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Suggested Reading: Numbers 19-20

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The olive grinding wheel at Nazareth Village.

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Key Verse: Numbers 20:6

So Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly to the door of the tabernacle of meeting, and they fell on their faces. And the glory of the Lord appeared to them.


The charge against Moses and Aaron was cruel and unjust (20:3-5). They turned in silence in the right direction. They prostrated themselves before the Lord. The result was that Moses was given a new vision of God and, at the same time, a command and a promise (20:8). Moses could’ve brought a message of the goodness and grace of God, but instead he was overcome with anger and seemed to forget God’s word to him. He called the people “rebels,” and became a rebel himself. Nevertheless, God provided abundant water so that His promise of the Promised Land to the people would eventually be realized. The deaths of Miriam and Aaron are sad and were followed over 40 years by the passing of the entire generation who left Egypt, with the exceptions of Caleb and Joshua. God forgives our sins, but the circumstances which arise because of our actions are very unforgiving.


Lord God, I pray for total deliverance from past hurts, real or imagined, which may cause me to lose my ability to respond in Your way, with grace and obedience. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


Suicide is unforgiving. In other words, once the act has been accomplished, there is no way back. Therefore, a few year ago, Crossroads launched a campaign to stop suicides, with an emphasis on Jr. High and High School students. Here’s a response to my blog. I wept for joy at one life that was saved…

“Hi David, I wanted to say Thank you! About 35 yrs ago I was a young girl contemplating suicide. I was a Christian and feeling God’s whisper I wrote you a letter. You wrote me back! As a little girl I was in awe that you had taken the time to write me back! It was not a printed letter, it was handwritten. You gave me hope Mr. Mainse! I reread the letter many times. Years later I wrote you again in despair. I was constantly told by my earthly father how worthless I was. Again I received a letter from you. You helped me see my worth in my Heavenly Father’s eyes! I watched you everyday on T.V. My mom taped it. I pretended you were my earthly father. I love you! Thank you for taking the time to help a lost little girl. I knew I had worth and that Jesus loved me because of you!” – Michelle

Yours for sharing the message of life and of obedience to God’s will,


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  1. So touching–Michelle’s letter. Thank you in heaven, David, for being the earthly father she needed to overcome feeling unwanted. Thank you that she knew she was worthy of being loved by you and her heavenly Father. What a difference love makes. Thank You Jesus for coming to earth to give us love and forgiveness. What a beautiful world because of You. Stay safe, today, fellow saints in the Lord.

    He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
    I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:1-2 ESV

    Hillsong United – Hosanna with Lyrics

  2. Seems like a sad story of Moses and Aaron but Moses got to view the land from Mount Hor and from the Mount of Transfiguration. Yes, David was a fatherly figure to many I’m sure and this is a touching story. Snow is coming down heavily for the second time but without the wind Beverlee. Hope it softens the crusty coat still on my driveway. Keep warm saints.

  3. Snow started here about 1045.That story has me choking back tears.I know how David felt.About 6-8 months before I was led to Grieving Mothers,I was sharing poems in a ‘Poets’ Corner’.A lady from Ireland asked me to write a poem for her close friend whose adult son committed suicide and was having a hard time (in Spain).I wrote one in about 10 min and later she said it helped her friend but then asked that I write a prayer which I did.Here are the two I wrote for her.The attached notes explain.God bless
    ” A beautiful Irish lady asked me to write a poem for her
    close friend whose adult son took his own life.She was
    having a hard time.I wrote the first one and she made a
    second request for a prayer.This was in a poetry site
    before I was led to or knew of any grieving sites.”

    # 1….. 09.10.2011, 4:27
    A Note From Me

    I could not convey the pain inside
    For it is a fire we choose to hide
    And God knows that a sorrowful mind
    Is on a quest for what it can not find.

    We must carry the pain for others
    For we are stronger than our brothers,
    But sometimes Satan slips on through
    Past our defenses no matter what we do.

    No one can prevent what can’t be seen;
    What is well hidden you could not glean,
    I was well loved and love you still,
    I am still here,just over the hill.

    Be not of sorrow and do not cry long
    For I will be happy,you must be strong,
    Nothing you said or did was so wrong,
    So continue your journey singing a song.
    G W (Bill) Marshall

    # 2…..» 09.10.2011, 4:30

    Also a Friend

    Oh Lord,my God let Your love heal
    A shattered heart ,this is my appeal,
    For a life cut short by a tragic end,
    You are our God but also a friend.

    Human words fail me to convey
    Please Lord grant me words to say,
    For you know Lord that the blame
    Goes to Satan and his deadly game.

    Though darkness gathers all around,
    It’s your grace that is to be found,
    That allows your love without bound
    To come like thunder without sound.

    Let it be known in hearts that grieve
    That a loved one gone is just a leave
    For they await you can believe,
    And on His promise you can cleave.
    G W (Bill) Marshall

    Several months later she wrote back to say
    that the poems helped her friend …and they
    also helped her deal with her own brother’s
    suicide back in 79.I cried.

  4. I am poetic this morning, too; actually wrote this last night–a grieving type of poem.

    God Knows

    Rejected by others, we subsequently reject ourselves.
    We feel unwanted and sense we are deserving of failure because of the past.
    Our soul clings to this feeling–this hurt we have already known.
    It is real. It is tangible–a bonding feeling we hold onto and stay attached to.
    Whereby, wherefore, we are alone–and feel immensely so.
    Because rejection is an isolating feeling.
    And yet, God knows, God knows–our heart, our mind, our body, our soul.
    God knows–our hurts, our senses, the pain we hide.
    Even more, he knows our innermost being and greatest potential of becoming.
    He whispers to us, for he believes in us.
    Hold on–dear one. Hold on–oh child of mine.
    Fear not, for pain lets go.
    Now fill your breath, with all my love, and live, that you may know.
    I see all from above, and rightly know, what has been wronged.
    Know that you will prosper and will grow.
    Ever a flower, radiant in the sun.
    Whereby your work on earth, for my glory, shall be done.

    Beverlee Kay
    © Nov 2018

  5. Beverlee… I am so touched by your poem.
    It shows such insight and truth!
    Your poem actually breaks my heart and yet at the same time warms my heart!

    Thank you, you are such a blessing to this blog!

    • Ahhh, thank you, Anne, but it isn’t about me. It’s really because of David Mainse–quite like Michelle’s story–he saved me, too. So, these words are really his. 🙂

  6. Praise God for David’s compassionate heart. Love does miracles, as in the letter to Michelle in response to her hearts cry!!!

    What a unique photo Reynold; such detail. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Praise God we are no longer under the Law, but saved by Grace though Jesus Christ our Lord!!!

    Be blessed and with peace in your hearts saints!!

  7. Michelle’s letter shows how important it is to follow the Lord’s nudges as David did in writing those two letters. Bless him. ❤

  8. Blessings to all; I still deal with suicidal thoughts, have all my life;I swim, to get some ease,my sleep pattern changed 4 years ago I am nocturnal; go to be 4:00 a.m. – up around 12:30 p.m. – 1.00 p.m. eat something, go to the bathroom;put on Gospel tapes, watch Dr. Phil then ready to go around 3 p.m. It has changed my suicidal thoughts to a bit less than used to be….
    I thank God that I know Him and that I still am alive and have this computer and can read and pray and I so enjoy all the comments on this site…..
    please continue to pray for me, have the back room which I used to rent and I have asked the Lord to pick the right person again, money can go on loan which is an issue for me…

    Lord we pray You will send lots of rain to put out all the fires burning in the USA, be with the all the people who fight these fires; LORD WE ASK FOR RAIN IN JESUS NAME AMEN
    Again, God bless all on this prayer site….

  9. SAH…. you are a blessing to this site, you have a kind and giving heart.
    The spirit of suicide is an awful thing, but Jesus is stronger!
    Sometimes all we can do is hang on to HIM, but that is enough!

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