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Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 1-2

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A wild donkey (Somali Wild Ass) at a nature reserve in Israel’s Jordan Valley. In Jeremiah 2:24 the people of Jerusalem are likened to this creature at mating time. It is said that the wild donkey cannot under any circumstances be domesticated for service to people as regular donkeys are. Jeremiah uses this animal as an illustration of Jerusalem’s determination to do its own thing in opposition to serving God.

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 1:4-5

Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

Before you were born I sanctified you;

I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”


When Moses was called by God, he believed that he was unequipped to do the job. When Isaiah was called, he felt unworthy. When Jeremiah was called, he felt too young to accomplish God’s purposes (Jeremiah 1:6). When God calls us to do a work for Him, He always equips us to fulfill the assigned tasks. Otherwise, why would He bother calling us? All that is required of us is OBEDIENCE to His call! Jeremiah began his ministry when good king Josiah reigned over Judah. Jeremiah served as an advisor in helping Josiah initiate reforms which were in line with God’s revelations to His people as found in the Scriptures. Reforms? Yes! But the hearts of the people needed to be transformed, and that did not happen. Josiah was succeeded by ungodly kings who rejected Josiah’s message and led their people deeper into sin against God, persecuting Jeremiah for his stand for the truth of God.

Jeremiah’s first recorded sermon is in chapter 2. Jeremiah is called, “The Weeping Prophet.” His heart was broken with those things that break the heart of God!


Lord God, it could’ve been so different for Your people if only they had followed Your ways. I pray that I will pay attention to those who have genuinely been called by You to preach Your Word. Please grant me grace to obey Your Word! May I not break Your great heart of love by turning my back on You as did Your people in Jeremiah’s time. I pray this in the Name of the One who always obeyed You, Jesus the Messiah (Christ). Amen!!!


Our message should be one of total support for the Jewish people’s right to have a state, which hopefully will ensure that never again will there be a time of the destruction of Jews, this most persecuted people in all history, as has happened in the past. At the same time, while supporting the Jewish state, we should be pro Arab as well. We are told in Scripture to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6). Let’s pray fervently for the leaders of the western world, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and for President Abbas of Palestine.

Yours for praying for all who are in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2),


P.S. Our past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Crossroads Ministries, Don Simmonds, travelled to Israel in 2014 with our then Canadian Prime Minister, along with several Federal Cabinet Members and other leaders from various segments of Canadian life. Below are some pictures that help tell the story of this significant journey.

In Saint Catherine’s Church in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. Left to right, a security officer, Dr. David Wells, leader of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, James Lunney, Member of Parliament for Nainaimo, former Prime Minister Harper, David Sweet, Member of Parliament, James Moore and John Baird, former Cabinet Ministers. Perhaps the infectious joy of the birth of Christ which happened right next door has touched their hearts. They look like they are thoroughly enjoying their time and no one had to say “cheese.” Well, maybe someone said, “Say Jesus!”

A happy moment in this church built right next to the cave/stable where Christ was born. Rev. Dr. David Wells, The Honourable Stockwell Day, former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition Party, Don Simmonds, former Chairman of our Crossroads Board, Don Hutchinson, legal counsel to the Centre for Faith and Public Life, and the Honourable John Baird, Canada’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs. I’d like to know what was said that brought those big smiles to their faces.

19 thoughts on “Thursday, January 23, 2020

  1. The Word of our Lord to Jeremiah was ever prevailing: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you.” We soak in that.
    Praying for Pastor Samuel and Bill Marshall, who are coming to mind and heart, this morning. Also, Lianne Hogg–if you are still with us and reading the blog, unable to post, know we love you and miss your comments. Be well saints.

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    Phil 4:13 NKJV

    I Stand In Awe Of You [with lyrics]

    • Thank you,Beverlee.How perceptive you are.I have been a bit embarrassed to post because of the lateness I am getting up.I haven’t been sleeping well because of leg pain (still) when I lie down but only when I have done too much work.It’s muscle pain from badly deteriorated muscle during my recovery from 2 Knee replacements,11 months apart,in2017.This is improving more rapidly now but it’s hard to get my sleep cycle back on track.God bless

  2. Thank You, Lord, for all your children throughout this world. Please bless and strengthen each one with the exact help each one needs. Help each one to take heart because You, dear Lord Jesus, have overcome all enemies, even death! In Jesus’s great name, amen

  3. Yes, always praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Love the photos of all the politicians/leaders. The donkey is incredibly cute too:-).
    May God bless and keep us these secular days on earth.

    Sally Rackets says: “Jesus gave his life for us so he could give his life to us in order to live his life through us.”
    Dr. Jim Denison: “Because we are fallen people living in a fallen world alongside other just-as-fallen people, life can be challenging. Because our ‘adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour,’ the ways in which life can be hard are varied and numerous (1 Peter 5:8). And because we can choose our way over God’s, we may reap the consequences of our actions.
    “That’s not to say that all of life is painful—but when you’re the one experiencing the pain, it may certainly feel all-encompassing and seemingly never-ending. In those moments, to whom can you turn?
    You know the answer: his name is Jesus.”

  4. Thank you so much for those who left me a birthday greeting or greetingsthank you again from the bottom of my heart may you all have a blessed day

  5. Today’s key verses real spoke me and very comforting and to pray for thought who are in ministry l have a brother who is in ministry I left out the word to me have a blessed day

  6. Jeremiah went through many trials, still was obedient to listen and obey

    God never leaves us or forsakes us; it is we who move away from Him

    Be blessed this day saints of the Lord

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