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Today’s Reading: Genesis 1-2

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A couple sits watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea from under the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct in the area of Caesarea, Israel.

Key Verse: Genesis 1:27

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.


“In the beginning, God created,”…”Elohim bara” (Hebrew). This Name for God is always plural, yet in the Hebrew language it always takes a singular verb (Genesis 1:1). Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one and at work to make something out of nothing. In the rest of the creation account the verb is “Asah,” which is what a carpenter does when he works with material already in existence. Chapter two is an expansion of what God did in chapter one. We are made in His Image. We are not just physical beings. We have a capacity for a life beyond, for communication with God, and God with us. Like God, we are intended to live forever! Because we are made in His image, we can come to know Him more as we daily read from the revelation He has chosen to give us, the Bible! We have a free will, the freedom to choose. We can ignore Him and even reject Him, or we can learn of Him, opening our hearts and minds to Him as our God, believing in the great Creator God!


Lord God, I’ve decided to believe in You. Thank You for enabling me to find this blog. Your Thoughts are expressed in Your Holy Word. Help me to maintain the committment of reading Your Word daily, getting to know what You think of me and of everything you have created. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!


I marvel at God’s creation. On land we once owned, according to someone who knows, there is a 300-year-old cherry tree. Amazing! Recently a large red fox decided to have a sleep on our driveway. Norma-Jean thought it was dead, but it jumped up and ran off, it’s long fluffy tail floating in the breeze. God must love variety. In meditating on creation, my heart and mind are lifted up to contemplate the Creator God, and Jesus Himself. John writes, “Without Him (Jesus) nothing was made that was made.” The mystery of it all astounds me. There are many things I do not understand. It would be the height of arrogance to claim to know it all. However, I can claim to know a great deal more than I did when I first heard Bible stories as a child. Almost every day, as I study the suggested reading, I’m learning more. I imagine reading Genesis 1 & 2 in eternity and asking Moses, “What have you learned here in Heaven from God about creation that you didn’t know when you wrote Genesis? When God spoke the cosmos into existence, was there a ‘big bang?’ Is that how it happened, Moses?” I expect to have a greatly increased intellectual capacity, even understanding quantum physics.

We’ve just completed reading the first book of the record of Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew’s Gospel, and we’re now beginning a book which Jesus would’ve read as a Boy in the Synagogue. Remember, at any time we or someone we know can begin this journey and in two years, with breakfast-sized readings, God’s thoughts expressed in Words will be ours, and the Spirit of God will bring to remembrance what we need to know (if we are consistent in our reading) when we need to remember for ourselves and for others.

Please feel free to post your comments, and I thank you for your input. Attend church this Sunday. Speak with a teacher there if possible, asking any questions you may have. Beware of false teachers. For a New Testament reading for today, I suggest the little book of Jude (only one chapter).

Yours for learning to think some of God’s thoughts,


11 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 27, 2018

  1. It is really inspiring to start at the beginning of The Word of God once again, to remind us how wonderful and amazing our Triune God is.
    I thank Ron, and Ann for continuing this blog and of course we continue to enjoy Reynolds wonderful pictures.
    My daughter and her two teenage kids just arrived from Texas yesterday, so I will be busy for the next two weeks. I will keep up with the reading, but maybe not the comments as often as I would like.
    Take care all blog friends , Eleanor M.

    • God bless you Eleanor, may God grant you a good time of visiting and making more memories with your family, God bless the 2 teenage children, Lord God we lift up Eleanor and her family; we thank you for his time together, bless her family, TY for all the blessings You have showered over Eleanor, In Jesus Name we Pray amen

  2. Yes. thank you Ron, Ann and Reynold for continuing this blog. Love that photo today Reynold. Enjoy your family Eleanor. Thinking of this verse this morning, “Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.”(Mark 8:34). There has to be some denying himself to read the Bible and this blog every morning which I believe the Lord takes notice. Maybe we are anxious to get outside and take care of those weeds or do some more painting etc. as is the case with me this morning but we put God first and we are successful in our goals for the day. Let’s pray for our country, Canada and US relations, our 250 Canadian troops in Mali, the most dangerous peacekeeping mission in the world, the parents and children refugees separated in the US, the refugees crossing the Sahara desert to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get into Italy and Greece, etc. God bless you saints.

    • Yep Ger! Your right! that’s why I rebuke the devil every hour, I get up and begin other things and before I realize it time has gone by and I did not read my Daily Devotion, HOWEVER, as I say I rebuke the devil and I read the Devotion,
      The good part of all this is that God knows and He understands and He forgives us daily, TY Lord, TY in Jesus Name AMEN.

      Yes Lord we pray for Your Hand over Canada, the USA, Mexico, South America, we pray for our leaders and Lord I know that YOU ARE RIGHT BESIDE ALL THE LEADERS, guide them to speak wisdom and to act respectfully to each other, Lord we ask that YOU WILL REMOVE ALL EVIL FROM THE LEADERS’ PLANS
      Thank you Lord in Jesus Name we pray amen

      again PTL my friend Deb found good employment!

  3. I am agreeing with David’s prayer, I have decided, though I cannot understand it all, yet I have decided to believe the Word of God. Thank you, Lord, for this daily reading and meditation of God’s Word!
    Enjoy your family’s visit Eleanor, mine arrive in a few weeks.

    • Verna God bless you for your honesty; I also feel the same sometimes; I don`t understand all things BUT I also have decided that since the Bible is the Word of God, I will believe the Words and I am learning more and more how to check some statements out and study what God has to say about everyday life!
      I do believe in the POWER OF PRAYER!
      TY for sharing, keep it up! You have inspired many today! GOD BLESS YOU!

  4. As David has often mentioned,I too expect we will have a much greater intellect when we enter His kingdom.David continued this blog until his last bit of strength remained;that is undeniable faith.Now his family continue this blog in his honour and to feed us more of God’s manna.Thus,we grow.Thanks to ‘the Mainse family’ for blessing us further.God bless
    The Kingdom Is Ours

    Oh,Lord,though we have sinned against You
    And have done evil in your sight,
    You still love us the ages through,
    Withholding from us Your just might.

    To each of us You have been a Friend,
    Your guidance led those who would hear
    And shown Your mercy has no end;
    As we repent,you draw us near.

    Lord,restore to us a right spirit,
    For You have washed away our sin
    And we know we’re not to fear it
    When evil seeks to come within.

    Oh,my Savoir,You are always true
    And we want to walk in Your light
    But there is one who will undo
    And e’er seeks to bind us in fright.

    Oh Lord,we know Your word is our shield
    But relentless thoughts from the snake,
    Seek to steal what we must not yield,
    For the kingdom is ours to take.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/13 Sept, 2015

    • My sister would write beautiful poems like that and actually had them published. My dad loved poetry too so God seems to have given me a poem gene as I so greatly love and appreciate them when so well done and meaningful. Thanx Mr. Marshall and all God’s blessings upon you and all dear saints.
      So mind boggling praying for all the world’s problems but it’s good to know others are praying for the same Christian results.

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