Sunday, September 24, 2017


Today’s Reading: Psalm 35-37

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


In 1667, Pope Clement X commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to build a second fountain in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, which closely followed the design of the Maderno Fountain on the north side of the square. The Bernini Fountain was completed in 1677. In the distance you can see St. Peter’s Basilica and its dome. In our reading today, the psalmist, David, wrote of the Lord, “For with You is the fountain of life” (Psalm 36:9a).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Psalm 36:8-9a

They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

For with You is the fountain of life.

This is not a dull, unexciting existence, but a life of fullness, a river of God’s pleasures, and for us, a “fountain of life!” In the first eight verses of Psalm 37, the words “DO NOT FRET,” begin and end a list that can guarantee us a joy-filled life. (1) Trust in the Lord. (2) Dwell in the land. (3) Delight yourself also in the Lord. (4) Commit your way to the Lord. (5) Rest in the Lord. Now, let’s go back over these five and ask ourselves whether or not they are happening in our lives.

The results of practising the above are summed up in Psalm 37:23-25. We may want to reread these verses, taking time to meditate on them, and then pray the following prayer.


Lord God, Grant me the grace to not fret! I am trusting You! I am dwelling with You! I am delighting myself in You! I commit my way to You! Having made this confession, I now rest in You! I pray that the One who lived this way 100% of the time, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I’ve invited to live in me, will enable me to live as He lived! Amen!!!


Psalm 37:37 brings laughter to me as I read it. When I was a student at EPBC, now Master’s College and Seminary, in Peterborough, Ontario, we, a few students, carried out an odd practice for about two weeks. Some of us would carry in our pockets a marker pencil, and if anyone came across less than humble in a statement or attitude, out would come the marker, and an “X” would be placed somewhere on that person. The original English translations rendered verse 37, “Mark the perfect man!” We had a great deal of fun, but there were actually two messages here. First, I must not think of myself too highly, and second, I should not be so judgmental of others. The New King James translation, which I use for this blog, does not use the word “perfect,” but “blameless.” I learned that I am “in Christ,” and because of Him and Him only, can I be “perfect,” which I’ve come to understand means “complete” or “blameless.” For a New Testament reading, I suggest Ephesians 1:1-23. The words “in Christ” or “in Him” are repeated at least a dozen times. So…as the old English says, “Fret not thyself!!!”

Yours for Joy in our Journey!


P.S. Ron Mainse here. Dad’s current hospital journey is not so joyous, but there are moments when a smile comes over his face… usually when He’s thinking about Jesus, Heaven, or my Mother! Mom spends many hours every day at his bedside, and she often plays old hymns through her iPhone. She sings along with the music and tries to get Dad to sing along, which he sometimes does. We continue to await God’s perfect timing in ushering Dad home.

Another photo angle on the Bernini Fountain in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

32 thoughts on “Sunday, September 24, 2017

  1. Amazing scripture reading and meditation for today . Psalm 37:3-7 is most embraced verses for the journey of my life. These have carried and encouraged me through many difficult & lonely times .
    I really need it even right now as I’m unable to sleep …..desiring more of His presence to grant peace for my soul.
    My prayers are with you without ceasing ….interceding for Daviid, Norma Jean and all of you.
    Here in BC it’s the between 3-4 o’clock and I’m so grateful once again for your blog being posted .
    I’m feeling so close to you from a distance . Experiencing the fellowship of the saints..
    with love in prayer and singing hymns …

    • dear Margarethe

      I live in BC also and I am going to bed around 4 a.m. My sleep pattern changed 3 years ago! I am thankful because it works for me!
      I will pray for when I go to bed and I would ask that you pray for me also….blessings to you

      Thank you David Mainse family! Praying for peace, grace and mercy to fall up on you and your family!

      • Dear Sah. I’m praying for you and will continue to do so.
        Our communion of the saints is some of the fruit of David Maines labour .
        May the blessings you pray for others return to you manifold.
        With love & hugs

  2. Here in NB my husband and I are attending to our farm. You are embraced with love from across this country as we hold before our Mighty God.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for leading us through the Bible a second time, David. You are with us at the breakfast table most mornings. The blog has helped us in the discipline of daily Bible reading together.

    We appreciate your faithfulness to The Lord and to your blog readers. (And to the family for their input as well.)

    We are inspired by all the experiences God has allowed for you as you have faithfully followed His leading. Many souls have been blessed by the myriad of advancements of spreading the Gospel you have spearheaded over the decades. May God continue to bless you, your family, and the whole Crossroads family as they continue finding new ways, with God’s help, to reach a needy world.
    You and the whole family are in our prayers.


  4. Praying for David, Norma Jean & all their loved ones. May the Lord carry you at this difficult time. What a wonderful legacy David has left his family! What a glorious reunion awaits him and to be in the presence of Jesus!

    So appreciate these daily writings.
    Blessings to you all,

  5. Ron: Praying that God would be merciful to your dad and let him peacefully enter into His presence. The waiting can be so hard but our God is faithful to be right beside us.

  6. Ron, your Dad never “retired”. How much he has accomplished throughout his life! His integrity speaks loud and clear to all. This blog has provided do much encouragement to so many people. I love the photos, the commentary, the links to the scripture readings, and the personal experiences. Thank you to the whole family for this. Praying God will sustain your whole family and surround your father with peace

  7. Dear Mr Mainse, I want to thank you for the impact you’ve had on my life through your ministry. What I’ve noticed the most is that you consistently radiated the joy and love of Christ…it was all over your countenance! You’ve touched and blessed many lives, including mine….Thank you! I am praying for you, Norma Jean and your family at this time.

  8. Many, many thanks for the 100words blog! May our loving God bless all of you for this wonderful ministry. Thank You, Lord God, for never leaving us alone as we wait till You bring us home. May we be faithful, as David Mainse has been, to serve You with grateful and joyous hearts until then. In Jesus’s great name, amen

  9. Hi David,

    I just wanted to thank you for Crosswords. I have watched regularly since 1987. It has been a great support for me through the years and i am very thankful.

  10. So precious to feel like I am with you at the bedside thanks to the blog, and for you Ron or Ann taking the time to add your comment each day ! Thank you so much.

  11. God’s will…will be done.We all will take that journey home;but we do not catch the same flight.(Our tickets are reserved.)I think of our bodies as ” a life-support system for the soul” to exist in this physical world,much like an astronauts space suit or a deep diving suit.When it is damaged beyond repair,by illness or accident,we must abandon it and ‘swim to the surface’ which is heaven for Christians.Thank you,Ron.I prayed for your family in church this morning.God bless

    What A Glorious Day

    What a glorious day it will be,
    When my savior is looking at me,
    And says,’child,you are free’,
    For then I rejoin my family.

    What a glourious day in Glory,
    As we enter as a child with love,
    For we will start a new story,
    When we enter those gates above.

    What a glorious day with Jesus,
    When at His feet I will fall,
    To know just how he sees us,
    As His children,one and all.

    What a glorious day for leaving,
    Where sorrow is never known,
    I pray for short time grieving,
    As I harvest the love I’ve sown.
    G W(Bill) Marshall / May 05, 2013

  12. Our hearts are with the David Mainse’ family and looking at your comments of his condition, becomes first on our minds each morning… you communicate with him about the Lord whether singing or giving him his beloved Scripture, may you find strength pour in. Sending our heartfelt love and prayers. Alice & Danny Blackwell

  13. So thankful for your daily update on your dad, as we are praying for you all, and thank you for continuing the daily blog such a blessing.

  14. Waiting with you in prayer for the Lord’s Highest and Best for your David; and for you Norma-Jean and your whole family.

    Thank you Ron and Ann for continuing to post this blog.

    However, it has not come into my “in box” these past two mornings…I don’t know why. Would appreciate receiving in my “in box” if its not too difficult to have that done. Thank you, and God Bless and refresh you in Jesus Name I pray!

  15. To the Mainse family, You have shared him with Canadians for so many years. We have watched with great interest as the four Mainse children: Elaine, Ellen, Reynold and Ron married, had children and then grandchildren. Your family has led a very public life. David and Norma Jean have been impeccable ambassadors for Jesus Christ as have the rest of the family. MAy David soon be ushered into the presence of The Lord he has served so well. Thank you Jesus for loaning him to us all. What joy it will be for David to have a sweet release even though so many hearts across this land will be heavy. As you continue the ongoing bedside vigil I pray that you feel the love and prayers from thousands of Canadians.

  16. ……..soon going to a land where we’ll never grow old and we’ll be forever with our Lord and Savior! Oh I want to see Him!!! This world is not my home. May the Lord’s presence be especially real at this time. You are so loved!

  17. standing in my kitchen I look out at some mountains and there is a word that is naturally carved into the rock and it is the word JOY! It is so plain, and the letters are very LARGE!
    it is very high up, and that word has become very important for me


    suffering from a mental illness this word JOY is very precious to me!

    • Hi,Sah,Here’s some advice.God bless


      I lay them down in front of you,
      For Jesus,that is what I must do
      When my burdens become too much,
      I surrender them to your gentle touch.

      Lord,I give all my troubles to you,
      They are yours when my day is through,
      Please make them smaller for me
      So I am unencumbered and free.

      Lord you found me and gave me hope
      With new strength that I might cope,
      And now I have surrendered to you,
      Body and soul to be made anew.

      You lifted me up so I could see,
      That you were always beside me,
      Now I feel grief for the lost years,
      But I shall not cry any wasted tears.

      So I will lay them at Your holy feet,
      For You have made me more complete,
      I am yours through the fires of Hell,
      With love that Satan’s hordes can’t quell.
      G W(Bill) Marshall/2012
      Written over a year after my ‘surrender’,
      on my knees,in my livingroom.

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