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Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 12-13

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Stone carving of two gladiators in battle found at the Colosseum in Rome. Wars fill the pages of our history books. King David was a man of war, and by God’s grace upon him, he ushered in a long period of peace in the entire region.

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Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 12:18

Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, chief of the captains, and he said: “We are yours, O David; We are on your side, O son of Jesse! Peace, peace to you, And peace to your helpers! For your God helps you.” So David received them, and made them captains of the troop.


“Peace through strength.” We heard this statement from President Ronald Reagan. We witnessed the end of the cold war and the collapse of atheistic communism. In today’s reading we learn of David’s strength. First of all, David himself was strong in God! We know this from reading the Psalms. Check out Psalm 105:1-15. In spite of obvious failures, David was strong in character for most of his life. His unselfishness, his humility, his faith, and his overall attitude made him someone God could work with to bring peace, internally ending a period of civil war in Israel and also bringing peace internationally. King Solomon, David’s son, reaped the rewards of David’s legacy. There was “great joy in Israel” (12:40b).

Just as great people rallied to David’s side, let us rally to the side of Jesus, another Son of David, and Son of God. Let us accept His cause as our own. What an honour to share in His triumph, His peace, not just for time but for eternity! There is “great joy” in the earth because of the reign of King Jesus!


Lord God, thank You that I share in the peace and triumph of Jesus! I come to Him, pledging loyalty and constant service. Grant me grace to be focused on Jesus’ cause. He said, “I will build My Church.” Keep me true to Him 24/7. Amen!!!


“Pax Romana,” the peace of Rome, was built on strength, but without the “peace of Christ” under-girding that strength. The communist Soviet Union was also built on strength which, like Rome, eventually crumbled into the dust of history. But not the Kingdom over which Jesus is King. His Kingdom is forever! (Revelation 11:15-19).

As a result of writing my book, “This Far By Faith,” I’ve recalled some happenings in which our Crossroads ministry was involved in the 1980’s that had an impact for Christ’s Kingdom in the Soviet Union (Russia and 14 other republics), as well as eastern Europe.

(1) The release on state TV across the entire region of the “Crossroads Creation Series”… 13 half-hour episodes designed to create doubt in the minds of atheists. The Russian language was recorded over the English. This was the first ever Christian-produced TV series carried by Soviet state TV. It was in prime time. It happened as a result of having previously smuggled in thousands of video tapes of the series during the 1980-85 years.

(2) Shortly thereafter, our “Kingdom Adventure” children’s TV series drew over one million letters from Soviet children and their parents. They were asking for colouring books that not only presented the animated and puppet characters of the show but also presented Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

(3) Graduates of our Crossroads Broadcasting Academy from the communist countries began producing thousands of hours of Christian TV in their own languages with huge responses from millions of people. A book should be written on these exciting international developments!

(4) Bruce Stacey’s “Peace” song, the closing theme for Expo ’86, Vancouver, produced by Crossroads, was sent around the world into every country by the United Nations to be played on every TV and radio station. This was an amazing miracle from God as a result of our “Pavilion of Promise” at that World Exposition. We’ve now led people to Jesus iin four great World Expositions.

All these things happened because of the loyalty, unity, prayers and support of God’s people here at home. As in our reading today, there is “joy” in much of Europe and Asia as a result of God’s blessing in these ways, as well as in the contributions of many other people. I believe that Crossroads is doing its part in the overall picture of “peace.” Norma-Jean and I support Crossroads financially every month. Crossroads continues to impact our world. Check it out and please join us in prayer and in giving (click here). Many supporters of my generation have moved on to Heaven. It’s absolutely essential that new members join in consistent financial support. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Yours for helping to bring the world to love and serve King Jesus,


A modern floor is built where the Colosseum floor once was.


16 thoughts on “Thursday, June 10, 2021

  1. Thank You, Father, for Your constant and unchanging love. Help us love in return and do our best as we trust in You. In Jesus’s name, amen

  2. Many times I want to comment but can’t think of anything pertinent but often a poem will jump to mind.I chose to not post anything for obvious reasons…but as
    I’ve learned years ago;it’s not the poem that I want to post but it’s message/petition.Today I choose to post that petition.Thank you Ron and Crossroads and may God continue to bless

    Keep Me True,Dear Lord

    Keep me true,dear Lord,keep me true,
    Keep me true,Lord,in all I do,
    For I want to put a smile upon Your face,
    So keep me true and fill me up with Your grace.

    Keep me true and use me dear Lord,
    Keep me true and of one accord,
    For while serving you I fight my own sin,
    But it’s only You Who cleanses me within.

    Make me true for I surrender
    That You become my defender,
    Then the gates slam shut that I left open
    And then I can serve the One I have hope in.

    Yes,Lord,let Your truth shine right through,
    Then I am free to serve just You,
    So keep me true,my dear Lord,keep me true
    ‘Til I meet the truest love I ever knew.
    GW(Bill) Marshall/‎15 ‎February, ‎2020
    Intruded in the middle of 100 Words’ prayer.

  3. I have some lack of understanding re: Uzza was struck dead by God. The Ark was being moved on “a new cart, so presumably men had to place it there. I’m sure everyone knew the Ark was very “Holy” and they would have feared (honoured) it. Do you think Uzza (walking near the Ark) suddenly took action because he thought God could not foresee the danger so instantly, without hesitation, he decided God NEEDED him to fix the problem? Lack of faith in God’s ability so he better step in? Does anyone have understanding of this?

  4. “Prayer Map of Canada” for the 10th day of the month:
    1. Pray for Canadians from coast to coast, that the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice and love will touch them personally. (John 3:16)
    2. Pray for students, that the Lord will grant them protection of body, soul, mind and spirit and fill them with godly desires and true hope.

  5. Thank you William for the song and the poem the song keep me true Lord Jesus I remember singing that song in my teen years growing up at a church Kitchener Gospel Temple in Kitchener .

  6. Reflecting on today’s reading on peace in this chaotic world with the pandemic and and the virus and things that go on in the world and in our lives peace is what we really need to get through life and there are promises in the Bible on peace may I and all of us receive today’s word amen so be blessed my brothers and sisters amen 🙏

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