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Suggested Reading: Acts 10

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The North public bath house ruins of ancient Caesarea.

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Key Verse: Acts 10:44

While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word.

For a Roman of senior rank, it would’ve been customary to visit the bath house daily.(pictured above) This daily blog bath “The washing of water by the Word” (Eph. 5:26) will become a habit after a few days of disciplined reading.

This chapter should be, for we who are not born Jews, very, very important. This is where we get in on the blessings God promised to Abraham, and the blessings of the fulfillment of those promises in Jesus. Why would God choose this Roman Army Officer to be the first non-Jew to receive Jesus? He was “devout,” a man of excellence in his behaviour. He and his household “feared God.” He “gave alms generously to the people,” and “he prayed to God always.” We don’t earn salvation by good works. Grace, and grace alone through faith, secures our eternal destiny. But our character and good works, as in this story, do serve to get special attention from God. Read more about non-Jews getting in on God’s provision of salvation in Ephesians chapter 2. Please check it out (click here).


Lord God, I’m so very thankful that as a non-Jew, I’m welcome into your family. May I never take Your care for granted. May my character be refined each day, and may this daily blog be part of the process. You checked out Cornelius’ memorial and good things happened. I pray You’ll check out my offerings too. As my father prayed daily, “May the smile of Your approval be on my life.” In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!


Here is a question I want to ask Cornelius some day. Were you the centurion whose servant Jesus healed as recorded in Luke 7:1-10? If that wasn’t you, Cornelius, please introduce me to this officer of whom Jesus said, “I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel.” One of the highlites of my life was to suggest to the senior officer corps of “The Ukraine” that they make Cornelius their Patron Saint. I mentioned this in my blog on November 3rd (click here for the story). I wonder also about the baptism of Cornelius, his family, and friends. Could it have happened in the bath house pictured here? I wonder as well as to whether Peter was shocked when God interupted his preaching to pour out the gift of the Holy Spirit on these gentiles. I think so. Because, “They of the circumcision (Jews) were astonished, as many as came with Peter.” I was astonished to see an interruption by God happen once in my years of preaching. Please God do it again, and again.

Yours to help each of us to receive all God desires that we should have for the purpose of serving Him effectively,


13 thoughts on “Saturday, December 1, 2012

  1. Please tell us about the interruption that happened once in your preaching….
    Thank you for pouring your heart out in this blessed blog.
    Jesus loves you,

      • I would also like to hear that story David.
        I pray for you today that you will have strength and healing for your body. May our love and prayers be felt in your life always.

  2. We have such a rich and vibrant heritage in our Christian faith. Godly men and women who followed the Holy Spirit’s promptings in their lives, and in so doing effectively changed the world through their faith and Christian conduct. Even though we have such a wonderful heritage, we can’t rest on it for our salvation. Each of us must decide if we too will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and allow the love of Jesus to live within.

  3. The power of the Holy Spirit has been prominent throughout the book of Acts. It is so meaningful how the Holy Spirit moves, guides and lifts our spirits, beyond our normal realm of living. The Holy Spirit has especially been helpful during the quiet times, while following your blog. An open mind, and belief in the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is all that is necessary.

  4. I really enjoyed today’s reading–grasping such a deeper and stronger understanding of Cornelius. Looking at the photo of the bath house, I could just imagine being there and witnessing the baptism. Wow! Thanks for the connection and links to Ephesians and Luke.

    Yes, Cornelius is a perfect example, to show how our character and good works, serve to get special attention from God, and subsequently influence others to follow in the same light. All for the glory of Jesus!

    Such a wonderful filling of the Spirit! Thank you, David. Bless you!

  5. This portion of scripture about Peter and Cornelius really blessed me again this morning, especially as it also concerns his family. I believe if we are all the things before God that Cornelius was, He will bless our families also. Your blog blessed me also, David and I say, “Amen”.

  6. Hi David, WE are so BLESSED to be receiving all this wonderful revelation! May our Lord help us all to enter in and live it! What a Saviour!

  7. May we all live our lives each day so as to receive smiles of approval from God! I like that thought David, thanks for sharing it in your prayer. Like many others, I too, say, may you share with us that ‘interruption story’ one day soon. Bless you and your David.

  8. I agree David with everything that u have written and thank u for sharing your heart and your stories. It is a pleasure to be part of this blog.
    One of my favourite stories is the one when Jesus is dying, the centenurion that was watching believed b/c even in His death He was like no other man. I marvel that even in death Christ Jesus was still leading people to Himself.
    Just like u r doing David.
    Even on the cross He told John to care for His mother by saying behold your mother to John and to John behold your son.
    Even in death as the eldest son in a Jewish family He was fulfilling His role.
    I marvel at the submission of Jesus. He knew what He had to do and He did it. For all of us. I marvel at that. He fulfilled the letter of the law. Fully God and fully man.
    I want that for me. To know what my giftings are and to glorify my Lord in all I do and say. Once I saw a sign on the outside of a church. Dedicated to the glory of the Lord. It was on a plaque. Dedicated to God on such and such a date.
    It was like before I first was saved. The drawing of the Holy Spirit. Jimmy Swaggart (before he fell from grace) was preaching and John Starnes was singing (his face used to shine) I was drawn to the tv. I could not stop watching. I did not agree with everything but I could not stop watcing.
    I was saved in my kitchen when I was calling out to my father ( I was in a violent marriage and needed help) but the Heavenly Father heard my cry and delivered me.
    When I was filled with the Holy Spirit some ladies were praying in a circle at a church . It was their singing that brought me close. The Holy Spirit was so sweet and beautiful in these ladies. Before that I was afraid of the Holy Spirit.
    Another lady did try to lay hands on me but she was so forceful. I did speak in tongues but it was just wrong.
    I thank God for the Holy Spirit b/c He has been my comforter and counsellor these many years.
    Didn’t Peter say we were a pecuilar(sp) nation, a holy nation,
    Like what we all read in our previous readings -the Jews were a nation of people-
    Father God led the Jews in the desert, but now He leads all of us by His precious Holy Spirit.
    We r a Holy nation and precious in His sight.

  9. Was Cornelius really the first non-Jew to receive Jesus? Was it not or could it not have been the Ethiopian Eunuch that Philip ministered to?

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