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Today’s┬áReading: 1 Kings 12

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Beyond the security fence, looking from Israel into Palestine, you can see the area that was ancient Bethany. It is now the present day Arab village of Al-Ezareyya, the Arabic name for Lazarus, the one Jesus raised from the dead in Bethany. This area is situated on the Eastern slope of the Mount of Olives.

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 12:13

Then the king answered the people roughly, and rejected the advice which the elders had given him…

As the wall in the photograph shows, the land is divided. In the days of Rehoboam and Jeroboam, it was also divided. Friedrich Hegel, the philosopher, said, “We learn from history that we don’t learn from history.” Rehoboam may have been able to maintain unity if he had taken time to read Scriptures from Moses, Joshua, his grandfather David, and his father Solomon. Political leaders then and now need the wisdom of the ages and the sages. We need to pray, not only for our western leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-8), but particularly for Jerusalem and the whole region. The current population consists of Jews and Arabs. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” King David wrote those words. We may want to read that Psalm and honour his prayer request (Psalm 122).


Yes, Lord, I pray right now for the peace of Jerusalem. Only You, Lord God, fully understand all the issues involved. Please give wisdom to the leadership of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas. There is nothing impossible for You. Just as You gave David and Solomon the wisdom to bring about decades of peace, please do it again. In the Name of Jesus, the One who is the Prince of Peace, Amen!


In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned the wisdom that can be found in the diligent study of God’s Word. People who have shown themselves to possess wisdom should also be read and studied. Another of my heroes that I’ve mentioned before is the late Rev. Tom Johnstone. He was what you would call “self-educated.” He was a voracious reader who had a brilliant mind, but he did not leave us his thoughts in books. It’s a pity. One time I was visiting the Seniors’ residence, Shepherd Village in Toronto, calling on some of my “old” friends. I noticed a very distinguished looking man around 50 years old who was just leaving the building. I said to Joan Telford, the Administrator, “Who is that man?” She said, “Oh, he’s a Professor of Mathematics from the University of Toronto. He’s been visiting Tom Johnstone.” Tom would’ve been about 95 then. She went on to say, “There are a number of Professors who visit him regularly to learn from him.” Why was I not surprised? He had learned deeply in many subjects. I visited him also. He was a friend who had been like a Grandfather to our children. There is great and wise advice found in James 1:1-7.

Yours, asking for wisdom from God, knowing that according to James, I will not be turned down,


14 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 3, 2017

  1. Thank you Pastor David for this blog and for your boys and Ann for their part in it. Bless you, Norma Jean and the rest of your family, you are an inspiration to all of us.
    I am asking The Lord to heal your body so we can continue to enjoy this daily fellowship with you. I prayed your prayer for Israel this morning. It is truly wonderful in this age of technology that we are able to join together and do this.
    Blessings to all blog friends, enjoy your Wednesday. Eleanor M.

  2. Thank you David for the wisdom you bring to this blog also. I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I will be shut down for a few days but will continue my reading of the Word. Please pray for me dear saints as the enemy seems to be pushing back. God bless you all.

  3. As they say, “we don’t learn from history”. Todays reading starting with verse 6, is the same reason that the present governments of Canada and Alberta for example, are in such a mess. Leaders (who don’t lead) have turned their backs on common sense and good business practices, to try and please everyone, with wasteful spending and bad decisions, at the expense of future generations.
    May God have mercy on our children and grandchildren.
    Praying for your health David and your sage advise to continue.

  4. Prayed with you Ron, and with you Pastor David for the peace of Jerusalem. For the Wisdom that comes from the Lord for to infuse the Leadership in Israel and for the Palestine leadership. Lord you are able to do far above all we ask, nothing is impossible for You Lord!!

    Neither Rehoboam nor Jereboam acted wisely.
    Lord God may we turn to You in all our ways this day I pray, for it is the Day You have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
    You Lord are the Way, the Truth and the Life: John 14:6

  5. The Lord keep you in His hands Ger! He is your strength now and forever more!

    Adam and Eve didn’t learn! They had a perfect life, place, BUT the devil was lurking and he speaks a slanted truth always!
    So, we confess we have messed things up, yes Lord our country needs wisdom, grace, leaders need to come to the Lord on their knees, they do not have the answers! moms and dads also need to come to the Lord for wisdom in raising their families, Pastors, Doctors, Lawyers, all professions need to come to the Lord to confess their sins, receive complete forgiveness and move forward! children and young people all need the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! They are all precious in His sight!
    Jesus reached out to help people! When Peter was going down Jesus extended His hand to Peter and pulled him out of the water!
    The disciples couldn’t figure out what to do with all the people! Jesus told them to ask the people to sit down and then the disciples were to go and bring a lunch that a boy had and they did AND JESUS BLESSED THAT FOOD AND FED THE PEOPLE!
    Jesus did not wait for someone to ask, He broke the bread, blessed it and fed the people AND they had a great deal of food left over!
    I’m always so deeply moved how Jesus moved! Quietly, with humility, with love, kindness, compassion, empathy, sometimes rebuking the people, but always with the emphasis on ever lasting love!
    I also like His words, that He will never forsake us, nor leave us!

    (birthday May 6)

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