Thursday, May 17, 2018


Today’s Reading: Revelation 10 

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Looking from Israel across the Dead Sea to the Kingdom of Jordan, you can see the salt-laden shoreline and the spotted sink holes. Imagine John’s vision of a gigantic angel. One of the angel’s feet is on the land and the other on the sea.

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Key Verse: Revelation 10:6b-7

…there should be delay no longer, but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets.


Jim and Kathy Cantelon write today’s 100 Words segment (originally published in Crossroads’ Day Unto Day devotional series)…

The key verse is a quote from a “mighty angel” who comes “down from heaven” (verse 1). He is of immense size, his body “robed in a cloud,” with “a rainbow above his head,” his face shining “like the sun,” and his legs “like fiery pillars.” He places one foot on the sea and the other on the land, raises his hands to heaven, and shouts with a lion’s roar (verses 2-3).

To this point in Revelation, John has written as though he were in Heaven. Now, however, he is on earth (visions have a way of changing from one scene to another), and he is able to converse with this remarkable angel. Another aspect of the scene, which in the natural world would be incongruous, is perfectly in order in an apocalyptic vision – John, the human being (with human physical dimensions) not only converses with this immense angel, but is also able to take a scroll from the angel’s hand and “eat” it.

The scroll tastes “sweet,” but turns John’s stomach “sour” (verse 10). Its content has something to do with prophecy – for John is told, after eating it, that he “must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings” (verse 11).

Perhaps the key ingredient in the scroll has to do with “the mystery of God [being] accomplished” after the seventh trumpet is blown (verse 7). That mystery is very much related to “our Lord and…His Christ” who “will reign for ever and ever” (11:15).


Lord Jesus, You are the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. You reign supreme. I look around me and see confusion, violence, and evil men destroying people’s lives. I pray for insight to see that while human free will seems to be in charge temporarily, in reality You are working in spite of me and all other men and women, as well as through me and all who are people of good will, to ultimately bring about Your will here on earth. In Your loving and all-powerful Name I ask You for grace. Amen!!!


Some Bible prophesies I think I can understand, particularly the 500 or so that have already been fulfilled. The remaining 500+ still in the future are a far greater challenge. There is so much symbolism, understandable because people such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and John were human just like me. Not that I’m comparing myself to them, but it’s comforting to know that they were also imperfect pilgrims on their way, as John Bunyan wrote, to the “Celestial City.” The Apostle Paul, originally known as Rabbi Saul of Tarsus, a brilliant intellectual, wrote, “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then [in the future] face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known!” That’s from the Bible’s love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13:12. The infinite value of reading God’s Word daily, even when we “know in part,” is absolutely essential to me as a believer in Jesus. God does reveal Himself through reading the Bible. For example, I was browsing Youtube and rediscovered a testimony from the 100 Huntley Street telecast. Stan Telchin, a Jew, was shattered by a phone call from his daughter in university, telling him that she had come to believe that Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah. He set out to prove her wrong by studying the Bible. You can guess at the outcome. Click here for the interview from a few years back, hosted by Reynold and Kathy Mainse. I’ve learned to keep on keeping on reading God’s Word, even if I do not have total insight into the mysteries which will only be fully understood when the actual events have occurred.

Yours for never, never, never giving up on reading our Bibles!!!,


P.S. COMING UP JUNE 3rd! We start our next two-year journey through the Bible, beginning in Matthew’s Gospel, and then to Genesis. Every day will have fresh insights. Some content will be put back into the oven and brought out at 6 a.m., just as fresh and hot as it was the first time around. Let’s do it again! Let all your Facebook and/or Twitter friends know. Tell your neighbours and friends across the country and around the world. Let’s take up the challenge for another two-years!!! Amen!!!

11 thoughts on “Thursday, May 17, 2018

  1. He had the same motavation as Lee Strobel,then he (also) found Jesus.However,there,sadly,was controversy within his family.


    Sweet Jesus I owe everything to you and to you alone,
    You have shown me my home,you are my anchorstone,
    You have saved me always when stormy winds have blown,
    You have always been my rock,the truest friend I’ve known,
    So why do you think me worthy as a seed you have sown
    What can I ever do to earn all the love you’ve shown .

    Let me know sweet Jesus, let me know beyond my days
    Let me know my savior,when I bow down to you in praise,
    When my time here is drawing short and coming to a close,
    As they carry me away after leading the life I chose,
    I pray that I will leave not sorrow for those that I love,
    But instead to know the joy that waits for us above.

    I am not a wealthy man but I am very rich by far,
    When I walk my journey you’re my guiding star
    And you know that I am honest in all the things I do,
    I have never born false witness,I only say what’s true,
    You have strengthened my soul before I even knew
    Of life’s losses with your love to see me through.

    You have always had your hand placed within my soul,
    You have shown me your light that has made me whole,
    I have never known this love that comes from your grace,
    Nor have I known compassion that shines from your face,
    For I am still a sinner and you are the son of God
    I can only meet you at the end of the road I’ve trod.
    G W(Bill) Marshall (No copyright intended)
    :Couldn’t sleep after listening to ‘Salvation’ from Springhill.The melody (I had no means to record the melody.) started in my head,over and over, followed by the first line of the chorus,then I had to get up at 3:30 AM and finished this at 4:16 AM.June 6/2011…I typed what I heard.It took no more than 15 min to write this after my old PC finally booted up.

  2. Thank you Lord for this day as I am hiding in Thee. Thank you Ron, Ann and Reynold for carrying on your father’s work. I love the Word and as David admonished, I never want to stop redoing it. As John said at the beginning of Revelation, he was exiled to the Island of Patmos for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Many have paid a great price for this Word so why should we abandon it. Amen? God bless you saints!

  3. Yes without the “Word of God” there is no life…for The Word is Life, The Word is Jesus!! Praise His Holy Name.

    What a beautiful seascape! thank you Reynold!

  4. when I heard Stan Telchin I broke down in tears I don’t know why my brother in law
    said he was Jew once then thought of my family. My family doesn’t know Jesus I do pray for them . Stan prayed for his father when he was 92 I can’t go to them , and say
    the prayer. I wish they knew.

    • God bless you Lianne; we pray the Holy Spirit will call your family to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour; with God all things are possible;we pray God blesses you with good health, we can pray always, pray Lord’s prayer daily over your family; IT IS A POWERFUL PRAYER, JESUS TAUGHT IT TO ALL MAN KIND…..
      I’m reminded daily about forgiving others as He has forgiven us! “Ain’t that just like the Lord!”

  5. please pray for my safety as I drive, swim, or in my home. TY Lord for keeping all evil away, bless my children and their children,TY for removing smokes/alcohol from me; for giving me swimming from a broken leg, TY Lord in Jesus Name we Pray amen

    • Agreeing with you SAH… Thank you Lord and now I pray along with SAH for her safety as she drives and swims or is at home! May SAH always feel your love and companionship!

      I too pray for all of our children and grand children.. Lord may your love and strength and peace surround them and protect them and may we all become the people that you want us to be!

  6. God bless you Anne
    also please pray for a like-minded person to cross my path and perhaps needs a nice clean place to live……if the Lord sends this person across my path I will begin a conversation with this person as I have a place for someone to rent, someone who is working perhaps until 2 a.m. or so…..Pray the Lord will handle this for me TY

  7. I meant to say, “I never want to stop reading it.” Redoing could refer to this blog. Thank you for the poem William Marshall; very timely. May the Lord answer all your prayers sah that are in His will. Amen!

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