Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Today’s Reading: Psalms 26-27

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Light breaks through the turbulent clouds on the dome of the Santi Luca e Martina church in Rome.

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Key Verse: Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation;

Whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the strength of my life;

Of whom shall I be afraid?


Like diamonds when the light strikes the many facets, so is the content of these two Psalms given to us by God and His shepherd king David. Let us join David in his prayers. He prays, “Vindicate me – Examine me – Try my mind and my heart – Redeem me and be merciful to me – Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice – Have mercy upon me and answer me – Teach me Your way, O Lord.” He encourages us to – Walk in integrity – Walk in truth – Tell of all God’s wondrous works – Dwell in the house of the Lord – Behold the beauty of the Lord – Inquire in His temple – Wait on the Lord – Be of good courage!!! As a result of prayer and of taking courage from God, David can state, “I shall not slip – My foot stands in an even place – The Lord is the strength of my life – My heart shall not fear – I will be confident – I will sing praises to the Lord – The Lord will take care of me!”

Now, why not confess out loud the words of our key verse! Are we ready to face another 24 hours of life? Yes! Yes! Yes!


O Lord, today I’m joining king David in his prayers. I’m making those prayers an integral part of my petitions to You! I wait on You Lord! You are strengthening my heart! Amen!!!


I’m thinking just now of the absolutely essential elements of loving and serving God which David highlights for us. In the 1970s, the song, “You Light Up My Life,” sung by Debbie Boone, was at the top of the pop charts for weeks. As I chose the key verse, “The Lord is my Light,” I was thinking of Debbie as she sat in the Green Room preparing to go out on the set of 100 Huntley Street. I may have told this story in a previous blog, but she was in Toronto performing the role of Maria Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music” production in a local theatre. My contact with Debbie was through her dad, Pat Boone, who had been our guest several times. As we prayed together, Debbie began to cry. I heard her say, “O Lord Jesus, it’s been so long, so very long.” She had obviously been so preoccupied with her role in such a famous production that she had neglected having a daily experience of the Presence of God. One of my reasons for this daily blog is so that I will never have to say, “It’s been so very long.” My son Ron just told me that I wrote about Debbie Boone in a previous blog, and we linked to a 100 Huntley Street interview with her. In case you missed it, here it is again.

One more thing…out of the thousands of guests I’ve had the privilege of interviewing, there were several who quoted Psalm 27:10 as their personal experience, “When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.” I cannot imagine what life would be like if I didn’t know that God is taking care of me!!!

Yours for getting to know God better each day,


P.S.  Ann Mainse here… Thank you for your continued prayers for Dad.  He remains in the hospital, surrounded by his family, so looking forward to being in the very Presence of His precious Saviour, whom he has spent a lifetime “getting to know…better each day.”  Today’s key verse is especially sweet as Dad is trusting in God, his “light” and his “salvation,” completely without fear.  It is our prayer, dear blog reader, that you, too, have that same confident hope in Jesus.  He loves you so.

49 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 20, 2017

  1. Thank you, Ann. Holding you all in prayer. I have been on hands and knees for David, this morning, giving thanks to the Lord, our God, for his faithfulness. He has inspired so many to know the love of Jesus. We love you, David. How sweet for you to see the face of our Lord! How great Your love is, Lord! Blessings fellow saints!

    In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see.
    Isaiah 29:18 ESV

    Behold (Then Sings My Soul) – Hillsong Worship

    • God bless you Beverlee Kay; thank you for your prayer support! You share such excellent music with everyone! God bless you for doing this for the Lord! The songs are so beautiful! God bless you and thank you……

      I am still waiting to see what is happening with my bill situation….
      Megan was going to investigate and get back to me! So far I have heard nothing, I pray this is a good sign! I pray that God leads this to a favourable conclusion! HE KNOWS THAT I PAID THE BILLS! HE SAW ME DO THIS TASK!
      Blessings and a BIG thank you to all who have prayed for my situation! THAT means very much to me, it brings me to tears! THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!
      Lord bless all who have prayed! Bless all who are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, grant them a happy, wonderful day!
      In Jesus Name we pray amen amen amen

      • Lord God, we hold our dear sister Sah up to you, and pray for Your divine intervention, protection, strength and healing to be brought to her and her bill situation. Where two or more are gathered and ask for prayer, you Hear us, Lord. Come into her life and bless her as she has never been before. In Jesus precious Name, we pray. Amen, amen, and amen. Thank you Sah for liking the songs!

  2. My heart is saddened to hear the news about David but also happy for him as he is getting ready to enter into eternity with his Saviour. I wanted to say a huge thank you to David and his family for preparing this blog which has helped me to stay strong in the words. Thank you so much for your faithfulness which has helped me keep my eyes on Jesus through hard times. Love love love

  3. Thank you Ann, for your message to us this morning. The Lord is good and loving and merciful all the time. David and all of you are in my prayers. Sad for the rest of us, but so happy for David, who may soon meet his Lord and Savior, the Light of his life, whom he has served so very faithfully all his life.

    • Amen! Deanna.

      Just returned home from vacation & read Ann’s message.

      Thank you for this blog, as it spreads the Word of God,
      our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to all the world.

      John 3: 16 says it all, Amen!

  4. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servant”
    Psa 116:15

    Yes sad for us, especially family, but we do not mourn as those with out hope!

    Thank you for this blog, it has helped me so much!

  5. Amen Ann and fellow bloggers. I am saddened as well about our loss and especially the families’ but glad for dear David who is so looking forward to being in the presence of the Lord. The scripture is so meaningful for him today. We love you David and will keep you continually in our prayers. Thank you Ann and Ron for keeping us updated. God bless you all. Ger

  6. We are so saddened to hear this. David and Norma Jean have been such an inspiration to us. We are praying for all of you. Bless you David as you go to your reward.

  7. I have selfishly prayed that this precious man would be healed and raised up because I love his teaching and look forward to his blog every day. But I know that “in His presence is fullness of joy” so I pray God’s will be done. I know he will hear his Lord and Saviour say “well fine good and faithful servant”. God bless you all, his dear family.

  8. I also thank you Ann for updating us today, I am writing this with tears falling. Dear Ann: this blog has been such a help to me over the years and I am very grateful that Ron and you will carry it on. I know that dear David is looking forward to his heavenly home and well he deserves it. He has been such an inspiration and a shining light to all off us we will miss him dearly. May God keep all the family in His care, as you go through this transition, remember that He loves you and so do all of us. Eleanor M.

  9. Thanks,Ann.I went right to the bottom to see how David is doing,hoping to see see some good news….and I did,but not what we all want to see.We are all so grateful for David’s (and his family’s) devotion to God’s work.Thank you all….Now,to to today’s reading…
    Seeds Of Peace

    May seeds of peace find a home in your heart,
    May forgiveness help mend each broken part,
    For you are worthy when the last sunset falls
    To cross that bridge when the trumpet calls.
    So be not of sorrow for those gone ahead,
    They are more happy than we who are dead,
    For most of us fail to learn how to live,
    The secret is to open your heart and just give,
    For this is the way our Savior had taught,
    But through Satan’s lies,His words we forgot,
    So as time grows shorter we must reawaken,
    To remind the world of His love forsaken.
    G W (Bill) Marshall

  10. It has been a privilege getting to know David through his blog. He has brought me closer to the Lord with his daily devotions. He will be sadly missed by many. Our loss, the Lords gain.

    from PSALMS NOW by Leslie F Brandt
    The Lord is your shepherd and constant Companioon.
    There is no need that He cannot fulfill.
    Whether His course for you points to the mountaintops of glorious ecstasy
    or the valleys of human suffering, He is by your side.
    He is ever present with you.
    He is close beside you when you tread the dark streets of danger, and even when you flirt with death itself, He will not leave you.
    When the pain is severe, He is near to comfort.
    When the burden is heavy, He is there to lean upon.
    When depression darkens your soul, He touches you with eternal joy.
    When you feel empty and alone, He fills the aching vacuum with His power.
    Your security is in His promise to be near you always, and in the knowledge that

  12. Thank you, all the Mainse family, for your service to God, the world, Canada, and to us! We really appreciate your faithfulness. Thank you for sharing David with us. We love him too, and pray for God’s continuing comfort and blessing for all of you. May you all keep going in God’s presence. In Jesus’s forever-great name, amen

  13. Thank you so very much Ron and Ann for keeping us updated and also for continuing to bless us with this wonderful blog! You have Blessed us richly! Our prayers are with you. It’s always hard for those of us who are left behind however one day we will all be together in glory if we know Him! May God Bless you all at this time!!!

  14. I am looking forward to meeting you in heaven.
    You are leaving behind a wonderful family that God has blessed enormously.
    Thank You God for David and family leaving us a backup to continue his and Your ministry to make Canada a country who will glorify only you till end times. Amen!
    We sing praises to our Savior Jesus Christ.

  15. Thank you for the update Ann. It is hard to say goodbye to David Mainse. What a godly light he is to our nation of Canada and around the world! I join with a host of others in praying for David & Norma Jean and your family at this precious time. “Happy are the people whose strength is in You, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” Psalms 84:5

  16. David, heaven longs for you but so do we here on earth. If this is the hour appointed before time began for you to transition to eternity, send our regards and love to the Father – the Ancient of Days who sits on the Throne and the Lamb. In eternity, together with the cloud of witnesses, please cheer us on in our efforts to run the race and fight the good fight even as you have done. If the hour is not now, may the Lord restore and put you back on TV ministering as before.
    1 Cor 13:13: And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE. Agape always wins.

  17. Thank you Ann for the update on David and for your kind words.
    I pray for the Lord’s Peace and Comfort for Norma-Jean and all the family as you sit in the presence of the Lord together with David.

    Today’s key verse is one of my favorites. Also thank you for posting this blog daily; today photo is especially significant and beautiful.

  18. Much prayer for all the Maine family. May thee peace and comfort of God be with you all in abundance. My heart goes out to Normal Jean especially.. What an example of a Godly marriage they have ever been.

  19. Dearest Pastor David,
    Earlier you spoke to the epic transformational Psalm 23 and today’s Psalm you manage to distill…like a diamond cutter revealing perfect diamonds…the depth of truth and power inherent in God’s divine word! And as I gratefully mentioned after Monday’s blog, Pastor David serves God’s truth to the multitudes with power and impact as demonstrated during the interview segment of ‘Let There Be Light’. You emerged into my consciousness upon reading a quote (shared by Jenny Reese Clark) “Never dull your sense of being your utmost for His highest – your best for His Glory.” [Oswald Chambers]

    Thank you Ann and Ron for updating us and I continue to pray for Pastor David and all his family to our Merciful and Loving Lord Jesus, Amen!

  20. I am going to miss David terribly. He has always been a click away from us on the television. I am finding it hard to say the right words.
    Someday I will be able to tell him in person just how much his ministry has meant to me. He certainly fulfilled his calling in God’s service.
    God , bless the Mainse family.

  21. Dear David,
    Words cannot describe what a tremendous blessing you have been to me and countless others over the years! Only Heaven will one day truly reveal the amazing impact you have made here on this earth, as well as, your family, the 100 Huntley Street program and this blog! Thank you, thank you thank you!!

    Thank you so very much David for everything you’ve done to bless, inspire and encourage so many over the years and to advance the Kingdom of God here in Canada and across the world! For this we are all forever grateful.

    God’s abundant and eternal blessings to you David and to Norma-Jean, Ron and Ann and to your entire family and 100 Huntley Street ministry team! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! May the Holy Spirit and HIs ministering angels comfort and strengthen you all during this time.
    Peace, love and prayers,
    Anne M.

  22. We are praying for David & the family, We have the deepest respect for such a godly man. I used to be on the prayer phones when it was downtown Toronto & it was a great privilege to know David, he is such a humble servant of God, he will be greatly missed. God bless you all.

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