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Suggested Reading: 2 Kings 20-21

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These ruins are located about 100 metres south of Hezekiah's Tunnel. In the summer of 2004, these remains, of a very large pool covering three-quarters of an acre, from the Second Temple period, were discovered. It proved to be the Pool of Siloam. Nearby, archaeologists uncovered the remains of a stepped street (photo at bottom of page), the path taken by pilgrims ascending from the pool to the Temple Mount. Beneath the paving stones of the street they found a drainage channel that apparently served as a hiding place for the last Jewish rebels against the Romans in the year 70 AD. The pool ceased to function after the destruction of Jerusalem and, over time, filled with earth and disappeared from sight.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: 2 Kings 20:4b-5

The Word of the Lord came to him saying, “Return and tell Hezekiah, the leader of my people,Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father; I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you.”

God added 15 more years to Hezekiah’s life by a combination of divine healing and medicine. Isaiah prescribed a poultice, which was to be placed on Hezekiah’s boil in order to draw out the poison that was in his system. God works in our time also through this combination of prayer along with the best medical care, with which we are blessed. God hears and answers prayer! Just as God heard Hezikiah’s prayers for deliverance from the Assyrians, in today’s reading God hears and answers prayer for physical healing. Do we have need for God’s intervention? Yes! Yes! God will hear and answer our fervent prayers. That does not mean that God will always do just as we ask; He knows better than we do. Our faith is best expressed in obedience to do as He has told us. We pray, believe him for His perfect will, and the rest is up to Him. Pray! Obey! Read James 5:13-18. Then God will do what God will do!


Lord God, I pray for others (name them) and for myself as Hezekiah prayed, “Remember now, O Lord, I pray, how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what was good in Your sight.” Thank You, Lord, that You are hearing my prayer. I know Your decisions are on the way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


I know from personal experience that God hears and answers prayer. As a result of God’s healing power, combined with the medical skills of the doctors and nurses, He has already added 58 more years to my life than the doctors predicted when I was 19 years old. The students in the Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario went into a time of fervent prayer on my behalf, and two of the ministers/teachers anointed me with oil, laid hands on my head, and prayed in the Name of Jesus for my healing. God heard and said, “Yes!” The doctors then did surgery to correct the problem which had caused my illness in the first place. As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, I was diagnosed over a year ago with acute MDS Leukemia. Thanks to the many who have prayed for me, and for those who have been obedient to the instructions found in James 5. I’m in treatment with an excellent hematologist/oncologist M.D. and also taking the best nutritional advice from a Doctor of Natural Medicine. I’m trusting God for healing. After Jesus spoke healing into the ten lepers, he sent them to the priests at the Temple who functioned as the medical experts of that day to confirm their healing (Luke 17:11-19). They were healed, not immediately, but as they were obediently on their way to show themselves to the priests. I believe God for healing, and I’m obeying His instructions. The Juravinski Cancer Centre nurses take lots of blood samples, and chemo is being applied (like the poultice in 2 Kings 20:7). God is in charge of it all! Amen!

Yours for healing now and for all eternity, where perfect well-being awaits those who trust in Jesus’ great Salvation through His suffering and death on the Cross, confidently trusting the Word of God spoken through the prophet Isaiah and recorded in Isaiah 53:6, “…by His stripes we are healed” (click here for the teaching which Isaiah obviously gave to Hezekiah),


This is the bottom end of the stepped road and drainage channel, known as the Path of Pilgrims. In this area was a stone-paved plaza from the Second Temple period that served as a promenade for visitors to the Pool of Siloam. The promenade's roof was supported by a row of stone columns, parts of which have been found at the site.

39 thoughts on “Friday, May 24, 2013

  1. Praying fervently for your health and full recovery David. May you be blessed this day with a word of hope from medical practitioners and encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

    “If I look in I’ll be discouraged,
    If I look around I’ll be distracted,
    If I look at Jesus I shall have peace”
    (quote by E. Stanley Jones)

  2. David I to pray and believe for God’s healing of the seizures I have. Even though
    I cannot see it now I know that he is working through me, and as well of all of us will
    do it in his time. God asks that I continue to pray so I do ( its hard to be patient sometimes )
    Bless you and your families
    Lianne Hogg

  3. Thanks for sharing so much from the Holy land and your travels in your blog. It comes alive in a real way and makes the bible seem so much more real. I still pray for your healing.

  4. Good morning David and fellow blog buddies. Yes, David, we agree together and pray fervently for your complete healing.

    My mother-in-law wrote many poems and she wrote this poem a few months before she passed away. I would like to pass it on to you.

    I’ll Trust Him

    Since cancer has invaded my bones
    There are some sighs, there are some moans.
    But then the light comes shining through
    God whispers, “I have need of you.
    You cannot walk but you can tell
    That with your soul, it is well.
    And that I am walking by your side
    And in My love, you do abide.”
    I’m listing my blessings one by one
    The page is full and I’ve just begun.
    I’m so glad Jesus died for me
    And from sin, I know, I’ve been set free
    So with the hymn writer, I can say,
    Have Thine Own Way Lord, Have Thine Own Way.

  5. Looking at Reynold’s pictures, it is amazing to see how time changes, and how much effort is taken to preserve these places and artifacts today. It is interesting how Isaiah prophesied the death of King Hezekia, then prayed and God changed the outcome to add fifteen more years to Hezekia’s life. Our Lord is a very dynamic and changing when prayer is involved. Though it seems not, at times in our lives, He does have everything under control and alters our existance when our hearts and prayers are sent forth. I pray our Lord moves to protect us from harm caused by the terrorism present in our world and close to home.

  6. God was very long suffering in allowing Manassah to reign 55 years. It was very harmfull for the people also. His ways are not always our ways. God richly bless you, David.

  7. Today’s blog reminds of one of my favourite verses in Scripture

    “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Rom 12:12 NIV

    And it reminds me of a quote that once hung on the wall in my prayer room. I do not know who the author was, perhaps one of my fellow saints will know, but it too seem to fit today’s topic

    “The fruit of silence is prayer.
    The fruit of prayer is faith.
    The fruit of faith is love.
    The fruit of love is service.
    The fruit of service is peace.”

  8. Dear Rev. Mainse,

    Thank you so very much for your bible reading and prayers today. I’m in tears as I read them, feeling your reading guide today is really sent by God for my encouragement.

    At age 44 with 2 young kids, I am still battling with Stage 4 cancer of a rare form, called neuroendocrine, since last year and I already went through a devastating period of 12 chemo which showed very ineffective results and ended up with a lifetime bloodclot situation because of chemo.

    I broke down spiritually kneeling before God asking for His direction in Oct of last year right after the chemo /CT scan results were out and I surrendered myself to God fully asking for peace/joy in my heart to live for my remaining days. Two days later, God did miraculously talked to me with the following words by shining a stream of sunlight onto these words on my bible in the morning of Oct 13, 2012 when I was doing my devotion: (Mark 5:34, 36) “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering….Don’t be afraid; just believe.” I gasped and stared at those words with disbelief, and with thanksgiving, thanking God for even taking notice of me and be willing to talk to me so personally, as I know full well I didn’t know the Bible very well to locate the specific bible verses to suit my own needs. It is He who is talking and showing me His words.

    Since then, I confessed of my past in not spending much time reading His word but just using my own ways to witness God. After surrendering myself fully and wait upon God by reading His word and His voice, He led me into a spiritual revival journey, including leading me to your 100 Words Post reading to build up my relationship with Him.

    Although in the medical perspective, oncologists had no other treatment approach for me other than “observation” as probably my cancer is too rare, and in Canada, even in Toronto, we didn’t have enough cancer cases of this one for an effective treatment approach compared to the States, I am content to wait upon Him to heal me as He did promise me on Oct 13, 2012. Yes my cancer cells are all in tact and I can’t work because of that, but God has used me to encourage others and witness to others about Him during this time. My husband has since grown closer to the Lord and God has also opened up more opportunities for me to share my faith with my mom and dad.

    I thank God and thank you wholeheartedly for your faithful service in Him. I thank Him each new day He had given all of us, one more chance to make it right with Him, one more chance to serve Him and to shine for Him. May God bless you and heal you and give you more strength and joy to channel His blessings to us and be a great example for us to follow.

    Thank you also for all the fellow bloggers, for all your service in prayers and words of encouragement in partnering in this ministry. I felt very blessed to receive this richness of spiritual food. Lianne, May God heal your seizure completely and set you free from any more harm from it.

    Immanuel and Blessings in our Lord Jesus,


    • I just checked yesterday’s reply post and realized I was also being prayed for by many of you. Thank you so very much, servants of God, for praying for me too. I’m very touched for your prayers!
      May God receive His honor and glory!
      Blessings to you all in His precious name,

      • It is amazing that how the Lord reminds us He is with us, through the prayers of others. He has not forgotten his promise to you. Sometimes we are so anxious to get to the healing, we forget there are so many blessings in the journey. I too am praying for you Janet, you are a great example of faith for us all.

    • That’s beautiful what the Lord did for you! That’s so encouraging to hear! Will pray for your healing, Janet.

  9. Your blog is right where a lot of us are at right now, David. Apparently God wants us to do the natural things, our part as well as pray and trust Him for healing which you are doing. I have prayed and believed God for healing many times but now am signed up for open heart surgery for a valve replacement sometime in June or July. Now God has spoken to me since then to keep asking and beieving for a creative miracle; to replace my bicuspid valve, which I was born with. Jesus is still the Great Physician. Praise God! Am planning to go out to a couple meetings where I know I will be prayed for. Let’s keep asking, believers. Prayed your prayer, David and will keep believing for your health. Thank you for your continued obedience in doing this blog, and for your encouraging words and comments, fellow bloggers. Also the enlightening photos and work behind the scenes. Blessings!

    • I will also pray for you Ger. May God empower you with His Spirit and overflow your cup with His peace and presence and grant you full healing as we ask fervently in the Name of our Savior, Jesus,


  10. Hi David, You are real soldier for the Lord; whatever happens the battle has already been won! It would be great if the Lord grants you another 15years like Hezekiah; we would all be thrilled,as long as you are in good shape.. My neighbour is 91 years old and still working! My friend was raised from her deathbed,all the family standing around waiting , when the Lord raised her up,and she lived for another 15 or more years,during which time she accepted Jesus into her heart as her Saviour and Lord!She finally went to be with the Lord gloriously in her mid eighties, with those sparkling God-filled eyes. Thank you Ruby for sharing your mother-in-laws prayer,so beautiful,full of faith and total surrender to the will of God! Lianne we will all pray for an end to those seizures and relief to enjoy your life in freedom. Kim, l will remember to pray on June 1st, as you take part in your nephews wedding ceremony reading some scripture for the Lord.

  11. I am in tears today as I read our blog, your prayer Pastor David, we all relate to and thank you for.

    it would seem many of us are struggling and it binds us together as we turn our eyes on Jesus.

    20 years ago I had breast cancer and prayed to The Lord for healing. At that time my two children were not married and I asked The Lord to allow me to see them settled with godly spouses and if He would allow me a grandchild
    to share Jesus with. Well…..our amazing Lord granted me that prayer and went beyond….we now have 8 beautiful grandchildren to share Jesus with and some already have Him in theirs hearts!!!

    My cancer returned last year and I have had a double mastectomy but am doing well as I am in the midst if reconstruction which is going well PTL.

    I will pray fervently for all of my fellow blog buddies…what an amazing thing God has one for us to be brought together. Wish we could meet sometime.
    Ger let us know the date and time of your surgery.

    I learned Isaiah 53 as a child and say it often.

    Blessings fellow saints.

    • I will pray for you as well, Catherine. Thanks for your testimony. Yes, God did bind us together to discover His amazing work in the different paths of our lives. May God heal you fully and extend your years on earth to continue to live out for Him.
      In the name of our Savior Jesus,

  12. Sorry Ruby,that was a poem not a prayer. As l was blogging Janet and Ger shared their prayer needs for healing,Come Lord Jesus, Come!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON! 😀 God be with you & Anne as you go to Oklahoma.

    Since today’s blogs seem to revolve around healing, I thought I would share a bit too. I was diagnosed with severe environmental and chemical allergies and sensitivities in 1991. I was so ill I was told to get my life in order as I was not expected to live. There seemed no medical source to help me. I was on my own.
    It has been a very long and difficult struggle & much doing of my own research as how to help myself. And a LOT of prayer and trusting in the Lord. As the old saying goes: “you’ve come a long way baby”, and I have, and I have learned through these years, (fairly successfully) how to manage my exposures and stay as well as I possibly can.
    I also found and still find, great comfort and peace in God’s Word and spending time with Him for daily strength, courage and wisdom.
    I especially found/find great peace in Psalm 139. He made me and while I was being created, He knows the number of my days, and He will fulfill that number no matter what sickness…even a major illness, with unfavorable prognosis, and when doctors and specialists say one’s day are numbered. Only God can say what that number is! Nothing can snatch me (or you) out of His hand before His predetermined time. God is still the Healer. Praise His blessed name!
    May He be the source of encouragement to each of you who are faced with health challenges.

    • p.s. this also left me with other health issues in high cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypothyroid, and a host of allergies and sensitivities to what I ingest in foods/liquids, what is airborne, and things I am in contact with. And PTSD.

  14. Dear David,and my precious fellow bloggers,

    I am so thankful to our Saviour for making it possible for all of us to share,pray,testafy on Jesus extraordinary healing power each and every day that we live,
    I too have been miraculesly brought back to life more than once and know today that being with all of you is not an accident but a very well orchestrated plan of our Lord
    so yes I do pray fervently for each of you knowing that the final result is to give Him
    all the glory and the praise till His return in Jesus name Amen Amen.

    PS Ron have a fabulous birthhday will be praying for you and Ann in Oklahoma and
    David praying for your healing and enjoyed seing you this morning at l00 Huntley
    God bless you all
    XXXX Carole.

  15. Thank you for your encouraging words.
    In case you hadn’t heard, Elwood Mclean Went home to be with the Lord and early this morning his wife Edna went to join him. They are together with Jesus

  16. Just checking your posts again and want to thank you, Janet, Beverlee, Catherine and Christine for your prayers and will keep you informed about the date and time. Also so many of you shared openly and will remember you, Janet and Catherine and Kim. It is such a blessing to know you will be upholding me. God bless you.

  17. My husband and I were so Blessed by everyone’s sharing today. We will pray for all of you who are in need of healing from Our Lord: Lianne, Beverlee Kay, Janet, Ger, Catherine, Wanita and of course David Mainse. Thank you so much David, Ron and Reynold for making this Blog possible. Happy Birthday to Ron and may God’s Blessing be upon you as you and Ann travel to Oklahoma.

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