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Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 3-4

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You can still see the enormous cut rocks that were thrown down onto the street from the upper walls of the Temple Mount by the Roman soldiers in 70 AD.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 3:14a, 4:19a

“Return, O backsliding children,” says the Lord; “for I am married to you…”

…O my soul, my soul! I am pained in my very heart! My heart makes a noise in me…


In today’s Bible reading, the word, “BACKSLIDING” is repeated four times, and the word “RETURN” five times. Taking note of significant words repeated over and over lets us know what the writer is trying to emphasize for our benefit! God’s message to the backslider is “RETURN!” Ask ourselves this question and let’s make it personal: “Have I ever loved and served God in the past more than I do today?” If so, “RETURN.”

Jeremiah, in our key verses, expresses the heart pain that God feels…the pain of a Parent rejected by His children…the pain of a Husband who truly loves His bride and wife but has been rejected in favour of other lovers. Some who read this may have experienced such pain, which is not only crushing emotionally but also produces devastating mental anguish and even has negative physical effects. As a prophet, Jeremiah represents God and is feeling a measure of God’s pain. As a priest, he represents the human family before God in intercession. He identifies with the pain of our separation from God. We are beginning to understand why Jeremiah is called “The Weeping Prophet.”


Lord God, my eternal loving heavenly Father, I return to You and run into Your loving arms, which are wide open and waiting for me to come closer than ever. Lord God, You have described Yourself as my Lover/Spouse. I do love You with all my heart. Give me grace to be 100% true to You at all times. Forgive me of my backsliding. Thank You for promising Your willingness to forgive and restore. I pray these mercies through Jesus Christ, the One who never backslid and, therefore, never needed to return. Amen!!!


The person who loves the most is most deeply hurt when rejected by the one they love. The mother who has nursed a child at her breast and then lives to be rejected by a son or daughter knows the pain of which Jeremiah writes. The husband or wife who has given themselves totally in love with their spouse and is then rejected knows such deep inner pain, such that it’s impossible to describe in words. I have never felt that rejection personally, but I’ve put my arms around many whose body is wracked with such immeasurable pain. All I could do was to be there, as there were no words which I could speak that would be adequate. Surely God, Whose very nature is infinitely loving, must feel this pain much more than man. This is the pain Jesus bore when He suffered on the cross…the pain of rejection, separation and loss. I can’t even begin to imagine His pain. All I can do is cry and say, “I’m here Lord. I’ve returned! I’m determined to move closer to You and not backslide!!!”

Yours for loving God faithfully and showing love for Him by our love for others,


41 thoughts on “Friday, January 24, 2020

  1. Such powerful scripture and meaning, as well as the message. Rejection is utterly painful. Jesus knew what we would feel as humans when He died on the cross for us. It is surreal. We come to You, for You are the Lord our God–our salvation. Returning to God for our comfort, we are refilled by Your Spirit. Amen.

    He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.
    Isaiah 40:29 ESV

    Micah Tyler – Different (Official Lyric Video)

  2. Thank you Lord for loving us so much that you sent Jesus to the cross to free us from sin. Help us to never turn away from you, I pray that those who are downcast and struggling will turn to you and run into your loving arms. We know that no one could ever love us as much as you do. In Jesus’ Name I pray amen.
    Enjoyed reading David’s comments and prayer, feeling a little downcast myself this morning. Went to another funeral yesterday of a dear neighbour of 50 years, it was a beautiful service but his wife Carolyn is devastated as it happened very suddenly. Then I find out my other neighbour Norma has bladder cancer. Would appreciate pray for these dear friends. Thank you Eleanor M.

    • Praying for both of your neighbours,Eleanor.This world is artificial,created by God to be so.It is both a school and a battlefield where God can see our true characters by observation.
      In the grieving sites I’ve experienced many,many times how He would lead me to(comments of) a particular mother who lost a child.Instantly a poem would start coming through my fingertips as fast as I could type.Each seemed to know where the poem came from…..A typist types what is dictated to her and that is all I did.It could be anyone.This came to me for a friend whose elderly sister went home,whom I had never met but attended her funeral for him.Note is attached.
      Attending a R.Catholic funeral,where
      the priest went out of his way to make
      us protestants feel comfortable,I was
      inspired to write this.I had to
      ‘Protestantize’ the title.
      (‘Let no man call anyone ”Father”……’)

      Pastor,please say goodbye for me,
      For I will not know who’s there
      When my eyes no longer see
      And my heart has no more care.

      Your service says what I could not,
      Through Jesus’ words to borrow,
      For I have won the battle fought
      And have risen above sorrow.

      Pastor,please wipe away their grief,
      For the truth will set them free
      From the one who is a thief
      And has nowhere to flee.

      Don’t let them believe what’s not true,
      For sorrow’s the devil’s kin,
      But He who lives within you
      Will set them free of their sin.

      So,Pastor,speak for me this day,
      With His words that can not lie,
      To say that I am home to stay
      Where no one will ever die.
      (G.W.)Bill Marshall/15Sept,2015

      • I should have mentioned,when I was ‘in’ (mostly) Grieving Mothers,He shared their grief feelings with me and I ‘knew’ He was only sharing it in an intensity that I could bare;His intensity was collective and unimaginable.Every time I was on the point of tears He would lift me and when I left the site I was not traumatized.(Almost every night for at least a year.)God bless

      • Thank you Bill for your encouraging words and your poems. The Lord certainly gives you the words to say. God Bless You.
        Eleanor M.

    • Praying for your neighbour Carolyn–that the Lord will blanket her with comfort, strength, and love. Your neighbour Norma–for protection, strength, healing and comfort. Eleanor, we hold you up, dear sister-in-Christ, that you are strong and steadfast in the Word and take rest and comfort for yourself. Praying for the precious Blood of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, over all of you. In His mighty Name. Amen.

  3. Thank You, Father, for caring for us – each one of us. Thank You for your Word, which never changes, but always reveals more of You to us. Thank You for giving us your Spirit, who comforts, teaches, strengthens, and guides us. Thank You for your faithful children, like Jeremiah (and David), who seek to honour You above all by being faithful and obedient to You.
    Father, please help us to learn from the lessons You have given us; help us all to trust in You. You have always shown yourself faithful, so please help all your people to put their childlike hands in Yours. We do ask that You comfort all your children, Lord, and show Yourself strong in and through them, in Jesus’s name, amen

  4. Prayers for Carolyn that you will be her comfort in the loss of her husband and for Norma in her affliction that you would meet her need Lord. Am going to a funeral today too for a boy only 20 years old. May God be with the family and give them peace.

    • Praying for the family at the funeral, Ger. And, that you be strong and of comfort. Lord God, hold them up at this difficult time of losing their young son. Blanket them with the Blood of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

    Charley Pride, All His Children

    Blessings today and always on all believers.

    “Human words cannot convert human hearts. You and I cannot convict anyone of sin or save anyone’s soul. This is the work of the Holy Spirit (John 16:8–11). He will use us in his work of leading people to Jesus, but we must seek his wisdom before we offer our words.
    That’s why it is urgent that we listen to Jesus before we speak on his behalf. We cannot read the mind and heart of the person we are seeking to reach, but our Father can.” Dr. Jim Denison.

    • Amen !We should remember that.
      The Lord knows it’s not the quantity but the quality of His people and today’s Israel is a good example,as foretold.We may not even know when we are being led by Him for when we have surrendered to Him,our will is His will.(Thy will be done…)
      Mighty Tower

      You created all,thus,all is yours,
      And only You have supreme power,
      For You alone open our doors,
      And you are the mighty Tower.

      You judge most fairly in truth and love,
      For Your goal is for all to receive
      Their mansions in Your home above,
      Abundant to those who believe.

      We see the stars,as yet unnumbered
      And You know what each is called by name,
      When You placed them unencumbered
      And gave them light with holy flame.

      Your creation is more than we see,
      For we are Your children in school
      Who will pass to eternity
      Guided by Your holy Jewel.
      (G W) Bill Marshall/20-Jan-16

  6. Most days I have been reading the blog rather late, (midnight or so). Therefore have not been posting much as most of you would be sound asleep and not see it.
    However, I do read and appreciate all the comments and try to remember to pray for all your requests.

    Happy belated birthday to Marilyn! Be blessed !

    Was remembering you, Eleanor and your husband Edward in prayer and saw your post regarding both your neighbours. May God bring much comfort to Carolyn and healing to Norma!

    Ger, I am praying for the family of this young person who passed away! Sometimes we have no words to say in such situations but we can always ask God to minister to their broken hearts.

    Love you all and appreciate you and your contributions to this blog. We are united through our prayers and devotion to God! May He minister to each and everyone of you, whatever your need may be! God bless you all!

  7. Good reading again in 2 days blog a few comments today where on people going to funerals well as I have said already I have lost my dear and bestest friend and her funeral is on Saturday February 1st 2020 1 in the afternoon so I’m going to one myself so to those people who you said that they were going to a funeral my condolences are with you so God bless everyone today amen

  8. I want to thank God for today’s reading again thank you William for your poems for they are always timely and my prayers thoughts and condolences go to Eleanor and Carolyn 4 the loved ones that they have lost and at the same time I had commented earlier that I too have lost my bestest and deepest closest friend and her funeral is on Saturday February 1st 2020 so Carolyn and Eleanor I guess we can we can pray for for each other God bless you all amen

    • Yes Marilyn, thanks for your prayers, I will pray for strength for you. It’s hard when you lose a longtime friend. It feels that part of yourself is gone. Blessings Eleanor M.

  9. Meaningful scripture; I can relate to the pain of divorce; and the pain for my little children having a weekend father.
    Of course the pain Jesus went through is greater than we can imagine and He did it because of His Love for us, His children.

    David’s heartfelt prayer and comments and exposition of today’s scripture brought it all together, Thank you David and thank you Ron, Ann and Reynold for continuing to post this blog daily.

    Have a blessed rest this night saints.

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