount of Olives on the eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem is The Golden Gate, also called The Eastern Gate. The Bible indicates that Jesus passed through this gate many times while He was in Jerusalem. Jewish religious tradition teaches that the coming Messiah will enter Jerusalem through this gate. To prevent this, the Muslims sealed the gate in 1541 A.D. during the rule of Suleiman. Like the walls around Jerusalem which were built for protection, may we build around our families the protection of the teaching of the things of God.

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Key Verse: 2 Kings 22:11

Now it happened, when the king heard the words of the book of the law, that he tore his clothes.

In our reading two days ago, King Hezekiah tore his clothes to show his strong grief. Now Hezekiah’s great-grandson, Josiah, 18 years old, tears his clothes to show his extreme grief because his father, Amon, and his grandfather, Manasseh, had utterly failed to serve the God of the Book, and Judah had, for 57 years, reverted to the practice of false religions. How could this be? Isaiah, such a mighty man of God, had taught and preached over four generations of Kings from Uzziah to Hezekiah. Hezekiah’s son and grandson led the people away from the true and living God, living evil lives. Does this not prove that we are only one or two generations away at any time from the demise of the Church? If we fail to reach the next generation for Christ, a terrible turning away from God happens. Do we do our part with a passion in teaching Sunday School, in mentoring young people, in strong intercessory prayer for the next generation? Do our church services include strong Bible teaching which is contained in the Hymns and songs as well as the sermons? Do we succeed in communicating thoroughly the things of God? We should read again how this is to be done for the eternal good of the next generation…Deuteronomy 6:1-25.


Lord God, keep me within the sound of Your Word. I need to hear Your thoughts every day without fail. I pray also that I will be enthusiastic in communicating Your Word to others, particularly to the next generation after me. Please give me wisdom in how I am to do this. I’m here Lord, please use me for Your great cause. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!!!


Last evening I visited with my great-grandson, Myles Neilson. I put my arms around Myles, when he slowed down a bit (he loves his great-grandpa), and I shared a story of God’s wonderful love to him. How thankful I am that, unlike Josiah’s father and grandfather, his parents, Sheryl and Todd Neilson, and his grandparents, the Staceys, love and serve the Lord. Below is a photo of Myles with me that we took in the park next to his home. As the pictures were taken by his Mom, I was sharing the amazing story of the boy king, Josiah.

I’ve been doing this blog for almost a year now, and those who’ve been with me since the beginning will now be almost half-way through the entire Bible, moving back and forth between the Testaments. I trust that no one who participates with me is finding the blog boring or that it has become just another duty. I’m praying fervently every day that the experience will be alive, life giving, and life changing! May the Word of God always be a mirror in which we see ourselves as we really are; a Sword which will cut away those things which weigh us down in our service to God; a Light to guide us into God’s will, keeping us faithful in the way of Truth.

For new visitors to this site, you can start today and in just 24 months you’ll have made the entire Bible part of yourself. Great goal!

Yours for God speaking to us every day through His Word to His human family,


My five-year-old great-grandson, Myles Neilson with me, taken last night.

45 thoughts on “Saturday, May 25, 2013

  1. Adorable picture. We do need to be ready for opportunities to speak up for the Lord. His Word will not return void but the world isn’t always listening. Shout! and shout again (and definitely pray). God bless all and open our understanding.

    • Wonderful picture with the beam of light shinning on Myles and yourself. I pray that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will also continue to follow the Lord.
      God bless

  2. Prophetic photo of you and your great grandson, Myles, David! The light of God shining down on you, bright upon the next generation. God being your Heavenly Father and His Word, your teacher, passed onto the fourth generation. Amen!

    Filled with so much love this morning, and it is coming from within. God is at work in me and it has been because of studying His word faithfully, each day, with you and the rest of the saints. It has brought power of healing and cleansing for me, that words cannot describe. The power of God’s Word has given me strength to overcome judgement and interference around me; to re-build the confidence and belief I lost in myself; and has led me on the right path to sanctification. The power of God’s Word has made me crave it more as I have fallen in love with it. I cannot do without it and feel in turn, it cannot do without me–without all of us. It is our relationship with God that determines how we grow and move forward as servants to Him. His Word teaches us and is the only Way and Truth!

    Thank you David Mainse, for being such an incredible teacher and inspiring leader to bring the Word to us and teach us how to carry it forward for many generations to come. I do not believe God’s Word will ever die because we will not let it. God, our Creator, reigns supreme, forever. Amen, amen, and amen!

    I have been reading ‘The Problem of Pain’ by C. S. Lewis this week. “….love may cause pain to its object, but only on the supposition that that object needs alteration to become fully lovable.” (p. 41) Sadly, that is the problem that exists, even in our churches. We must love and accept each other as we are. We work to change our sins but we need not be changed from the unique and gifted individuals we are. Let us pray for God’s will to work in the lives of each person and within our churches. Let us grow stronger in the Word that sustains us and allows the Holy Spirit and God’s will to work through and consecrate us. With the power of staying in the Word daily and having the Bible become part of our lives, we are embraced by God’s love and that love begins to flow through us. We spread that love of Jesus to others. We pass it forward in your Holy Name.

    Wishing all saints a splendid day!

  3. I prayed your prayer today David and how wonderful to see you with Myles and be able to share God’s Word with the next generation. That is a goal of mine.

    Thank you for providing us with our daily nourishment from The Lord and sharing your family with us.

    I have been so blessed as I have taken this journey with you and our fellow bloggers.

    The pictures bring it alive too…thank you Reynold. It truly is A LAMP UNTO OUR FEET AND A LIGHT UNTO OUR PATH!! Burdens have been lifted through trials and replaced by a peace that only comes from knowing and serving THE SAVIOUR.

    Praying for all those suffering today. Love in Christ.

  4. Three brief notes to make today, as I don’t wish to write a book! haha!

    1. What insight you make David. If we (as in this generation) fail to reach-out to the next generation, the Word of God will be something we only see as an article on a shelf in the museum. Christ must be our life, we need to be filled daily anew with His Holy Spirit, and then go forth in His service. We mustn’t miss the opportunity to proclaim the gospel, for life in this world passes quickly.

    2. Please don’t think for a moment that this blog is a chore. This blog has brought me renewal and great joy every day! I’ve been a Christian for 30 years, but have never felt so alive in my Christian walk as I have this last year. Thank you David for bringing this to us daily, you’ll never know how it has enhanced my Christian walk. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 100words for this next year. God Bless you for being a faithful servant in bringing this to us every day David.

    3. What a beautiful picture of both you and Miles at the park, he is indeed a handsome young man. It must bring you great joy to have the opportunity to see and to know your great-grandchildren, and even greater joy to know that many if not all of your family has accepted the Lord as their personal Saviour! Oh what satisfaction, security and joy that must bring you!!! I pray that we all might know that same joy of having our family members ‘in Christ’ as we enjoy our walk with the Lord, unto eternity. What a gift from God that would be!

  5. Good Morning David,
    Thank you so much for posting that beautiful picture of you and Myles.
    The love and care for each other shows through so clearly.

    100Words continues to mean a lot to me and I thank you.
    My prayers are with you and your family day by day.
    It shook me yesterday on Huntley Street to hear that Ron and Ann’s
    new little Grand daughter was in the shelter in OK. So glad that she
    is safe. My prayers are with Ron, Ann and Jerry as they join the people
    in bringing relief and aid to the people of Moore, OK. I pray that Andrea and
    her husband are safe too.
    Thank you for everything.

  6. A wonderful picture of you with your great-grandson, Myles! A strong bond prevails in the light that surrounds you and your smiles. Telling the story of the young King Josiah will probably forever be remembered by Myles, and authenticates your zeal for our Lord in his life. I echo the sentiments above. Your blog has been educational, inspiring, comical at times, and life-changing for me. Looking forward to the next twelve months … an inspiring way to begin our days sharing the love of Christ through scripture, your words and shared insights!

  7. Good morning,
    I would like to thank-you for this blog, and for reading and studying my bible along with you David. I have been blessed over and over and I want to give what I have to others who are searching for happiness. I think it is wonderful what you are doing and I look forward every morning when I do my devotions and read my bible then, I enjoy the pictures, you have a beautiful family…you are so blessed as we all are. I pray that the Lord will wrap His loving arms around you and give you strength and courage for each new day…I believe that we will finish this journey together through the bible…God Bless.

  8. Thank you for doing this blog. I have never read the bible straight through as it always was very daunting. Your teaching is amazing. I am loving God more and more each day as I do this blog. I have not missed a day. I look forward to reading this everyday and see what God is saying in he bible. I am thankful that I attend a church that emphasizes bible teaching. The truth is in the word. It is so exciting to see what God wants for our lives and that He loves us so much. Thank you for doing this.
    Blessings to you David.

  9. What a Wonderful Picture! Thank You for sharing it and this wonderful blog. It has blessed and strengthened me and my relatives, who are reading it also. What a blessing and a privilege to be able to do this with you. A life changing experience! God Bless You and your sons for doing this for everyone!

  10. Hi David, What a lovely photograph of you and your great grandson, worthy of framing! Regarding the scripture, l always looked at Manasseh and Amon, as such bad kings, that l wondered why God allowed it. After all if Hezekiah had died at 39years old,he ‘d have gone safely home to the Lord,however God looks at the bigger picture and granted the extra years, as Josiah had to be born, and through him many more precious children would find their way back to God.Interesting too that the age of Josiah’s demise was 39. God has a plan for all of us,and it’s the best plan possible!

  11. Good morning, David. I love that picture of you and Myles and I see the glory of God shining on your faces. You have challenged me again about teaching the Word and communicating with this new generation. Your leadership in reading the Word has been the highlight of my life this year and I have confidence that I am growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Look forward every day and it is never boring. God bless all of you today.

  12. Dear Mr. Mainse,
    Thank you for this daily walk through the Bible.
    Your heart warming and vivid details while reading the Bible bring this blog alive along with Reynolds photographs.
    The comments, support and prayers of all the bloggers for each other is lovely.
    Blessings to all and all are in my prayers.

    Still enjoying your blog 🙂

  13. Your blogs are an encouragement everyday, but today really touched my heart. I have 4 children and they grow up so fast. I will use the opportunities I have TODAY to speak with my children about the love and faithfulness of The Lord. I really like the picture of you and Nielson. Thank you.


  14. David, please never fear, this blog is a chore…. It’s a JOY to me, ( and so many others ) ! And has brought alive the old testament like never before ! And is helping me to knit together the old testament and the new.. Can’t really explain except to say, the Holy Spirit is at work here, and you and your family and 100 Huntley street family have always been a blessing to me over the decades…Thank you and God bless you ! :0)

  15. Good Morning David!
    I look forward to your blog with pix and all every morning. Never would I be reading through the Bible without the interesting helps your are providing. You and I have much in common. We are both 76 and love the Lord! We are both being treated for a blood cancer. I have cold agglutini which is a first cousin to Leukemia. And we both have 16 grandchildren! I started to watch 100 Huntley Streeet in ’96 when I had a broken ankle. Ever since it has been my “Night Cap” at 9:00 PM! I feel like I know you and your family but have only seen you one time and that was at the 50th anniversary of Grand Valley Fortifiers. Yes, we farm.
    I want to thank you and your family for the most intersting study.

  16. Beautiful picture David M. 😀
    Your daily blog is definitely NOT a chore. Your teachings and words help bring new life and insight to reading scripture. Like God’s mercy……new every morning!

  17. Dear David: Appreciate so much your message on the generations, and praying for their future inheritance. I know many times I’ve been angry as I realized how much I had been `gypped` by not being born into a Christian born-again family that loved and served the Lord outwardly. I didn`t see the role-modeling nor the unconditional love of God, the Living Word made flesh in my home life. I prayed desperately as a youngster. I would go to my Mom and plead if we could say grace at the table. You see–I was a radio listener–I used to love a program “Family Theater“ which aired on Sundays I believe. It ended with the words accompanied by a strain of beautiful music–THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER. The other program was evangelist Oral Roberts who preached about Jesus– I clung to his words and gave my life to Jesus every Sunday. I alone attended Sunday school from age four till sixteen–rarely missing a Sunday. Years of certificates of ‘perfect being there’ but always missing what would really change me from within. It was only in my later thirties my desperation for Truth drove me back to the church to see what I had missed so many years ago. It’s a lonely place for a child to grow up in a family of six and be the only believer–to be told religion is a crutch.
    In my 70’s now, like you yourself, I see the magnificent difference in families with a genuine godly heritage. I am very grateful as I see the Lord’s faithfulness springing forth in my beautiful grandchildren (with whom I am not able to share Who Jesus is except by ‘being the Light’). I am assured in HIS faithfulness and perfect timing HE will bring my darlings into their full inheritance. They possess already knowledge of God and I believe Jesus has already revealed Himself to my granddaughter now eight years old–two prophets declared over her before she was six months of age “I have never heard this before, but I hear the LORD say “she is already saved”. Her spirit is like a deep pool and I know Jesus is already there for her to discover. Before she was born, the LORD told me there would never be a day Lucinda would not KNOW MY voice.”
    Isn`t that the most amazing thing! HE is so good all the time. Her great grandfather was a wonderful missionary in India for his entire life; the love of God missed his son (my husband); so far my son L’s father has not had the revelation of Jesus through the Spirit, but I am confident in my grandchildren’s lives for their fourth generations will be exceedingly blessed in rich godly heritage of our faith.
    I still weep for my own four children, but I hear the LORD saying “There, there, it’s alright, My dear. Look at your grandkids–this is MY seal they will all make it in.
    Thank you for your daily blog. I appreciate your revelations so well expressed and also the effort I am certain it costs to get up some mornings to send it on its way to us who wait. May the Lord continue to sustain and uphold you, David, as you minister to your own and God’s people. May joy–JOY UNSPEAKABLE–be yours as you, like Paul, press on to win the supreme and heavenly prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling you toward! You are a blessing and loved by many.

    I raise my coffee mug to you this morning–let`s drink to all the `now young generation“ being the forefathers and mothers of the richly blessed in the LORD. Full inheritance received, understood and walked out in all it`s glory, simplicity and love in Jesus down their future generational lines until Jesus comes again!

    Your servant in Christ

  18. David I agree with every one on your blog the picture of you and your great grand son
    is wonderful I it is a picture worth framing and i hope you do
    Have a wonderful day
    Lianne Hogg

    • Hi Lianne, I didn’t read yesterday blog until this morning. I suffered. from Grandmal seizures from the age of 14 until 7 years ago. I am 48 and by God’s grace been seizure free. I still take medication to control the God has always watch over me and I will be praying that God will provide yours doctors with His wisdom.

  19. I’m late reading today, so it’s all been said! Amen to all comments!
    I do the reading first thing and then come back later to get the thoughts and prayers of the others! It’s never boring and I feel more alive in my Bible readings than ever before! Thanks David for inspiring so many of us and redirecting our lives! Beverlee said it right : the picture is Prophetic with the Light shining on the two of you! It’s a keeper for sure to be treasured!

  20. Never never boring, Always so inspiring,I have so enjoyed every word every
    morning, they are new every morning..Thankyou D .Manise for your hard
    work your fathfulness in doing this blog daily,God blessyou, thankyou all
    you boggers for your input. what a beutiful pictue of you and your gr.grandson.
    God has granted me 5 Gr Gandson’s,and I cherish them all so much I don’t
    see them as much as Iwant to ,But I pray for them every day and then some
    we live out here in B.C . and they are in Eastern Canada .God Bless you all..R..

  21. Good morning David:

    I have not written a reply on your blog…so today is the day. I just want to thank you so very much for writing this blog. I have been following it since day one and I look forward to reading it each day. I have been blessed alot by much that you have written and you have also made me smile somedays! You and Norma Jean have had such an impact on my life for over forty years and you continue to bless and encourage me.

    Life is interesting, when I looked at Myles this morning with you I remember when my son Joel (your godson would look up at you). Generations come around, now your great grandson Myles is my grandson’s (Haydon) friend. They attend the same school and are in the same class. Isn’t it interesting how God keeps out lives together?

    I continue to pray for you my friend everyday and will continue to do so.

    Be blessed today David.


  22. Hello fellow saints …..You are all so wonderful and so profound in your comments and feed back . All together between Davids surprises and your comments I don’t think you could find a more intresting journey through the bible. Years ago , who would have imagined we would be having a cosey
    in home bible study with so many people and have the privlage of being mentored by one of Gods finest……..!!! David Mainse.
    I seldom leave comments but I am here with you. I suspect there are likely
    more silent particapents. I just want to say Thank you! David and Thank you!
    Love and prayers xoxo 🙂
    Marla AKA M.

  23. Dear David and precioius fellow bloggers,
    Had to go through several hurdles this morning to finally be able to post to all of you.
    The picture of Myles and you and your radiant smiles glissening with a fine touch of Our Divine Glorious Almighty God is truly prophetic of what we each of us pray ,desire for the next generation … full and complete surrender to Jesus.
    Thank you so much David for this year of very stimulating and inspiring teachings .
    Blessed day to all,
    XXXX Carole.

  24. Your daily blog is so inriching in the Word. I have otherdevotionals also but your personal bit is so great a blessing to me.Praying daily for you ,your family and the crossroad work.Thank you for reaching people I never could.Praise The Lord. In Christ Faye

  25. Thank you David M. and fellow bloggers for your comments as I mentioned to Lianne , I did read yesterday blog until today. I got a double blessing!!!!! May God’s Word guard our hearts and renew our minds daily as we keep our eyes on Christ remain sensitive to voice of the Holy Spirit. God Bless each one.
    P.S. Please keep my father-in-law in your prayers as he has cancer which has spread I don’t know what his relationship with Christ is. Thank you!!!!

  26. I too am a bit late getting to this blog today, but I agree with everyone here. No journey is boring when you have wonderful travelling companions to travel with. In the past it was easier to skip a day or two and fall behind in my readings, but now, I look forward to coming to this blog, doing the reading, seeing the photos, hearing the comments. This blog was the Lord’s idea and He is a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them.

  27. I’m posting later than you Donna but I have to thank you
    David for all you have given to us over this past
    year. Spiritual insight, wisdom, personal stories, a walk
    thru the Holy Land thru awesome pics Reynold, motivational
    to be a faithful witness for our Lord…so much more…it’s a
    daily must that blesses me so much. There is something
    very special about the picture of you and Myles…I’m saving
    it…the light shining on your faces and the love expressed
    on both of your faces…very touching. I so agree with all
    the fellow blogger friends have shared and may God give
    you strength each day David as you continue to share your
    inspirational thots and words of wisdom with us.
    Blessings of grace and peace in abundance to all.

  28. What a privilege to be at the half-way point of reading through the entire Bible, This blog gives us a daly routine to never want to miss a chapter and the inspiring comments. The picture of the Eastern Gate is so very important also for us, as we look forward to the Second Coming of our Lord. As we stood on the Mount of Olives with you in May ’84 on the spot where Jesus ascended into Heaven and read the Heavenly messengers’ Promise, that this same Jesus will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into Heaven. Then looking West towards the Golden (Eastern) Gate and reading Ezekiel 44:1-3 that this gate will remain shut until the Prince of Peace comes is so impressive. All attempts to open this gate in the past have failed. This was the greatest encouragement to be fervent Maranatha believers: Come, Lord Jesus.

  29. David, in your modesty you really don’t realise the blessing your work has been to the world. Your past work yes, but also your present work, as in your blog.
    There are many ministries offering Bible readings and comment, but of those I’ve tried, they are either lofty and high minded or too friendly. You keep an interested personal touch and relate the scripture to real life.
    Your prayer encourages and inspires. When you comment, you often give an view I never would have thought of. Your insight and commitment are an example to us all, and an inspiration to follow.
    Your personal recollections and notes keep me feeling like I know you, and your relating the prayer to your life makes me feel more like working to apply the prayer to my own life.
    I don’t think of reading your blog as a duty or boring. The old testament can be difficult to relate to, but you keep it interesting. I thank the Lord for your ministry and know your readers do too!
    I trust the Lord to keep you safe and well, and like many of your followers, you are in my prayers. God BLESS YOU!!


  31. Praise the Lord, David,… you have completed your first year. This has been an amazing journey into Biblical times, history of the family and into my heart. I am so proud of you and the family. I pray that in ‘the power of His Might’ you shall continue pressing towards the mark, while raising the ‘Bar’ for all of us. Thank you!

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