Monday, January 21, 2019


Today’s Reading: Joshua 5-6

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This is the area of the Jordan River, near Jericho, where the Children of Israel crossed into the Promised Land. It is also the approximate location on the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Visitors have the opportunity to follow the experience of Jesus in these waters.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Joshua 6:27

So the Lord was with Joshua, and his fame spread throughout all the country.


Joshua’s dramatic encounter with “the Angel of the Lord” (5:13-15 & 6:1-5) must have been a powerful confirmation to him that God’s call on his life was as definite as that of Moses. Also, the specific instructions for the defeat of Jericho gave Joshua great confidence in moving forward. This was no ordinary angel. This was the Lord Himself as evidenced by Joshua’s worship. The Gospels record that Jesus received worship. At the visit of the wise men (Matthew 2:1-12), through to eternity (Revelation 5:1-14), Jesus is worshipped. None of the great prophets and apostles ever received worship. In Lystra (Acts 14:11-18), people tried to worship Paul and Barnabus who were horrified at the thought of being worshipped. Let us worship the Lord alone. He is worthy! Let us join now the hosts of Heaven in worshipping Him. Here is a choir singing “Holy, holy, holy” (Revelation 4:8-11). Let us join with them in worship (click here).


Lord Jesus, You are my commanding Officer. Give me grace and willing obedience as You did for Joshua. I worship You! You alone are worthy! Hallelujah! Glory to Your Name forever and ever! Amen and Amen!


Throughout the years, as one who seeks to follow Jesus and to listen for His instructions, I’ve been blessed with His guidance. This daily, two-year journey through the Bible is an example of my willingness to obey what I believe He tells me to do. When God asked the people to march around the walls once a day, and then seven times the last day, it must’ve seemed foolish and tedious to some people. It may have been a mile or more around the walls. Some would’ve wanted to give up, I’m sure. Nevertheless, they persevered. The archaeological digs around Jericho seem to indicate that the walls did not simply fall over but that some sections imploded into the ground. The Lord works with an infinite variety of methods. I think I’ve learned to expect the unexpected!

Yours for obeying God’s clear instructions for today,


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11 thoughts on “Monday, January 21, 2019

  1. Did you notice the blood moon shown in the beautiful creation scenes of the worship song? We had one last night around midnight that could be seen in many areas. I saw the beginning beautiful full moon which rose so quickly in the eastern sky. It was so beautiful. I see the Blood coloured on news broadcasts this morning. Very, very, cold day today. Stay safe all.

  2. Thank you 100 Huntley fior continuing 100 Words, this is my second time reading through the Bible with David’s 100 words. It has been a blessing and I enjoy reading his blog

  3. We had beautiful clear skies out here on the west coast as well. A gorgeous view of the blood moon…

    Have a great day blog friends,

    God bless

    • Unfortunately I did not see the blood moon, for one thing I was not awake at that time; and even if I was, I’m not in a location condcive to view much outside my window!
      Thanks Doreen for sharing!

  4. Yes, I see the blood moon in the worship song but didn’t see it last night as all I saw was snow. Forecasted between 30-60cm here. Have had two tractors with snowblowers cleaning my driveway so far for which I am very grateful. My job now is to rake roofs and scoop around my buildings which is a big job especially with this amount of snow. However, I will take my time and the Lord will be with me. I’m sure a lot of us are experiencing the same thing. May the Lord be with us all. Thank you Eleanor M for praying for my nephew who is a government snowplougher. Keep safe everyone!

  5. Must have been very painful for the men who had to be circumcised at such a late stage of their precious lives. Was wondering if any of them got infection as they didn’t seem to know about germs etc. like we do now. God certainly took good care of His people as I think how if we people nowadays tried to survive 40 years in the journey to Jericho and the promised land.. ..would imagine there’d be some grumbling from me:-(

    Every once in a while a friend sends a video which touches my heart as I think of my older brothers:

    Don’t let the old man in, featuring Clint Eastwood:
    by Toby Keith

    Praying for all the Easterners in Canada and the States battling the bizarre weather. God bless.

    • from what I understood an ointment is applied and it curbs any pain, also I understand there were germs back than however they took care of making sure everything was cleaned, they did use boiling water alot
      I grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta,we had no power, I pumped the water from the well, I hauled water to the kitchen; we heated with a wood & coal stove; we never had any germs at all, my parents knew how to avoid getting sick, it amazes me when I think back to those days, we healed our animals with boiling water and a hot iron to stop any infection, we had a well that held our milk,butter,eggs; it was always ice deep deep down, I always had to clean the barns and THEY HAD TO BE SPOTLESS and again, all I had was boiling water..
      my dad and myself and other family members vaccinated 1,000 of heads of cattle, we raised lambs, pigs, chickens, I think back to my parents and I am so amazed how my dad knew how to farm! We had hundreds upon hundreds acres to grow grain, harvest, do the haying; and still dad had time to go the lake and fish in the evening and always bring home 6-7 fish which I cleaned and put into the smoker…..I wish I could talk to my parents one more time, I would tell them that I love them; I would thank them for working so hard and providing food, clothing and shelter for me and family; I would tell them that I forgive them when life was going sideways! Yes Lord, I am thankful for the life on the farm…in Jesus Name I Pray amen

  6. Thanks for your insight,Marlyn in yesterday’s comment.I went back to get this link to the Joshau movie (below).I think we all have a mental illness but most are either hidden or not noticeable.Those who don’t embrace those with mental illness are certainly missing a valuable opportunity to practice what Christians are supposed to preach.Don’t despair. God bless

    • Yes William, YOU ARE RIGHT! A mental health doctor held seminars in the arena when he was in my town and he was so good and realized he could never see everyone in his office so he held these 2 hour seminars and he made this statement that changed my whole life
      I praise and thank the Lord for this Doctor; he went back to Ontario to practice…..Yes William you are right!
      God bless you William, TY for your contribution to this prayer site. always so enjoyable….

  7. Can you imagine all those people together not allowed to make a sound, or speak to each other. What test that was?
    What a miraculous event. “the walls came tumbling down!!
    Like David, help me to hear you and to obey Your voice!
    Thank you Lord that You hear our prayer, and answer even before we ask!!

    Thank you Reynold for that photo with people being baptised in it. When me and my children were in Israel in the year 1975, two of my sons chose to be baptised in the Jordan. Praise His Holy Name. Thank you Jesus for that opportunity for us to visit the Holy Land!!

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