Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Today’s Reading: Mark 2

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Ruins from Capernaum. In the background you can see a church that is built over what is thought to be the home of Peter.

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Key Verse: Mark 2:15

Now it happened, as He was dining in Levi’s house, that many tax collectors and sinners also sat together with Jesus and His disciples; for there were many, and they followed Him.


SINNERS WELCOME!…this could be the sign in front of Jesus’ Church. Four men (could’ve been Peter, Andrew, James and John) brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith (the four looking down through the hole in the roof), He said to the man on the mat, “Son, your sins are forgiven you.” The four could be named, Compassion, Co-operation, Confidence & Courage. Ask yourself, “Do I have three friends with whom I could work to bring someone to Jesus today?”

Does Mark 2:13-17 sound like a Church supper in your Church? If not, should it? Jesus spent almost all His ministry time with sinners and with the outcasts of society. Let’s be unconscious of class, uncaring of economic success, and colourblind. Jesus is an equal opportunity Saviour.


Dear Jesus, thank You for the time I first heard You speak to me through Your Word and say, “Son (or daughter) your sins are forgiven.” Thank You for coming to my place and meeting me there, and meeting others there too. Help me to throw a party, the purpose of which is to introduce You, Jesus, as my Guest of honour! Amen!


Jesus did the most important miracle first. He forgave the sins of the paralyzed man. Secondly, Jesus healed him. That first and greatest miracle happened to me when I was 16. I took Jesus at His Word when He said, “The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out” (John 6:37). Later, when I was 19, I also experienced a miracle of healing. I had such a high fever with raging infection shutting down my body that the doctors said I would likely die, or, at the very least, be a mental case for life. Well, I didn’t die, so now you’ve guessed which prediction happened to me…..Here I am, 19 days away from my 80th birthday. My wife thinks I’m in my right mind. For that I’m truly thankful!

For all who started reading with me June 3,  2012, we’re into the third time through the Bible now. I’m amazed to still be here on earth. You see, I was given two years to live on March 15th, 2012. Let’s go for another two years!!! Of course anyone can start with us and complete reading every Word two years from the date they begin. Pray for me as I record 31 more Vlogs (video blogs) this week, two minutes each. These are being used for TV network commercial breaks daily on “YES TV.” Here’s a link to my Vlogs!



17 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 25, 2018

  1. I am so thankful to Ron and Ann for,continueing David,s daily blog.
    it is such a great way to stick to the reading of the whole bible in two yrs.
    There are so many things we miss when we read His word on our own, however, David is a great teacher and story teller.
    Just wanted to say a Big Thank You today for such a wonderful blog.
    IAll of us that follow this blog daily are truly blessed.

  2. AMEN sister, I couldn’t agree with you any more.
    There’s no better way to start the day, than beginning the day with God’s Word.
    Have a blessed day my blog family.

  3. So thankful that this blog continues daily posted by Ron and Ann Mainse: Thank you Ron and Ann Mainse for your faithfulness in bringing this fresh manna to us daily, which also includes the photos by Reynold Mainse, thank you Reynold.!!

    Please pray for me for two issues; one: issues with Telus Mobile phone.
    Second: to do with an newly installed air conditioner. Thank you for your prayers.

    Lord Jesus thank you for this day that You have made; I choose to rejoice and be glad in it. Praise Your Holy Name, Amen!

    • Yes, Lord. Thank you, Irene, for being such an encourager. And please, Lord God, show all your people that You are faithful and keep all your promises. Please meet all of Irene’s and Sah’s and all Your people’s needs, so each can testify of your love and care, in Jesus’s name, amen

      Just looked up a verse in 2 Corinthians 1, and it said, “It is God who enables us, along with you, to stand firm for Christ.” (v. 21). Thank You, Lord, for enabling us!

      I’ve had this song (It Is No Secret What God Can Do) running around in me for the last few days (always found it an encouragement), so here’s the story of where it came from:

      And hete’s Stuart Hamblen singing it at the Billy Graham crusade:

      May God bless each and all of you.

    • Dear Lord I am praying on Irene’s behalf. She needs your help right now, you already know the situation so I am asking that thèse two issues will be solved quickly. You said iif we ask believing we wiil receive. Thank you Lord . In Jesus wonderful name I pray, Amen.

      • Amen, Eleanor!
        Lord Jesus, you are our advocate. I ask that you advocate for our sister Irene in both of these situations that they may be resolved quickly and favorably for her.
        I ask this in Your Precious Name! Amen!

  4. I had to leave this morning while beginning to do routine chlorination of my well.Had lunch with my pastor friend and joined by 2 more church leaders.Coincidence?I like these coincidences…..So I have just finish devotions at the other end of the day while my whole plumbing system is full of heavily chlorinated water until tomorrow.
    ” Does Mark 2:13-17 sound like a Church supper in your Church? If not, should it? Jesus spent almost all His ministry time with sinners and with the outcasts of society. Let’s be unconscious of class, uncaring of economic success, and colourblind. Jesus is an equal opportunity Saviour. ”
    What a wonderful example those words of David’s are.That is the way Jesus so obviously thought and lived as one of us,that he might teach us through his example as well as words.We’re still in a heatwave in Nova Scotia.Yall be blessed

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