Thursday, April 20, 2017


Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 23

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The Acrocorinth above ancient Corinth was first a Greek acropolis, then a Roman citadel. Later, it became a Byzantine fortress. The Franks captured it in 1210, and it then fell into the hands of one of the rulers of Naples. An arms manufacturer and banker then owned it, followed by the Knights of Rhodes, the Turks, the Venetians, then the Turks again, and finally the Greeks once more…phew! The kingdoms of men are temporary, but God’s Kingdom is forever.

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Key Verse: 2 Samuel 23:3b, 4

He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. And he shall be like the light of the morning when the sun rises, a morning without clouds, like the tender grass springing out of the earth, by clear shining after rain.

In today’s reading, King David relates the results of his reign. He has had an education in the school of very hard knocks, and there is one more lesson to learn, as we’ll find out in tomorrow’s reading. However, for now, he knows for sure that when the ungodly rule, the people tremble in fear. On the other hand, when the righteous rule, the nation flourishes and the people rejoice. Having read over the past few days about tragic events during David’s 40-year reign, we might think that it was always that way. Not so! The majority of the years of David’s reign were peaceful and prosperous. One of the reasons for this measure of success was the great loyalty of the team known as “David’s mighty men.” Today, our leaders need loyal people around them. Jesus had loyal people around Him most of the time. Our Pastors and church leaders need our loyalty, our efforts, and our prayers. They cannot stand alone. Most of all, the ultimate loyalty is to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our King!


Lord God, I pray for my pastors, those who have the primary responsibility for spiritual oversight in my life. I pray for those who have civil authority as well. Please grant Your strength so that I will be loyal, not in a blind way, but in praying for these leaders, in paying my tithe and my taxes, and grant me opportunity for input into the lives of those who lead. In Jesus’ Name I ask these mercies, Amen!


When my sons were on football scholarships at an American University, I was given the opportunity to address the team and the coaches. My message was from today’s reading, 2 Samuel 23. I highlighted the stories of David’s mighty men. Some fought an offensive battle, and some were on defence. Most of all, they were loyal to their leaders. The result was victory! My sons, over 30 years later, remind me from time to time of that message. I don’t remember the results of the game following my talk, but I do remember that they were fired up to win.

“The first three” of David’s mighty men are singled out for honourable mention. Peter, James, and John were singled out by Jesus. I’ve often wondered why. I’ve come to believe that they were the most fervent, the most loyal, and had developed character traits that Jesus knew would be effective in leadership. Jesus responded directly to their level of commitment. His choices were not based on favouritism.

Yours for loyalty, integrity, wisdom and all those qualities that we want in our leaders and in ourselves,


P.S. Have you watched the video version of my blog lately? It’s a short, two-minute summary of each day’s key verse, commentary and prayer, and it airs daily on YES-TV during commercial breaks. My son Ron and I have recorded them together lately. You can find these “vlogs” HERE.

14 thoughts on “Thursday, April 20, 2017

  1. Wonderful vlog, Ron and David. God’s continued blessings to all saints, today.

    “Never forget that our capacity in spiritual matters is measured by the promises of God. Is God able to fulfil His promises? Our answer depends on whether we have received the Holy Spirit.” My Utmost for His Highest, Chambers, April 20

    Jesus says yes to all of God’s many promises. It is through Jesus that we say, “Let it be so,” when we give thanks to God. 2 Cor 1:20 NLV

    Selah – How Deep The Father’s Love For Us [with lyrics]

  2. A very special request for my dear friend Beth’s husband, Marc. He is now in hospital in dire straits, waiting for a liver transplant. Prayer is appreciated; also they have set up a Go Fund Me page. It is very expensive for the medications and when you are so sick, unable to work, that is an urgent situation. I hope you don’t mind me sharing their link. Every little bit helps.

  3. Dear heavenly Father please be with Marc as he wait for the liver transplant and give Beth the strength to be by his side.
    My friend Cynthia is having her surgery today to remove her breast. Please Lord let the cancer be only in the breast and all of it be removed.
    Please Lord hear these prayers that are going up for Marc and Cynthia today.

  4. Yes, in agreement with your prayers for Marc and Cynthia today that you will be very close to them and meet all their needs in your Precious Name Jesus. Amen!
    Also for Irene and Sah’s need from yesterday. Always listen to your vlog Pastor David and Ron and put it on facebook with a comment of my own as well. God bless you and all the saints. Have been busy past two overseeing our annual church business meeting and hiring another pastor. Your message on loyalty is timely and is second one I’ve heard lately. We got a heavy blanket of snow last night and now the sun is trying to shine. Last year I was raking the flower beds.

  5. I pray for every person mentioned on this blog that our Lord Jesus Christ’s Will
    would be done in each one of their lives, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  6. Thank you Beverlee and Ger for your prayers…I want to let you know that during tthe night the fever finally broke and I am feeling better, PRAISE THE LORD!!

    Pastor David yes, your message on loyalty certainly is timely. Your “phew” at the end of the photo also applies to today’s long list of names of David’s heroes.

    Your vlogs with your Son Ron are great…good to see you are doing so well!

  7. watched a program regarding liver transplants! a person took a liver even though the donor had Hep C, it worked very well…….it seemed that the patient had a good experience with this liver and did not get Hep C….
    TY to all who have been praying for me….those pesky ants were responsible for letting me know that my gas stove was broken!!!!!!!! The Gas Inspector remarked about being thankful for the ants…….I get it Lord! I am thankful! I just ask for a financial breakthrough to clear debts and help family and maybe invest some for a better income!
    I am still waiting to hear from Pest Control, prayers please for these people to contact me!

    I went to the pool and exercised! WOW it sure felt good! TY Lord for all the blessings of this day…….
    Lord bring healing to all who are in need, we love you Lord, we thank you for everything we have and are…….amen amen amen

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