Friday, November 30, 2012


Suggested Reading: Acts 8-9

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The port of Joppa was a busy place during Bible times and still is today.


Key Verse: Acts 9:5

And he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting…”

What a team of the Lord’s servants in today’s reading! Stephen’s broken body is buried. Philip heads out to evangelize. Peter and John join him in Samaria. The Ethiopian treasurer heads home to witness for Christ. Saul of Tarsus is converted and boldly witnesses for Christ. At Joppa (present day Jaffa), Dorcas is raised from the dead as a witness for Christ. Aeneas of Lydda (present day Lod where the International Airport is located) is healed. What is the result of all this? Exponential growth of the churches. “Multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip” (8:6). “The churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria…were multiplied” (9:31). “All at Lydda, and Sharon…turned to the Lord” (9:35). In Joppa, “Many turned to the Lord” (9:42). God’s purposes have not changed. God’s power has not changed. Let us move out in bold faith to see the same happen today. Amen!


Lord Jesus, we have a word today that I don’t find in the Bible. It’s “retirement.” You are filling me with new energy as I do this blog daily. Show me, and all who read this, how we can be a part of the dynamic growth of Your Churches. Amen! and Amen!


I believe in, and seek to put into practise, outreach ministry beyond the church walls. In villages where I was a pastored, I sought to take the lead in mobilizing some members of the congregation to visit every home. We would ask if there was a need for which we could pray. We would enquire about children for Sunday School, or teens for the youth activities. In the large cities this was more challenging, but we would stake out areas to visit. Just a month ago I offered to the new Pastor (at the country church we attend near our home north of Kingston, Ontario) that I would like to visit on behalf of the church all the farms and homes around the church. I trust that I will have the health, strength, determination and the blessing of the Pastor to do this in the Spring. By gently asking about needs for prayer, I’ve never been turned down. People know when they are cared for, not like the door to door cults that try to indoctrinate people by visiting them to add points to their religious record.

Yours for consistent growth, early church style, in Jesus’ Church today,


13 thoughts on “Friday, November 30, 2012

  1. You really are an amazing guy David! Just when it’s traditionally the time to gear down and take it a little bit easy in retirement … you’re ramping things up with a new plan! God Bless You! I pray that God gives you the ability and strength to visit those surrounding rural farmhouses to offer prayer next Spring. Something tells me that Norma Jean might just have a little problem in getting you to sit down for two minutes out of your day. Am I right? haha!

    • I just had a second thought. On thinking of your evangelization of the rural neighbourhood … in a sense you are sharing God’s good news of salvation daily in your blog without taking a step out of the comfort of your home. You will never know how many you have touched for not all reply to the blog.

  2. It appears those advancing in years continued to live constructive lives, according to their abilities, and God-filled motivation. So much for “retirement!” I respect your way of asking others if they have needs for prayer. Conversely, when seeing that someone has need, privately praying in intersession for them, can also lead to a closer relationship. Again, a beautiful picture today … thanks, Reynold. May our Lord continue to bless and strengthen you and Norma Jean today, David.

  3. I believe everything Scott said and “Jesus looked at them intently andsaid,”Humanly speaking it is impossible. But not with God Everything is possible with God. John 10:27
    Go for it David!
    Lianne Hogg

  4. Great advice for every church, to bring people from the community in–going door to door, to meet, and offer prayer, for their needs.

    Love the photo of the Port of Joppa–makes me want to be there.

    The scripture reading, today, spoke volumes–pronounce the name of Jesus, share the good news, and it will spread–like the tiny mustard seed, that grows into an all encompassing bush.

    Blessings to everyone, today!

  5. I am amazed of the faithfulness of the one man to meet with Saul
    First of all the Lord spoke to him and he had a conversation.
    Then he obeyed and Saul was ministered to.
    When Saul was being was being threatened brave men got him out of the city in a basket.
    When Saul needed someone Barnabus(sp) stepped forward.
    I am amazed at the faithfulness of so called little people in the bible who played such a pivotol role in bridging the gap so that the Lord’s work would be completed.
    There is no favourties in God’s kingdom just faithful and obedient servants.
    I want to be an obedient and faithful servant of God who brings glory to the Father in heaven.


  6. Thank you for your commitment to this daily blog. I look forward to receiving it each day. We really appreciate the message today on evangelism.

  7. You continue to amaze me, David Mainse. I can see Jonah at that port of Joppa running away from the call of God and then Peter fullfilling the call and many believed on the Lord. I pray God will give you the strength, David to fulfill your call. I’m praying the prayer for today for myself. You are still leading the team David. God bless you.

    • Dear David,
      You never sees to astonish me by the grandeur of you’re commitment,obedience and surrender to the Lord.
      Will be praying on sustained energy on you’re fantastic spring project!…

      Blessing to each

  8. So glad Ron Mentioned this new venture by his Dad, David in the newsletter ,thanks Ron.
    Just want to say that I am almost 74 and still run a small office and do alot of praying for people like you – I want to leave this world praying, I have no chilren biologically but the Lord has put many precious people into our livesso I am a praying Motherto them and guess what ,The Lord blesses me back in His presence-Hallelujah GO GET IM David!
    love -Kathy

  9. David, you are amazing. Like that energizer bunny, you just keep going and going and going…..! May the Lord grant you the strength and health to fulfill this desire of your heart to do visitations for your home church this coming spring.

  10. David you shine so brightly to us all with the love of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your vision, it has given me a new renewal of heart for my own area. May God richly bless you, keep you and continue to strengthen you “with healing in His wings”as in Malachi 4:2. My prayers are continually with you, Norma Jean and all the dear ones that help you get this blog to us everyday.
    Yours in Christ, Nancy

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