Sunday, May 7, 2017


Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 19

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A view of the Sea of Galilee from the north shore. Jesus commanded, “Peace be still.”

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 19:12

After the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.

Here we are brought to a standstill as we catch a glimpse of the stillness there is in God. Let us remember how Jesus slept while His disciples struggled with the storm. Jesus brings a stillness to our lives (Mark 4:35-41). By faith we understand this and we come to rest in Him.
The revelation of God to Elijah was preceded by violent signs. We must understand that if we choose to follow God’s call and engage head on with the enemy of our souls, we will be thrown into the midst of the struggle. This is war! Those who engage in the struggle must do so with total confidence in the assurance of the ultimate victory of our God.This will be our constant experience as we live with inner stillness, while engaged in the struggle.


Lord God, I’m listening for Your gentle whisper. Father, in spite of the wind, the earthquake, and the fire, I pray that I will hear Your “still small voice.” In the Name of the One who said, “My peace I give unto you,” the Lord of all, Jesus Christ (John 14:27), Amen!


I have great memories from 1978 when Norma-Jean and I saved for quite a while to take our sons to Israel. The girls had come to Israel with us a couple of years before this. The boys’ high school principal, David Craig, told us, “Your sons will learn more in that month than they could ever learn in the same time in high school. You have my permission to take them out of school for a month.” Reynold, Ron and I backpacked from place to place, and Norma-Jean, with a friend’s van, would meet us with supplies from time to time.

On Mt. Carmel we read the chapters we’ve been reading in this blog for the past two days, and we wondered how Elijah could arrive back in Samaria before Ahab got there (18:45-46). Then as we climbed down the east side of Mt. Carmel, we realized that Elijah probably went down the way we were taking, while Ahab, with his horses and chariots, had to go down the gentle slope of the mountain which went in a westerly direction, the opposite direction from Samaria, before he could turn east again.

In a very real sense, I’m travelling every day through the land of the Bible as I read, meditate, pray, and write this blog. After I have finished writing between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m., I am “still.” The telephone never rings. No one knocks at the door, except Jesus. The old hymn says, “Blessed quietness, holy quietness, blest assurance in my soul!” (click here for the lyrics).

Yours for waiting on God in the quiet place,



16 thoughts on “Sunday, May 7, 2017

  1. What a peaceful time to spend with God bless the Lord all my soul and forget not His benefits bless His Holy Name
    I will bless the Lord at all times His Praise shall ever be in my mouth
    Thank you David and thank You Lord for giving Pastor David Your strength to endure until the end in Jesus name Amen

  2. I pray that every parent could travel with their children at least once in their life time! It is a very good bonding time; one that no one will forget for a long time!
    God bless you David Mainse for sharing your stories
    we can pray for all families in our country;
    a BIG THANK YOU to all who sent birthday greetings to me yesterday! It was very much appreciated! Brought me to tears! God bless everyone….
    pray for Rachel only 20 years old, beautiful soul that needs the Love of God;
    pray also for Brittney; has issues with forgiveness of mother; she also needs the Love of God to deal with this issue;
    bless our Community choir tonight at the performance for the people, it’s exciting; singing Gospel songs’ sharing the Love of God through music.. have a good day everyone, be thankful in all things; in the good, bad and the ugly! PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS ON ALL HIS PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

  3. Yes, time with the Lord, this morning, was precious. Beautiful morning, quiet and still with nature, the sound of birds, light rain, and painting a waterfall. What could be better than soaking in the splendour of God’s glory? The Sea of Galilee photo is a beautiful scene. Yes, “Peace, be still.” Praying for you, David. Blessings fellow saints in the Lord.

    “Be still, and know that I am God.”
    Psalm 46:10 ESV

    Hosanna in the Highest, Hillsong, with lyrics ♥

  4. Dear David,
    You have a choice to make. Go with the Christian Heritage Party and the Conservatives and choose life,
    Or get an eternal F from God.
    As it goes with you, so it goes with the Pentecostals.
    Ordering divorces and abortions isn’t the way.

    Christian Heritage Party of Canada
    Address: PO Box 4958 Station E, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5J1
    Phone: 1-888-VOTE CHP (1-888-868-3247)
    Fax: 1-819-281-7174

    • Paul, where are you getting your misinformation from? David does not support divorce or abortion. I, for one, don’t appreciate your comment or bullying on this blog.

  5. Like your comment that Jesus brings a stillness to our lives, Pastor David. Thank you for all your enlightening comments today about the spiritual war we are in as a Christian. Experienced it last week on more than one front but the Lord brought me out safely and now I am at peace. Remember being on Mt. Carmel the first trip and praying powerful prayers with our team for the salvation of our families. If I remember correctly, it hadn’t rained for months and when we went down to the baptism in the river Jordan, there was a downpour and thunderstorm. Remembered the experience of Elijah on the mountain at that time and the still small voice. God bless you David and all the saints!

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