Friday, September 13, 2019


Today’s Reading: Psalms 9-10

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Even the desert is marvellous to behold as you travel throughout Israel. Looking from Israel inside Timna Park, you can see on the distant horizon the mountains of Edom. This mountain range is now part of the Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan is not a wealthy country and yet because of the disaster of middle east political and moral realities, Jordan has had to care for millions of refugees. Let us do whatever we can to help!

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Psalm 10:17

Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear.


Yes! God will cause His “ear to hear.” Let us make personal the prayers found in our reading. Here are examples of what we may say when we pray. The shepherd king begins his prayers with praise and worship. He writes in the first two verses the four actions he is taking. For our devotional exercises today, why not meditate on these statements, expand on them, and do as it says.

The cries of the needy stand out! David speaks of “the oppressed,” of people in “trouble,” of “the cry of the humble,” of “the needy,” of “the poor,” of “the helpless,” and of “the fatherless.” Let us name before God the names of people we know personally who may fit these descriptions. Most certainly those in war-torn lands where it seems that human cruelty knows no boundaries.

Let us never forget that Jesus issued a press release in advance of His second coming. The words this King of the Universe will utter when He will sit on “the Throne of His Glory” have to do with way we have, or have not, cared for the needy (see Matthew 25:31-46). We pray fervently and then we are moved to help! God answer our prayers. Amen!!!


“Arise O Lord! Do not let man prevail” (9:19a). “Arise O Lord! O God, lift up Your hand!” (10:12a). “Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may oppress no more” (10:17-18). Amen!!!


A few years back, I had the privilege of speaking at Wesley Acres camp, where they had a missions display along one side of the auditorium, including historical pictures from Egypt. I saw my parents there in the photos from the 1920s (pictures below). I believe that God is more interested in His cause here on earth than all of us put together could ever be! Let’s pool our resources and get the job done! Amen!!! My Mom and Dad would be 119 and 121 years old if they were alive today. The prayer in our reading is “Arise O Lord!” Their generation faithfully served. Now it’s our turn to “Arise” with the Lord, and do the job that He has called us to accomplish!

Yours for reaching a needy world with His love, His provision, and His Gospel,


Some of my parents' brothers and sisters in ministry in Assiout, Egypt, in 1929 (close-up photo below).

Some of my parents’ brothers and sisters in ministry in Assiout, Egypt, in 1929 (close-up photo below).

My father Roy Mainse is the one with the Bubles in front of him, and my mother Hazel is beside him.

My father, Roy Mainse, is the one behind the Bibles and my mother, Hazel, is beside him.

12 thoughts on “Friday, September 13, 2019

  1. Continuing to pray for our country as we move into this election season. Lord God, let your Word and your ways prevail. Use Canada & Canadians for your glory, & may Truth and grace (You) be exalted here, and many be brought to You. In Jesus’s name, amen

  2. The enemy is patient and now reaches out to our youngest through cartoons,etc so we should also do the same….
    Camp Pagweak has sustained some damage but,thanks to some dedicated volunteers,we will have our Supporters’ Picnic tomorrow with sunny skies forecast.(I was the first person our current pastor baptized at this camp when he first came to us.)
    None Are Left

    Lord,I come to you to follow,
    To where your path may lead
    And you know my tongue’s not hollow
    Because my heart you read.

    In this valley I feel alone
    But then your words recall,
    The example of love you’ve hone,
    With forgiveness for all.

    Please put me on the path to take,
    For alone I am blind,
    But with you the difference I make
    Can reach all of mankind.

    Let me point the way to the truth,
    To cause your light to shine,
    For we must reach out to our youth
    So none are left behind.
    G W(Bill) Marshall / 29 March, 2014

  3. Yes, Lord, agreeing with Rob re: the upcoming elections. We ask for favour and that the ones of Your choosing be selected. We ask for protection of our Christian radio/tv, our churches. Thank You Father, in Jesus Name. Amen

  4. Here is an excerpt from one of Ruth’s reports.(Please pray for this camp.)God bless

    ”’ I’m happy to report the following:

    Total Number of Campers – 344
    Number of decisions for Christ – 67
    Baptisms at Camp – 3
    Number of sponsored/partially sponsored campers – 222 (64%)
    New campers 114 (33%)

    We averaged 42 campers per week.

    Our camp is growing – spiritually and numerically and we are blessed!

    I’m also proud to tell you that the campers raised $2,575.50 for their missions project – building latrines for families in El Salvador. They did this by forfeiting their tuck to purchase mission soakers – something they all look forward to each Friday when they get to throw them (water soaked sponges or even buckets of water), at their ‘favourite’ counsellor! If you could see the fun these children have doing this – it’s amazing and they are all learning to ‘give back’.

    Approx. 80% of our campers have no church affiliation so it’s a joy to have them come to a place where they hear the word, they see the joy in those who serve Him and where seeds are planted. ”’

    ..Ruth has been a driving force (“camp cheerleader”) for the camp and only this year Her and her husband,Gordie)stepped down from the camp council because they moved to be near their grandchildren.

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos which include your father and mother when in Egypt!

    Mathew 25: 31-46 tells it all; what the Lord desires his children to do; and what will happen to those who do not as the Lord desires.

    The need for us to feed the hungry’ cloth the naked, care for the sick and those in prison, etc.

    and to share the gift of salvation with those who are lost. Lord help us to fulfill your desires, strength in all Your ways, I pray this in Your Mighty Name , Amen!

    have a blessed day all you saints!

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