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Today’s┬áReading: 1 Kings 20

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The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem leads to the Damascus road, which runs from the capital city of Israel to the capital of Syria. This was a major thoroughfare even in the days of King Ahab and King Ben Hadad. Of course, the Apostle Paul had his life-transforming experience with Jesus on the road to Damascus! (Acts 9).

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 20:43

So the King of Israel went to his house sullen and displeased, and came to Samaria.


Here is a prime example of a failure in godly leadership by King Ahab. The Lord arranged tests for Ahab. Ahab failed those tests! While Ahab still had his title as King, his wife, Jezebel, had become the real leader. Yesterday’s reading began with the words, “And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done.” Then Jezebel took over. Verse two of 1 Kings 19 says, “Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah saying…” There is no doubt that after the Mt. Carmel confrontation between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Ahab knew what was right and what he should do. He was too weak as a leader to take his place of authority as King and as a husband. Now, in today’s reading, Ahab continues to waffle in his decisions. While Jezebel is not mentioned in the 20th chapter, we can be sure that Ahab continued in the pattern already established. No doubt he “told Jezebel all.” God was seeking to lead Ahab, but while Ahab knew the victory God gave initially over Ben Hadad, he failed to follow God’s leading fully. Ahab’s reaction to the final word of a prophet of God, probably a graduate of Elijah’s School of the Prophets, caused him to pout in a childish way. Ahab needed to call on God fervently, man up, and lead according to the way God instructed him. He failed to do so. His leadership was slipping away.


Lord God, there is a lesson for me to learn here. Two characters in today’s reading failed to follow through as You had instructed. May I hear Your instructions clearly and may I have the intestinal fortitude to follow through. Please keep me from being “sullen and displeased.” I need Your strength, Lord. In the Name of the strongest Leader ever, the Lord Jesus, Himself, Amen!!!


The night before last, as Norma-Jean and I were about to close our eyes in sleep, I turned to her and said, “Thank you, darling, for your support of my leadership.” I didn’t bring this up, but in our marriage ceremony almost 59 years ago, she actually promised to obey me. In this day of political correctness, that sounds positively old fashioned. In my early days of ministry, it was generally agreed that the internal discussions of the Board of Deacons in the churches I pastored, and later in the Board of Crossroads, stayed there, and a Deacon or Director would not do as Ahab did in telling all to his wife. From a personal point of view, I wanted to leave these matters inside the Boardroom. I very much wanted my home and my marriage relationship to concentrate on our family and our relationship as husband and wife. I think I can say that the result was harmony in our home, and some success in the ministry to which God called me. For this I give God the glory. Please forgive me if I’ve offended anyone here. It’s just that every time I read about Jezebel, I’m amazed at her control over her husband. Why, even Elijah, fresh from the victory of God sending the fire to consume the sacrifice, was overpowered by her.

Yours for hearing from God,


This is the original Damascus Gate from the time of Jesus. It’s below the level of the current gate pictured above.

8 thoughts on “Monday, May 8, 2017

  1. Meditating on your statement Pastor David, “Please keep me from being “sullen and displeased.” Need to seek the Lord, hear His voice and follow His leadership. Blessings today everyone.

    • Ger keep leaning on the Lord for answers; for His Divine wisdom and grace and mercy! Lord I ask that You will speak loudly and clearly to Ger! Lord God we have never been alone in our life; never! You have always been there right beside us BUT sometimes we need to Hear You very loudly so that we can go forward!
      Remember the time Lord You bellowed out that I cannot eat CHEESE! You were so loud, so clear and I thank you over and over for that loud voice! Now Ger needs to hear that loud Voice TY Lord in Jesus Name we Pray amen amen amen

  2. We’re with you, David. God’s Word totally transcends political correctness. It is eternal; the opinions of the current times go with whatever the “97%” agree on.

  3. Great photos of the Damascus Gate! Your words of wisdom Pastor David always appreciated. Thank you for sharing!
    Thank you Ron and Reynold for continuing to provide support for your Dad. Thank you Norma-Jean for your faithfulness in providing encouragement and care to David and your wonderful family. God’s Blessings and strength as you rejoice in Him this day and always!

  4. I so wish that men and women could take courses offered on the Christian belief and explain about this obeying business!
    the man/father/son/ needs to get counselling and understand the Word of God! To be obedient to God is powerful but so misunderstood…
    another issue that is so misunderstood is Mental Illness; .
    WE ALL HAVE A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, SOME MORE THAN OTHERS; we all have hormones and these hormones are out of whack! this all starts a birth and even before because we have people before us, family, all with a chemical imbalance….
    Praise and thank God the choir performance went very well, so enjoyable, Bible study went well also, God bless everyone and please feel free to share
    your requests with all of us; many of us are encouraged by others…..Blessings

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