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Today’s Reading: Zechariah 1-3

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This is a model of the Temple from the time of Jesus. King Herod renovated the Temple which had been built in the time of Zechariah 500 years earlier. This Temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans.

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Key Verses: Zechariah 1:17, 2:5

Again proclaim, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts:

‘My cities shall again spread out through prosperity;

The Lord will again comfort Zion,

And will again choose Jerusalem.'”

“…For I,” says the Lord, “will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.”


That word “prosperity,” in our first key verse, may have been a strange concept for these people who had been through very hard times. Ezra, the priest, who had led the original group of Jews back to Jerusalem from Babylon, wrote these words: “So the elders of Israel built, and they PROSPERED through the prophesying of Haggai, the prophet, and Zechariah, the son of Iddo” (Ezra 6:14a). Initially, Zechariah, a younger man, may have ministered as an assistant to Haggai. Zechariah’s book is the longest of all the minor prophets. It is truly a major message from God to all of us.

With preaching, such as in our second key verse, it’s no wonder that the people responded by working together in unity to complete the Temple construction and restore the worship of the One True God. The “wall of fire” would provide protection against temptations from within, because of the glory of God inside, and protection from the attacks of the world from outside. As we daily live in the presence of God, worshipping and serving Him, He’s got us covered!


Lord God, I pray that I will never take You for granted, but take You at Your Word! May I rely on Your promises daily, promises such as those found in our key verses. I believe that You are my “Prosperity,” and “The wall of fire” protecting me. Grant that I may be always at peace and that I may be encouraged in my service to You. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!!!


I am a greatly blessed man. I’m prospering as a result of the preaching of God-called preachers/pastors. I believe and preach that one should be totally loyal to one’s home Church and Pastor, being present whenever a service is convened. But I also believe and teach that with that solid foundation of loyalty, we can be blessed and encouraged by others. During one period of my life, I went to three Sunday Schools every Sunday: our own church at 10 a.m., the Christian and Missionary Alliance at 2 p.m. and the Salvation Army at 3 p.m. I can hear it now, “This boy had the makings of a fanatic!” Well it just depends on one’s definition of the word “fanatic”…e.g. a sports “fan-atic,” or “someone who is more enthusiastic about their cause than you are about yours.” Anyway, the people of Jerusalem worked with unusual enthusiasm in their cause due to the preaching of those two preachers, and the result was that they prospered!!!

Yours for loving and serving God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength!


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  1. From Morning by Morning by Charles Spurgeon, April 25

    “Lo, I hear the voice of my Beloved! He speaks to me! Fair weather is smiling upon the face of the earth, and he would not have me spiritually asleep while nature is all around me awaking from her winter’s rest. He bids me “Rise up,” and well he may; for I have long enough been lying among the pots of worldliness.

    “He is risen, I am risen in him, why then should I cleave unto the dust? From lower loves, desires, pursuits, and aspirations, I would rise towards him. He calls me by the sweet title of “My love,” and counts me fair; this is a good argument for my rising. If he has thus exalted me, and thinks me thus comely, how can I linger in the tents of Kedar and find congenial associates among the sons of men?

    “He bids me “Come away.” Further and further from everything selfish, grovelling, worldly, sinful, he calls me; yea, from the outwardly religious world which knows him not, and has no sympathy with the mystery of the higher life, he calls me. “Come away” has no harsh sound in it to my ear, for what is there to hold me in this wilderness of vanity and sin?

    “O my Lord, would that I could come away, but I am taken among the thorns, and cannot escape from them as I would. I would, if it were possible, have neither eyes, nor ears, nor heart for sin. Thou callest me to thyself by saying “Come away,” and this is a melodious call indeed. To come to thee is to come home from exile, to come to land out of the raging storm, to come to rest after long labour, to come to the goal of my desires and the summit of my wishes.

    “But Lord, how can a stone rise, how can a lump of clay come away from the horrible pit? O raise me, draw me. Thy grace can do it. Send forth thy Holy Spirit to kindle sacred flames of love in my heart, and I will continue to rise until I leave life and time behind me, and indeed come away.”

    “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.”
    Song of Songs 2:10 NIV

    Come Away With Me by Josh Noote

  2. Amen, Beverlee, read most of that this morning in C.H. Spurgeon’s devotional, “Morning and Evening.” Is beautiful as also the song. Thank You. As I scrolled down yesterday’s replies, I noticed some birthday greetings I didn’t get to yesterday; Lynda D. Eraine, Sah, Teresa and Eleanor M. Thank you and God bless you. The Lord blessed my day! Trust you saw the tribute to the grieving, called “Nova Scotia Remembers” last night which was very touching and honoring to the Lord I believe. Praise Him!

  3. Good …afternoon.
    We just had a Zoom meeting with the Camp Council and are proceeding as though camp will open but with the realization no one (no human) knows yet if restrictions will lift.It’s looking doubtful.
    As an ‘observer,it’s exciting to see how God is leading His people back to their Promised Land to rebuild it.Through His-story we can see it happening in waves but the people probably did not even know of the ‘other waves’ to follow but we shall see.Today it has been happening since 1948 and earlier.
    The just checked my Facebook and the prison guard murdered in Wentworth was my 3rd cousin but I haven’t known him since he was a little boy.I have to go now.God bless

  4. Praying for you, Teresa and Enzo.
    How is your niece, Samantha, doing? How is Pina?
    I pray for their salvation and also for God’s peace and comfort.
    I am also very glad that you found this blog because it seems to help you.
    May God continue to reveal Himself to you, more and more each and every day!
    Bless you, dear sister in Christ!

    • God bless you Luisa; I am praying for all on this site; I am also happy that you participate; I am thankful for everyone participating; I learn something every day; and WE ALL LOVE THE LORD amen amen amen

  5. Father God, thank You for this day. Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for all good things, for the ring of fire of Your protection, and Your Presence within. All praise goes to You, Lord, for You are worthy of it.
    We ask for Your guidance and wisdom for all Your people. Guide us as we live to glorify You. Bless all Your pastors, evangelists and leaders as they minister Grace and Truth in all this world. Thank You for those who have been, and are, such a blessing to us and to all. May Your Word go out powerfully and clearly to all people everywhere, we ask in Jesus’s great name, amen

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