Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Today’s Reading: Mark 1

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This is the synagogue in Capernaum, the town where Jesus lived and taught. This late fourth century A.D. “White Synagogue” was built upon the remains of the earlier “Synagogue of Jesus.”

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, Click HERE.

Key Verse: Mark 1:17

Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”


The word “immediately” is repeated seven times here. Do you think that God is seeking our attention and wants to motivate us to ACTION? From the moment Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John met Jesus, their priorities were radically changed. Number one is Jesus! And Jesus, Himself, takes on the job of MAKING these fishermen “fishers of MEN.” “IMMEDIATELY they left their nets and followed HIM” (Mark 1:18). “What Would Jesus Do?” became most important to them (“WWJD”). Jesus delivered a man from an unclean spirit; He emphasized Peter’s family as a priority by healing his mother-in-law; Jesus healed people and cast out demons; Jesus rose early to pray privately; Jesus preached; Jesus recognized the role of the Jewish priest, and much more. Follow Him and He makes us all He desires us to become.


Lord Jesus, You promised to “make me” as long as I follow You. Here I am, Your follower. Reading this blog daily is one way I’m following Your Word and Your work. I pray that You will live in me and work through me today. There are immediate needs all around me. Please help me not to procrastinate but to act today with all the love and power with which You are loving and acting. I pray this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!


I’m receiving feedback from blog readers that the two-year program of reading through the Bible is working so far. Many have said that they’ve tried a one-year program, but found they failed to comprehend well what they were reading. The two-year plan allows us to assimilate (make part of ourselves) God’s thoughts as expressed in His Words. One of the advantages is that anyone can start on any day and complete the Bible reading two years from that day. I find that by moving from Matthew to Genesis to Mark and back and forth from the Greek Scriptures to the Hebrew Scriptures brings not only variety but balance.

“Immediately” speaks to me. At age 18, while working as a public school teacher, I began to preach, as I simply could not wait until after my theological education to start fulfilling my calling to preach. The opportunity was there and following Jesus means stepping out of my comfort zone and working for Him. Eventually, by following Jesus in this way, a new congregation was planted in the Chalk River/Deep River area of Ontario. That Church is still thriving today.

Yours for WWJD and action “immediately!”



14 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 24, 2018

  1. these are such powerful words POWER through the Holy Spirit not through our strength. Thank You Jesus for the promise of Holy Spirit thank you guide my feet to walk with You.

  2. I treasure this time of day when it’s just Jesus and me. I’m forever grateful for this blog. I seem to be so blessed this time around with the blog. God is good. Thank you, Jesus.

  3. The Lord’s compassion and faithfulness are new every morning. I am seeing things in the Scriptures that I’ve never thought about before. His Word is a living Word. Amen! This is a good legacy that Pastor David has left and thank the family for carrying it on.

  4. I agree with Dale and Nan, I am so glad that this blog continues as it keeps me steeped in the Word. Dear Lord your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. PS.119v105. Guide me with this light everyday so I can learn more about you. Dear blog friends have a Blessed Day. Eleanor M.

  5. Glad to see all the positive comments.I’m not sure exactly when I began to read in late summer of 2013 at the urging of a close friend.I did not expect I would stay but here I am looking forward every morning and seeing new meaning so often.I have 2 versions open in Biblegateway(another blessing) for occasional cross reference.Thanks again to the Mainse family for your continued blessing.May God bless

  6. I echo William Marshall’s sentiments.my day would be incomplete without this Daily Blog. I use the audio reading and enjoyed it so much that I purchased the complete Bible in the narrated form..Blessings on all.

  7. I Thank God for his word each morning and I am blessed to read God’s Word. Thank all of you of the encourging words and You Tube postings you provide to help all get a clearer understanding of God’s Word. I have been folowing 100 words since about the middle of the first 2 year go around.God Bless

  8. For the person who has not been getting 100 Words please save this web site as a short cut or if you do not know how to do that send your self an emailwith is link and copy and paste it into your broweser and you will get the 100 words each morning by using your browser.


  9. I am thankful for this blog also!
    I am asking the Lord what does He want me to do? I pray for a financial breakthrough! The Lord knows exactly what is happening in my life! I’m in debt;I deal with a mental illness; I swim, enjoy it very much, so thankful that God gave me swimming from a broken leg! What else God? What do You want me to do!

  10. I NEED A PLUMBER TO GIVE ME AN ESTIMATE TO UPGRADE BATHROOMS! have had 2 but did not show up! Lord Help me!Lord send me 2 responsible people to rent the back room;they work hard;only need place to sleep; TY Lord amen

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