Monday, September 25, 2017


Today’s Reading: Psalms 38-39

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


Here is an “arrow loop” in the wall of Jerusalem’s Zion Gate. These were slots in the walls through which defenders would shoot arrows in ancient times. We may not shoot literal arrows, but Jeremiah 9:8a says, “Their tongue is as an arrow shot out.” Zion Gate is located in the southern part of the Old City. This gate was used by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 to enter and capture the Old City. The stones surrounding the gate are still pockmarked by weapons fire. This entrance leads to the Jewish and Armenian quarters (wider photo below)..

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Psalm 39:1

I said, “I will guard my ways,

Lest I sin with my tongue;

I will restrain my mouth with a muzzle,

While the wicked are before me.”


There’s a very big word here which has only one letter, the letter “i”. In these two Psalms, “i”, or actually the capital “I”, appears 19 times. Could it be that we focus on ourselves too much and not enough on God? Our tongues provide the most obvious indication of what’s going on inside the “I”. David, Solomon, Paul and James all wrote about the problem we have with our tongues. James even wrote that our tongues can start a forest fire (read James 3:1-10). Dangerous or what? David writes that he can stop sinning with his tongue by guarding his ways and restraining his mouth with a muzzle. We muzzle dangerous dogs, but is this the best way to keep us, as humans made in God’s image, from backbiting and attacking one another? Self (the big “I”) control is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23). The Spirit produces this fruit of self-control in our lives, not the big “I”. The Apostle Paul follows his description of the fruit of the Spirit with these words, “Those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh (the “I”) with its passions and desires” (Galatians 5:24). Therefore, controlling our tongues is possible by yielding daily to the Spirit of God. It will take time for good fruit to grow and ripen, so that if someone takes a bite out of us, they will taste the goodness of Jesus, who dwells in every believer.


Lord God, Your servant David, twice in today’s reading, compares our lives to “vapor.” Like the morning mist, my life seems to evaporate. I ask, “Where has time gone?” Therefore, Lord, I pray all the more fervently that You will make every moment and every word I speak or write count for good. Fill me up to overflowing, I pray, so that from the overflow of Your Spirit I will bless others with the words my tongue speaks. Amen!!!


For some reason the sitcom which featured Archie and Edith Bunker comes to mind. I remember that when Edith would be making her point rather emotionally, Archie would say, “Stifle yourself!” I’m laughing as I imagine the scene, but in reality it was no laughing matter to be a part of such a dysfunctional family. Perhaps the essence of comedy is the difference between what I am as a person and what I know I should be. It’s much easier and more fun to laugh than to cry. Archie’s instructions to his wife, “Stifle yourself,” never worked. Edith’s tongue kept right on upsetting Archie in every episode.

By God’s Spirit, Who, according to the Scriptures, lives in me, I can have a tongue which follows the instruction given by Solomon, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11).

Yours for words “fitly spoken” to people around us and in prayer to God!


P.S. Ron here again. We noticed there was a problem recently with the email server for the daily “100 Words” email and you may have missed receiving your email recently. Sorry about that! If you ever miss an email, you can always go online at and find the posting you missed.

Regarding Dad…there has been a constant stream of family visiting Dad here in his hospital room as we await the Lord’s timing to usher him to his heavenly home.  We didn’t know whether he would make it through the weekend, but we’re happy to spend a little longer with him. During his lucid moments we are able to communicate our love, sing a song, share a memory, or simply help him to get comfortable. These moments are precious! Thank you for your continued prayers.

A wider view of the Zion Gate described in the photo above.

40 thoughts on “Monday, September 25, 2017

  1. Precious moments with beloved David and family togetherness. Trusting our all-knowing Heavenly Father God who orchestrates every second. Every word spoken and each song sung together is a treasure forever into eternity .
    I can feel the Sacred Presence of Jesus as I’m with you in spirit.
    ‘ more love to Thee oh Christ , more Love to,Three ; hear now the prayer I breath on bended knee ‘ .
    Once again Gods Holy word is so fitting .
    Humbly with my love to you and our blog friends/family in Christ

  2. What good advice about taming the tongue by submitting to the Holy Spirit ( I could have followed that more often). Ron, the prayer your father wrote for today, saying, where did the time go, and asking God to make every word he speaks count, really hits home considering the circumstances. That really has happened through the 100 words blog. It’s really neat that people across Canada can read it. Continuing to pray.

    • I agree with you Eleanor on both accounts, about the tongue and also the prayer is so fitting for now.
      Ron, God Bless you and your wonderful mother and family as you are being vigilant over your father. It must be very comforting for him to know that there is always someone by his bedside. My prayers are going up daily for him. Eleanor M.

  3. Hi Ron: You and the family must be exhausted but at the same time enjoying these last precious days with your dad. This must be so difficult for your mom. Praying for peace and comfort to all as you await your dad’s home going. Blessings to all.

  4. No wiser words of advice, than to tame our tongues. Amen to your family time with David, Ron. Praying he is comfortable and trusting God in His timing. We love you, David–oh good and faithful servant. Blessings fellow saints in the Lord!

    Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying: “ ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, ’who was, and is, and is to come.”
    Revelation 4:8 NIV

    I Sing Praises to Your Name

    • How amazing that your should post that scripture from Revelation 4:8 Beverlee, for those are the scriptures I read last evening in my time of prayer. How beautiful how God dovetails our worship and praise to Him!!

      Also agreeing with your comments Beverlee!

  5. Thank you so much, Ron, for your faithfulness to keep us all updated. The Lord be close to you and your family, bringing comfort, peace and joy, every single moment of this day.

  6. Father God. Thank You for Your Word & for the faithful Maines family. I believe You are ministering to folk through David even as he waits for Your call to bring him home. Bless David & family with Your love & mercy (especially Norma-Jean) during this time. Amen

  7. It has been a blessing to have this journey of seeing God in the Scriptures with this wonderful servant of God. The whole world has been touched by his dedication to spread the word. What a blessing God has given him to have a loving family to carry on his faithfulness. God comfort you with wonderful memories and strength for each day.

  8. We missed the daily “100 Words” email, but it is back on track again, a very big thank you!
    Continue to pray for Pastor David and his family.

  9. Dear Ron, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this very difficult time. “Well done thou good and faithful servant dear David.” Ger

  10. Praying for all of you-2 years ago my Dad was struggling between going and staying too ,it is so very hard ! We seemed to need to give him permission to go and that we would all be ok and see him again in that bright land where we’ll ever grow old!
    Love and hugs to you all ????????

  11. Hi Ron, Thank you for the updates on your father’s illness. He has such tenacity, and these times and words are a special gift to you…Our dearest pastor David has had tremendous vitality for ministry, more than most, so leaving must be very difficult, and this same strength is holding him a while longer than most. God knows

  12. My prayers and thanksgiving continue to be with all your family at this time. Thanks so much for continuing to send out this blog…’s always a good encouragement and pastor David’s words of wisdom continues through it.
    Thanks again…..many blessings to all.

  13. Thank you Ron for keeping us posted.I feel like I’m a part of the family
    Which loves and honours David for his unwavering commitment to
    spreading the love of Jesus.What a legacy you are leaving David.Your
    beautiful family shines with the same love of Jesus.My love goes out
    to the whole family at this difficult time.At the same time, I can only imagine
    the warm reception you will receive as the Lord says “well done good and
    faithful servant”
    Love and peace to all,

  14. Thank you for keeping us updated as we continue to pray for your dad and the whole family.

    We know that God’s timing is perfect and we trust while we wait on Him!

    Much love to the whole Mainse family. Praying peace and comfort for all.

  15. Continuing in prayer for all of you and asking for God’s peace and comfort to fill Pastor David’s room. What a wonderful display of a loving family singing and praying at his bedside.

    Thank you Ron and Anne for continuing to send out our blog.

    Blessings on all today.

  16. The blog is once again in my “in box” thank you. I did go into “” and was able to get each posting. Thank you for being faithful and continuing with was your Dad began!

    Agree with all the above prayers and comments.
    Also praying for daily strength and refreshing in the Lord to all of you as you await your Dad’s entry into Glory; in particular to you Norma-Jean!!

  17. Thank you Ron for your updates. Sending God’s love to David and you and family and 100 Huntley family. Am remembering my trip to Israel with all of you in 2013 with love. So thankful I went! I will have that wonderful trip of memories forever! Will see David again in heaven with Jesus for sure????❤️

  18. Vivienne and I really enjoyed our trip to the Holy Land in 2012 and getting to know David and Norma-Jean just a little.
    David’s battle with cancer was truly inspirational and we take comfort in the certain knowledge that David is now absent from the body and present with the Lord.


    Graham and Vivienne.

  19. So thankful you have gotten to be with your Dad during these last precious hours. May God hold all of you close ????????????o

  20. Have just heard on the Christian radio station this afternoon, that David is now in the presence of the Lord. I am rejoicing so much for him, but sad for his family’s huge loss. He was one of the greatest men of God I’ve ever known of. Praying for you and all your family, Ron, and especially your mother, Norma-Jean. What a blessed hope we have in knowing there will be such a joyous reunion some glad day, on the other side.

  21. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of the presence of Rev. David Mainse in your lives. What joy though as I realize he will be in the presence of our Heavenly Father, suffering no more sorrow or pain. God bless you and yours.

  22. No more suffering ,Be at peace David….And for the family I say condolences
    thank you for keeping up the blog… Love to you all….Rosemarie….

  23. I was shocked to hear that David is now in heaven and I send my condolences to his family. A great day for heaven but a sad day for those of us who loved his voice here on earth…. Love to all….. I’ll always remember the tour of Israel with David and Norma-Jean …… Karen

  24. Just read my email from Crossroads, Lorna Dueck, announcing David’s parting into glory at 12:46 pm. Holding all the Mainse family in prayer. And all the saints, for I know how saddened we are by this news. No longer will you be suffering, dear David, but oh, how much we will truly miss you!!

  25. Oh just came on here tonight and read that dear David is in the presence of the Lord. Deep sadness in my heart but sending my condolences to you Norma Jean, Ron, Ann, Reynold, Kathy, Bruce, Ellen and Nizar and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. A mighty man of God has just departed.

  26. Sending my condolences to you Norma-Jean, Ron, Ann, Reynold, Kathy,Bruce, Elaine, Ellen and Nizar and all the grandchildren and gr-grandchildren. May our Lord Jesus Christ comfort and hold you in the Palm of His hand in this time of need!!

    Lorna Dueck and staff, holding you up also at this time as you continue bringing forth 100huntly Street with its founder gone to his iternal home!

  27. Canada has lost a Great Man of God. So sad to lose him from among us but so Thankful that the Lord gave him to us…he and his wonderful Family. My Mother in law was living with us years ago and we had just become Christians. We were watching 100 Huntly Street together, and she wanted to call and when she did, the person on the telephone prayer line led her to Christ. I was listening on the other phone as she did this. Forever grateful for this courageous Godly man who had such a heart for soulwinning.!

  28. To all of David’s family at this time our deepest sympathy on the passing into glory of your husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather today. I like you and countless others look forward to seeing David when we too shall pass into the near presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God’s richest blessings be with you all now and through the days ahead as you both celebrate David’s life and mourn for yourselves that he is no longer physically present with you, but spiritually he will always be with you.
    with our love.
    Denise and Brian+

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