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Suggested Reading: 2 Kings 23

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This is the view looking south from the temple mount in Jerusalem where the Kidron Valley joins the Valley of Gehenna. In today's reading, the Valley of Gehenna is referred to The Valley of the Son of Hinnom (2 Kings 23:10).

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Key Verse: 2 Kings 23:3

Then the king stood by a pillar and made a covenant before the Lord, to follow the Lord and keep His commandments and His testimonies and His statutes, with all his heart and all his soul, to perform the words of this covenant that were written in this book. And all the people took their stand for the covenant.

Three times in our key verse the word COVENANT is repeated! A covenant is the most solemn and most binding agreement into which two parties can enter. In verse two we read, “The king…read in their hearing all the words of the book of the COVENANT which had been found in the house of the Lord.” The King himself read the book out loud to all the people. What an experience this was! Imagine the loud voice of the young king ringing out across the crowded plaza. As did the people, will we commit with all our hearts and souls to perform the words of the covenant? According to Hebrews, for the past 2000 years we have had “A better COVENANT, which was established on better promises.” We may want to read (out loud if possible) Hebrews 8:1-13 & 2:11-15. Let us meditate on this amazing grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Almighty and eternal God, I am amazed that You would bind Your Self to such an eternally binding covenant with me and all who will personally sign the covenant with all our hearts and souls. You signed in blood at the cross. I am absolutely confident that You will keep Your end of this eternally and legally binding agreement. The courts of Heaven witness to Your signature, and those same courts rang with great joy when I signed on, and they continue to celebrate over each new name written in the Book of Life. Grant that I may bring another person to sign in today, I pray. In the Name of the “Mediator of the New Covenant,” Jesus my Lord and Saviour, Amen!


I am deeply moved to read the responses of some of the readers of this blog. Yesterday, one of the faithful responders, Scott, wrote the following:

Three brief notes to make today, as I don’t wish to write a book! haha!

1. What insight you make David. If we (as in this generation) fail to reach-out to the next generation, the Word of God will be something we only see as an article on a shelf in the museum. Christ must be our life, we need to be filled daily anew with His Holy Spirit, and then go forth in His service. We mustn’t miss the opportunity to proclaim the gospel, for life in this world passes quickly.

2. Please don’t think for a moment that this blog is a chore. This blog has brought me renewal and great joy every day! I’ve been a Christian for 30 years, but have never felt so alive in my Christian walk as I have this last year. Thank you David for bringing this to us daily, you’ll never know how it has enhanced my Christian walk. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 100words for this next year. God Bless you for being a faithful servant in bringing this to us every day David.

3. What a beautiful picture of both you and Myles at the park, he is indeed a handsome young man. It must bring you great joy to have the opportunity to see and to know your great-grandchildren, and even greater joy to know that many if not all of your family has accepted the Lord as their personal Saviour! Oh what satisfaction, security and joy that must bring you!!! I pray that we all might know that same joy of having our family members ‘in Christ’ as we enjoy our walk with the Lord, unto eternity. What a gift from God that would be!

Yours, celebrating the new covenant,


The southern wall of the temple mount in seen on the left and in the distance are some of the thousands of graves on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. You can even see a Jewish funeral service taking place. In todays reading, verse 6, the ashes of the wooden image King Josiah had burnt were thrown on the graves of the common people.

18 thoughts on “Sunday, May 26, 2013

  1. Scott so well articulated in his comments yesterday how many, if not all of us, feel about your blog and the exemplary Christ-centred life you lead. It was helpful to re-read this today. Have a great day to all!

      • I agree too with what Scott has posted today. I look so forward to reading your blog each morning as I wake. I also am so thankful for the pictures too. They have awakened a real desire to travel to the Holy Land one day.

        It will be a REAL miracle in my family for all to love The Lord . I will attend a family reunion in the West in June where very few KNOW Jesus. I am so surrounded by the unsaved who have such strong opinions . I am SO thankful David or your faithfulness, your wisdom and your example. Thank you for being such an obedient servant. You and yours are such a blessing.

        Be Blessed this Lord’s day.

  2. Praise God! More power when we read the word (and hear it) out loud! Amen!

    ‘I will declare Your name to My brethren;
    In the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You.’
    And again:
    ‘I will put My trust in Him.’
    And again:
    ‘Here am I and the children whom God has given me.'”
    Hebrews 2:12-13

    I was reminded this morning of God’s plan, will, love, and grace for us, His beloved children, from the words of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1:3-23:

    “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will–to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding, he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment–to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.

    In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession–to the praise of his glory.

    For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power to us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.”

    Thank you, dear Heavenly Father, our Saviour and Lord King, Jesus Christ, and to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit, we pray, amen, amen, and amen!

    Blessings, fellow saints as we gather to worship together, with praise and thanksgiving! Let us shout it to the Lord! 🙂

  3. David, it’s been a real joy to be a contributor to your daily blog this past year. I had no idea when we first started on this journey that it was going to be so spiritually enriching. Your teachings along with Reynold’s fantastic pictures have been a source daily strength for myself as well as countless others. I am humbled that my words were a comfort to you yesterday. Sometimes I think that my words do not resonate with others, but I am blessed to know that I can speak a word of hope into one’s heart.

    Heavenly Father, I bend my knee to give You praise and honour for the new covenant that You have set into place. We have been so undeserving, yet You have held us up as Your beloved in a high place, attributing worth and love to each of us through Your immense grace. Lord, we can now approach Your throne boldly and only through the sacrifice of the precious blood paid by Your Son at Calvary as a propitiation (exchange) for our sin. We give You all the praise Lord, for You alone are worthy, we worship You, we adore You, and we humbly proclaim Your name today and everyday, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Wishing all blog-buddies a blessed day!

  4. Yes, beautiful prayer, Scott. Read over all yesterday’s comments again and see how deeply loved and appreciated you are, David and this blog is having a profound influence. Am trying to grasp the full impact of God’s Covenant with us through Jesus Christ. Has been raining here in the Maritimes for a whole week. Have a great Sabbath everyone!

  5. I am following your blog and was glad to read 2 Kings 23 today about Josiah – sound like someone I would like to meet! However I am puzzled at the Lord’s reaction in verses 26,27. Can you comment on that.
    So glad to be reminded that I have an Eternal Covenant with the God of the universe.

    • I don’t think the Lord was responding to what Josiah was doing, which on the surface seemed good. But the Lord seen it all before, one King would follow God’s law, the next would toss it aside.

      Women who have endured domestic violence are very familiar with the abuser’s remorse for his actions, and for a while, he might be really nice, but in the end the abusers remorse does not change the underlying problem or undo the damage he afflicted on his victim.

      I think it was this way for God with Israel, so despite Josiah attempts to right the wrong, the Lord knew the only way for Judah to really be changed, to have real repentance, and not just a guilt ridden, fear ridden reaction to their actions that would be forgotten in a generation or less, was to let them suffer the full weight of the consequence of their earlier sinfulness. Losing their land, their temple and place in the world, forced God’s chosen people to love Him from their hearts- it changed the fibre of their soul.

      So God response was basically tough love, despite Josiah noble attempts, in the end God knew it would be better for the nation as a whole to go into exile- to face the consequences of their previous sins, so they would never go back to them again.

  6. David, I too have so appreciated your blog. It gives me strength for the day. It encourages me to keep on keeping on with the Lord.
    I especially appreciated the photo of you and your great grandson. Our congregation has taken on (after much prayer and discussion) the vision statement “Grow to Go to the Next Generation”
    I am an oil artist and would like permission to use this photo to make a painting for our congregation. Emmanuel Community Reformed Church in Edmonton Alberta.
    The photo depicts so well the sentiment and inspiration of our vision.
    Irene Apon.

  7. Dear David,
    You are so right to make us read again Scott,s profond remarks .We as christians must diligently ,faithfully and boldly witness to Christ to every one that we encounter.
    Like Beverlee so well put it we have in us through the Holy Spirit the same power as Jesus in his resurection …
    Heavenly Father our Savior our King let your Glory come in Jesus name Amen Amen.
    Blessed day everyone XXXX Carole.

  8. Hello David my brother in Christ , I have been saved through 100 Huntley Street 35 years agoand I am reading the word of God with you and I m praying also gor your healing as well as youhabe sush a wonderful family I m praying for my 6 daughters to be married as well as be ready before Jesus comes .I praise God for your inspiration and love you have shown the family of God Praise the Lord ?

  9. I am thankful to all who make comments. Thank you Scott for your insights which I needed to read again. thank you David for reposting them!!! As I have said before I am so grateful to each one for their input. This is one of the ways we can connect and encourage each other. I have learned so much. Thank you David M, Reynold For your commitment in sharing God’s Word through Scripture and pictures. Eph.4:15 says But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the Head- Christ.V.16 From Him the whole body,fitted and knit together by every supporting ligament, promotes the growth of the body for building up itself in love by the proper working of each individual part.

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