Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Today’s Reading: Matthew 27-28

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The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem. “He is not here!”

Key Verse: Matthew 28:6

He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

The resurrection of Jesus is the most thoroughly reported fact of ancient history. The tough battle-hardened Roman guards “shook for fear.” According to Roman military manuals, a “guard” consisted of at least eight soldiers, and if one fell asleep on duty, the others were supposed to kill him on the spot. Those who deny the facts of the resurrection must answer some questions: Where’s the body? What would turn a man like Peter, who could not stand up to a waitress, into a bold, fearless man just 50 days later? What about the over 500 people who claimed to have seen Jesus alive after His resurrection? Many of these were still alive when the Gospels were written. What about the over 5,000 Jerusalem Jews who became believers (including many of the Jewish priests) after Peter preached in the Temple? (Acts 4:4 and Acts 6:7). No official source has ever been able to deny this history in an effort to prove that the resurrection is only a myth, nor has anyone in authority denied the amazing growth of the Jewish Church of Jerusalem. We have the Mishna, the minutes of the Sanhedrin (the ruling religious body) for that period of time. These contemporaries of Jesus and the Apostles knew the facts. HE IS RISEN!!!


Lord God, You raised Your Son and our Saviour from the dead. He’s ALIVE! I worship Him! Amen and Amen!


In the early 1960’s, Norma-Jean and I worked at establishing a congregation in Deep River, Ontario, the residential community for Atomic Energy of Canada at Chalk River. I found that some senior nuclear physicists were humble believers in Jesus. One told me that a change in the molecular structure of Christ’s body could enable Him to appear and do all that He did in His post resurrection appearances. One Easter Sunday morning, the parents of a baby named Tim Laronde presented him before the Lord at the altar of our church. Tim was born with a club foot. As I held him up before the congregation I was filled with God’s Spirit and said, “Either Jesus is alive and still does the same miracles today, or the soldiers were right when they said, ‘While we slept His disciples stole His body.’ Jesus is alive and when Tim is old enough to walk, He will walk normally.” The next morning, Tim’s mother, Marilyn, burst into our home carrying Tim and showed us both feet completely normal. Just over two years ago, I met Marilyn in Pembroke, Ontario, and we rejoiced in the fact that Jesus is alive and that He is the Healer.

Serving a risen Saviour,


P.S. In yesterday’s blog I mentioned actor Bruce Marchiano, who played the part of Jesus in the four-hour film production of The Gospel of Matthew. My son, Ron, has since found online that entire movie. What a blessing it has been for me to watch and listen to this film, which includes all of Matthew, word-for-word (the New International Version). If you only have time to watch the last few chapters of Matthew, you can fast-forward by dragging the little dot on the bottom left of the screen approximately 90% of the way across (the chapter and verse appear on the screen). Click here.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 26, 2018

  1. I have just taken a quick peak at the movie David mentioned. It looks really interesting. The gospel of Matthew is read with visuals depicting what is being said. What a great way to go through the gospel of Matthew.

  2. I have seen this movie more than once but did not know that Bruce Marchiano was the actor’s name.(Is he any relation to ‘Rocky’ Marchiano?)I’ve read or heard that none of the secular writers of the day disputed Jesus’ death and resurrection because “there were too many witnesses”.Joe Ameral may have covered this in one of his videos.
    It would still be a few months before I began to read the bible via 100 words when this was written.I was still a baby Christian when I wrote this and as a poem,it is not great but it’s always the message it carries.God bless
    PS: yesterday was the supporters’ Picnic at Camp Pagweak.I am on the board for this camp and it is where my donations go.Over $14,000 were raised.It was supposed to rain but the skies cleared a few hr before the event and then clouded over when everyone left.God is great
    The Open Tomb

    As I now stand in the open tomb,
    I see the world that brought My doom,
    When every heart was filled with gloom;
    That’s why I must prepare them room.

    I taught enough to give them sight,
    That they will know that truth is right
    And in this truth shall shine My light
    Until My return with Heaven’s might.

    The love I felt in this world of hate
    Is too strong for mere words to state,
    But for some it’s now not too late
    To follow Me through Heaven’s gate.
    G W(Bill) Marshall /April 01, 2013

    • Also,the narrator in this movie (who couldn’t do a better job ) also acted in many biblical movies.When searching in Youtube I use the search term “free Bible movies” rather than “Christian movies” to narrow it down to mostly ‘bible movies’.

  3. I really like your poem, William . Speaks to me.

    Also I never ever thought of u tube to seek free movies. Thanks for that info.
    God bless you all, today.

  4. Amen, He is risen indeed! Thanks Bill for the poem and all the information! What an experience it must have been to be at the Garden Tomb on Resurrection Day! It was a blessing to have entered the tomb twice.

  5. prayers of thanksgiving for DB getting very good employment! PTL!
    man still missing, his bike is still locked up to a sign, please pray the Lord shows me where he is; he was very happy that I prayed the Lord’s Prayer with him over a week ago, also, please pray for a financial breakthrough for me. love the Lord, thankful for this blog God bless everyone in Jesus Name I Pray amen

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