Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Today’s Reading: Proverbs 20

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An open market in the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Today’s reading speaks to us of the dishonest use of weights and measures in doing business. These people establish the price by bartering. It seems they are disappointed if one does not haggle. Perhaps it’s their entertainment.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Proverbs 20:23

Diverse weights are an abomination to the Lord, and a false balance is not good.


Twice the word “abomination” appears in Proverbs 20. Synonyms could be “disgrace” or “obscenity.” The dictionary calls it “a thing that causes disgust.” It comes from a Latin word that means to “detest” or “loath.” God is obviously concerned with everyday life and the dishonesty that often accompanies our earthly existence. In this case, fraudulent scales are called an “abomination.”

The final verse in this chapter reads, “Blows that hurt cleanse away evil, as do stripes the inner depths of the heart.” Have we asked, “Why is this happening to me?” Chances are the answer is “Yes!” I have asked that question. As with all of the Proverbs, it will be helpful if we can find the time to pause in our reading and meditate on what we’ve just read. This is not mindless meditation on a meaningless word, sometimes called a mantra, but this calls for deep thought and a change of mind.


Lord God, You show concern for the details of my life. I pray that Your Teacher, Holy Spirit, will explain to me the matters that are important to You and give me grace to change, so that I may become more like Your Son and my Saviour, Jesus! In His Name I pray, Amen!!!


I confess that I avoid the shopping experience whenever possible. Norma-Jean and I have helped many people experience Jerusalem by organizing tours over the years. Norma-Jean has taken mainly women into the Old City of Jerusalem for a shopping experience. She loves bargaining. As a man I feel somewhat claustrophobic in those narrow aisles called streets (photo above).

I heard the story of two young boys on their way to two different Sunday Schools. One said to the other, “I go to a different abomination than you do.” Okay… it’s a joke. He meant to say, “denomination.”

Yours for good shopping this Christmas season, and for good television viewing. Here’s a link to Christmas productions from Crossroads called Journey to Christmas (click here to watch it via Crossroads free streaming service called Castle TV),


7 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 29, 2023

  1. David just reminded me of one of my ‘adopted’ sister’s son in the lower grades.His class had to answer a questionnaire and one question was “What is your father’s occupation?” He answered “He is a Baptist minister”.His parents asked why he answered that way.He replied “because I couldn’t spell ‘Presbyterian’.”lol.Merry Christmas to all and may God bless
    They Call Me St.Nick

    They call me ‘St Nick’ in my land,
    Because I practised love to all,
    But then it quickly got out of hand;
    The lie became my life’s downfall.

    I am not Christmas,nor a saint,
    But am promoted only to sell,
    I detest that they made me quaint,
    So they could make their money swell.

    If you love Christmas,give it back,
    To the true King,Lord of all lands,
    Only He can replace what we lack,
    You’re right beside where He stands.

    So if you truly love Jesus,the Lord,
    Welcome Him into your humble abode
    He is the Gift we can all afford;
    He keeps giving but is never owed.
    G W (Bill) Marshall / Dec 2,2012

    • PS:I put little value on denominational walls for they are man made.They may have been necessary at one time but we should never think our denomination is the ‘correct one’.That one will be revealed when Jesus returns,as in the bible.God bless

  2. Christmas is a busy time and so commercial. Let’s not forget the “Reason for the Season”. The most Wonderful gift ever was given to us. Amen.

    • Amen Doreen.
      I have been ill for a few weeks and ask for your
      prayers for my recovery, thankyou.
      May God Bless you all, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      • Father, in Jesus Name, please touch Joyce and restore her completely. Strengthen her and bless her for this special season. Thank You Lord. Amen.

  3. Amen and God Bless you all.
    I usually blog in the evening but I enjoyed it today in the afternoon.
    I will changed my time.
    God Is Coming Soon and He Is So Good To Us Brothers and Sisters
    In The Lord.
    Praying for you all.

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