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Today’s Reading: Revelation 11 

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The Red Basilica is a monumental ruined temple in the ancient city of Pergamos, now Bergama, in western Turkey. The temple was built by the Roman Empire, probably in the time of Emperor Hadrian and possibly on his orders. It is one of the largest Roman structures still surviving. This great empire obviously felt threatened by a 90-year-old Christian Jew named John, so much so that they arrested him, put him in prison, and then exiled him to an island so he could no longer preach on the streets of their cities. But they still could not silence him. There on that island he wrote the amazing book called, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ!”

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Key Verse: Revelation 11:15b

The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!


Jim and Kathy Cantelon write today’s 100 Words segment (originally published in Crossroads’ Day Unto Day devotional series)…

As John’s vision continues, he is given a measuring device and is told to “measure the temple of God and the altar” and to “count the worshippers there” (verse 1). He is also told not to measure the “outer court” because it has been given to “the Gentiles” who will “trample on the holy city for 42 months” (verse 2). Then the speaker refers to “my two witnesses” (the speaker is not named but I think we can assume it is Jesus) who will “prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth” (verse 3).

John goes on to say that these two witnesses are “two olive trees” and “two lampstands” who devour their enemies with fire that comes out of their mouths (verses 4, 5). Then, in verse 6, he calls them men, and in verses 7-12 we see them killed by a “beast that comes up from the Abyss”, and after three and a half days, they are resurrected and ascend “up to heaven in a cloud.”

The witnesses are not named, so I won’t speculate as to their identity (although some commentators build a case for them being Elijah and Moses). The beast is also not named, but we do know that this beast is the first of four referred to in the vision. The other three were the dragon (or Satan, 12:3), the beast with ten horns and seven heads (13:1), and the beast with two horns who spoke like a dragon (13:11). Apart from the variety of description, all these beasts are committed enemies of God. In this chapter, many commentators identify this beast with the Antichrist.

But the key verse (verse 15) is the focus of the chapter. The “kingdom of the world”, that is: Satan’s domain, will eventually give way to “the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.” The Lamb will “begin to reign” (verse 17).


Lord God, rule and reign over my life here and now! You have given me the great honour to come into Your presence and speak with You in prayer…and You speak to me through Your Word, which I read daily. I pray for the ability to concentrate on what You have to say, and after I have listened carefully, I ask for grace to do that which pleases You! In the Name of the One Who always pleased You, Your Son and my Saviour, Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


Very early in my life, I knew that a king ruled over a kingdom. As a Canadian, our king was named George VI. He was my king for my first 16 years. I was confused as a little boy, because we had a Canadian Prime Minister called Mackenzie King. There was never any confusion in my mind as to the real King, the King of kings, Jesus Christ. As a family, we bowed our heads and prayed before every meal and went to our knees after every meal to worship God and to pray for His blessings upon us. I never doubted that we were in the very presence of Almighty God! At least once every day my father would pray, “O God, may the smile of Your approval be upon our lives for this day!”

For several years I had the honour to serve as a judge in the awarding of the “Templeton Prize.” Among the prize winners were Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Rabbi Jacobovitz (Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth), Bill Bright, and others. The judges were invited each year to Buckingham Palace where the presentation was made to the winner. I discovered that there were ornately decorated rooms in the Palace representing every area of the world where Britain had once ruled. While their “Kingdom of this world” has been diminished greatly, the memories of an empire that once ruled over people on every continent were still there. The symbol of the “Lion,” depicting Great Britain’s power, seemed to be everywhere in and around the Palace. Look again at today’s key verse. The “Lamb” upon the throne! For some reason, I keep thinking over and over again of the nursery rhyme, “Mary had a little lamb.” Yes she did! The blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to “The Lamb of God!” A marvellous songwriter, Mark Lowry, who has often appeared on the 100 Huntley Street telecast, wrote a song called, Mary, Did You Know? Click here to listen to this song of profound and powerful truth.

Yours for Jesus’ reign forever and ever!!!,


P.S. What is Jesus’ Kingdom like? It’s described by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The stories and teachings written in the Gospels, which took place in between the birth of Jesus and His death, followed by His resurrection, are about His Kingdom rule here and now and in the world to come!!! I have a suggestion! This summer, set aside four days to read, non-stop if possible, one complete Gospel each day. I plan to do this in order to comprehend, in a fuller way, the eternal Kingdom!

A view from inside the Red Basilica in ancient Pergamos.

6 thoughts on “Friday, May 18, 2018

  1. I’m left in we of hearing, Mark Lowry’s song, Mary did you know. I didn’t realize that he wrote it. I’ve heard it many times sung by other singers. Gets me every time.
    Also, I am enjoying the teaching of the book of Revelation. I’ve read it a few times before. It amazes me of what God has in store. Could you imagine seeing the two witnesses with fire coming out of their mouths? That should be enough for an unbeliever to know that God is for real and believe.

    Blessings to all this morning

  2. Amen Nan! By the miracles which they performed, it is a strong case for the two witnesses being Elijah and Moses. Am learning some things this time through Revelation that never stood out to me before. There is value in reading the Word over and over again. Amen? I thank God that I have had the privilege of touring Buckingham palace which was arranged by a second cousin of mine whom I was visiting. God has blessed me indeed! Love the song, “Mary Did You Know.” God bless your day saints.

  3. May God bless and keep all his faithful people. Lord God, thank You for hearing us, for loving us, for being with us. Please help us to always listen to You and obey You. I pray we will be like your early disciples to whom You said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” In Jesus’s gracious and true name, amen

    Trust and Obey:


  4. Amen Nan and Ger…what great teaching by Jim and Kathy, in such a simplistic way. Was blessed once again by that song “Mary did You Know”!
    Not only would it be awesome to see the fire from their mouths: but imagine watching them arise from the dead and then watch them taken up to heaven!!

    Great pictures of the “Red Basilica”!
    A powerful prayer of yielding to God’s way by David!
    Again thank you Ron and Ann and all involved in posting this manna daily!
    Have a blessed day in Jesus all you saints!!

  5. a song

    Jesus is a pain healer, a chain breaker,
    Praise & thanks to the Lord for all His blessings…….

    I thank God I went to do a bit of shopping, needed a steamer for my floor, the one I had broke completely, so I figured the Lord wants me to get a new one, and the Lord led me right to it in the store……AIN’T THAT JUST LIKE THE LORD…

    Lord we ask that You would be with those dealing with the floods, those that are doing sand bagging, those who are helping people move, Lord we ask that You would send Your angels to help in all these areas, we ask Lord that the Insurance companies would attend to the losses immediately so that people can replace their items
    Thank you Lord for the forgiveness of all our sins om Jesus Name Amen

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