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Suggested Reading: Numbers 12-13

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A Bee Keeper set up his operation in the north of Isreal at the foot of Mount Hermon - "A Land flowing with milk and honey."

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Key Verse: Numbers 13:30

Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”

In Chapter 12, a very difficult lesson was learned by Moses’ brother Aaron and sister Miriam. God reaffirmed Moses’ leadership in no uncertain terms. Miriam had led the song and dance celebrating their deliverance from Pharaoh and the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20-21). Now she is punished temporarily with leprosy. Why not Aaron? Miriam was the leader in questioning Moses’ leadership. After all, she had cared for Moses when he was a little baby. No doubt she thought she had the right. Let’s learn the lesson of intercession. Aaron and Moses cried out to God for her healing (12:11-13). Nevertheless, she suffered the consequences given in Leviticus chapters 13 & 14. In seven days she was restored.

In chapter 13, there are 11 names that live in disgrace and two in honour. Back in Numbers 2, the men of war numbered 603,550. Of course they weren’t trained. Moses probably had military experience, having been raised as a son of Pharaoh. He could’ve trained them and ordered an attack on the Promised Land. But they waited until the younger generation was ready to believe God. When they entered the land, God fought for them. Only one tribal leader, Caleb of Judah, lived to see God at work. Also, Joshua, the personal assistant to Moses, who had been one of the spies, survived and succeeded Moses as leader.


Lord God, You promised a land flowing with milk and honey to Your people. May I be given the grace to believe You for the fulfillment of all Your promises that pertain to me. I ask these mercies in Your Name, Lord Jesus, and I claim the promised land of Your Kingdom. Amen!


I’m here in the land promised to the Israelites…Israel. There’s free wi-fi in the lobby where I’m typing this. Ron is attaching a picture taken by Ken and Marilyn Fehr from Outlook, Saskatchewan. They’re sitting across from Ron and me, also with their computer, doing their personal blog. What an amazing time to be alive. The old blessings are here too, with which this land “flows.” This morning for breakfast I had the sweetest honey ever and, from the milk of this land, I enjoyed 3 kinds of cheese.

Yesterday, we stopped in the Valley of Elah where David took on a giant and won. Joshua and Caleb, like David, were not afraid of giants. These two heroes returned with a huge cluster of grapes. Ron is attaching the symbol of Israel tourism, two men carrying grapes. I’d like to invite you to join us on a tour of Israel. Ron and Ann may lead one next year, God willing. We thank God for all who read this blog.

Yours for “Next year in Jerusalem” (Jews have been saying this to each other for centuries),


P.S. Over the last few weeks, there has been an emphasis on suicide prevention on the 100 Huntley Street daily telecast. (click here for info on our special book on the topic). Here’s a response to my blog from two days ago…

“Hi David, Thank you for the blog. It is my newest connection to 100 Huntley. Thanks for the series over the last couple of weeks. I was in a deep depression and contemplating suicide. I kept in touch with my Pastors but 100 Huntley was such a blessing to me every morning. I had watched before in the 70s when you were hosting but I was away from the Lord…I am praying for your healing ’cause we are not ready to lose you. My uncle is 93 and he has the same diagnosis. You are such an inspiration! God Bless You and Norma Jean and all the Crossroads staff!” -Mark

David and Ron Mainse working on the blog in Israel.


The symbol of the Israel Ministry of Tourism...giant grapes being carried from the Promised Land.



14 thoughts on “Sunday, November 11, 2012

  1. David and Ron, thanks for the recent photo of you both working on this blog … felt as though we were sitting on a lounge chair nearby! The symbol ties in perfectly with today’s reading as does the photograph. Have a wonderful journey in the promise land!!

  2. Like Miriam, many suffer separation from our Lord due to a broken relationship with Him. Only the prayers of others may bring us back to restitution and wholeness. Never underestimate the power of prayer in our lives. God has the power to heal and to set things straight in our lives miraculously. Only believe and trust in Him and He will do a mighty work through your life.

  3. Thank-you~~~~a Wonderful added addition to my morning time with The Lord,and a Thankful,way to start this our Remembrance Day,LEST WE FORGET!! Blessing to you & Norma Jean,and all concerned with 100 Huntley Street!!

  4. Thank you for not only sharing what God lays on your heart each day from the Holy Scriptures but also for sharing with us your visit to the Holy Land! The pictures add so much and help make me feel as though I’m right there with you, your blog is truly exciting! I look forward to it with anticipation and I review it several times throughout the day( between work & daily obligations).
    God is truly blessing you and His insight is flowing out of your pen(so to speak)! You even gave me a hardy laugh when you said: ” I don’t actually expect Moses to show up.” One day, Pastor David, we will be in a place where Moses will show up and we’ll be able to speak with him. After being in the presence of God Almighty, and Jesus my Redeemer, seeing the mighty prophets of God will be a reward beyond compare. May God continue to bless you & your loved ones.

  5. Dear David; What a blessing your blog site is to me. The picture of you and Ron working together is so very precious, it is a reminder to me of my Heavenly Father and His Son working together to accomplish His good purposes in me and all others who call upon the name of the Lord for salvation though Him.
    With prayers that God may bless you with the health and strength daily to do His bidding for His Glory.

  6. What a blessing ,seeing the wonderful support Ron and the others are to you David! l’m so glad that God forgave Miriam and Aaron for their sin against Moses, what a hard lesson! Have another great day in Israel,perhaps if we all start to save up now we will make your invitation to us a reality! l prayed to go and visit my mum in New Zealand ,it seemed financially impossible,but God came through and l went for 3months,then another year for several months and then again a third time.Miraculous!

  7. Good morning David, from the cold snows of southern Alberta! If my teaching schedule allowed, I would be one of those gathered in Israel with you right now, enjoying the bounty of the land and the beauty of God’s Presence! I’m glad that God is here with us too, as we drink coffee and wear slippers, scrape windshields and stud our winter tires!
    I was wondering if you knew what that interesting design is on the wall behind you and Ron, in the picture of the two of you typing?
    Thank you for your continued faithfulness in service to God and to His people all around the world.

    • I hear you. I fondly come from the prairies. What a great description of wakiing up on a winter morning on the prairies. I feel blessed to have grown up there.

  8. Thankyou again for this Blogg. It means alot to me to be able to wake up every morning & enjoy it. It is also teaching me how to study the Bible effectively.

  9. What a beautiful picture we see in Moses interceeding on behalf of his sister, for us the picture gets brighter and more beautiful knowing how Jesus interceeds on our behalf.
    Blessings to all of you as you walk in the foot steps of Jesus!

  10. Thank you for the picture of you and Ron. It did make us feel as if e were there with you. God bless you, Norma Jean, Ron, and Ann and all who are there with you in Israel, God’s promised land!

  11. I am enjoying reading Numbers esp. where the Lord defends Moses.
    Again the Lord states that He speaks with Moses face to face as if Moses were a friend.
    There is a hymn where we sing what a friend in Jesus.

    I was very blessed to see the picture of David and his son Ron blogging together in Israel.

    May Lord continue to bless u and your family on this Remembrance Day.


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