Thursday, August 25, 2016


Today’s Reading: Exodus 23-24

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion on the right-hand side).

Two Cherubim kneel on top of a replica of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies at Timna National Park located in the Jordan Rift Valley. Also, Cherubim are seen on the veil that divides the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Exodus 23:20

Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.


Obviously, God encourages the creation of sculptures, like the Cherubim in Reynold’s picture, but bowing before them and worshiping them is wrong. Exodus 23:19 is the basis for the entire “Kosher” food system of observant Jews today. The religious Jews have taken a simple command not to boil a calf in the milk of its mother and expanded it enormously. We need to be careful to avoid such a religious trap. Again we read (24:4) “early in the morning.” It’s not that we earn brownie points by rising early to seek God; it’s an indication of fervency for God to which He responds. Seventy-four people saw the God of Israel (24:10). What an awesome description of what they saw. Revealing Himself in this way was God’s initiative. Continue serving Him and He will do what He will do to reveal Himself to us in an infinite variety of ways. Jesus said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John 14:9). We must keep our eyes on Jesus!


Lord Jesus, You are God and also the Messenger of God. Keep me in the way, and bring me into the place which You have prepared. Like Moses, I have built an altar. An altar can have many forms. Bless this altar, Lord God, called “” Amen!


I want to say thanks to those that have helped this almost computer illiterate person to do this two-year daily journey through the Holy Bible. This blog is sponsored by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., a federally chartered non-profit charity in both Canada and the United States. Norma-Jean and I receive an official receipt for our giving to the ministry which we use on our income tax return. I enjoy directing some of our money, which would otherwise go to the government, in a different way…God’s work. In a sense, the government is also God’s work. I read Romans 13:1-7 from time to time. It gives me a more positive attitude toward paying taxes, whether I agree or disagree with government decisions. Your support for Crossroads is as vital for the future as it has been in the past. Please pray! We all can maintain and expand Crossroads powerful ministry by praying, giving and working together. Jesus is our connecting link to God for prayer, and here’s a link for giving a secure on-line donation…click here. Crossroads needs all of us to help, if possible, in order to end the financial year with a solid foundation for the new year which begins this September 1st. Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!

Yours in thankfulness to Crossroads and your support to do this. God bless!!!


26 thoughts on “Thursday, August 25, 2016

  1. Like the idea that is our altar(you composing and our reading, praying your prayer and responding) to the Lord, David. God bless you that you are leading us in this way. Praying and trusting you are improving. Ger

  2. Amen to your message and prayer, this morning, dear David. Holding you forever in prayer–that God will heal strengthen and restore you. Loving the rain at the lake, this morning, and thinking of all the saints on the blog. God’s continued blessings to you all.

    Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
    He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday. Psalm 37:5-6 NKJV

    For the Lamb, Elevation Worship

  3. This is very encouraging, saints; wanted to share it with everyone:

    No scalpel, no drill: Medical procedure to treat uncontrollable hand tremor a ‘game changer’. Ontario woman 1 of 40 patients to receive procedure that will ‘revolutionize’ treatment of brain disease. The sound waves target and destroy the cells that cause the tremor. Doctors hope to apply the technology in the treatment of other diseases like Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

    MRI Guided Focused Ultrasound Removes Essential Tremors

    • I know, I saw that last night on the news Beverlee. So many of my relatives have shakey hands and heads and I’ve told them about this ‘operation’ but they are a touch skeptical yet.
      Praise the Lord for blessing us with new technology and procedures.
      Praying for a speedy recovery for you Rev. Mainse. We need your wonderful blog to continue for many years yet.

  4. Wow Beverlee I jotted down the website I use to have an MRI , but now cannot.
    I have a Vagus Nerve Inplant inside me which has alot of metal so it would be
    dangerous . The Vagus Nerve inplant did not work for my seizures so it was
    turned off. I did have had CAT scans before unfortunately for me surgery is out
    of the question . I will tell those who I know about the article so they can look
    it up to

    • It is so disappointing they can’t remove the implant, so you could have the procedure done in the MRI, and enjoy the benefits of this medical breakthrough, Lianne. Please know how much I am holding you in prayer. My heart goes out to you knowing how much you suffer from the seizures. God bless you, dear sister-in-Christ!

  5. Dear saints it is with a heavy heart that I share my mother at the age 92 passed away on Saturday — she had a heart attack in July, and with the prayer support of all of you, her heart lasted another month so everyone could have a chance to say goodbye, and then she passed peacefully into the arms of our Lord. Her funeral is tomorrow, I am giving the eulogy so pray for me that I will let not nerves or grief get in the way of honoring one of God’s better creations. Also keeping in prayer the families in Italy affected by the earthquake. She from Italy so my heart goes out to everyone there or on this site who is sharing the pain the grief I am feeling right now. God bless and keep all of us in His Love and Mercy– Amen

    • Sorry to hear this news, Donna, though I know it is better for your mom to be safe in the arms of Jesus, in heaven, now. And for yourself to no longer be managing the weight as her care-giver. Praying for you to deliver a promising eulogy on her behalf and get through the funeral, tomorrow, with peace and comfort in your heart.

    • God bless you Donna for sharing your blog with all of us on this prayer board! God will give you the greater strength and wisdom as you say good bye to your Mother!
      Your words will be an inspiration to many; Gods’ Words will be spoken by you gracefully, honestly and eloquently! That is how God works! He has an excellent message of salvation for all of us and He will be guiding each word you speak because those precious words are coming from the Lord Jesus Himself!
      Donna never apologize for grieving! Remember our Lord Jesus wept also! As you speak Donna may all the memories of your childhood and your life with your parents come flowing down and give you peace! We live in a world created by God, He knows our every step, and life is about the good, the bad and the ugly! BUT, we have a Saviour,
      He knows all about our lives! All we can ever do is say THANK YOU LORD GOD, THANK YOU, AMEN AMEN AMEN
      Take time to spend with family and next week let us know about your experience! God bless you Donna!

  6. Yes, praying with Donna and other saints for those traumatized in Italy from the earthquake. Lord God, our Jehovah Rapha, give them healing, the strength and grace and means they need, to overcome this earth shattering tragedy. In the precious Name of Jesus, we pray.

  7. Continuing in prayer for Pastor David that God will renew strength in him and healing.

    Condolences on the passing of your dear Mother. Donna and a prayer for your comfort and strength to give the eulogy . Wonderful to know she rests in the Loving arms of Jesus.

    Blessings dear saints.

    • Condolences Donna, but it is so wonderful to know that your dear mom is with the Lord. I am joining in prayer for you as you give the eulogy and also for those affected by the devastation in Italy.
      My heart and thoughts are with you and your family.
      Love and Blessings. Eleanor M.

    • Praying for God’s greatest blessings upon all who are struggling just now. Lifting David & Norma-Jean up and asking God to be especially close to them and to release His Healing Spirit to David and His greatest blessings upon them both.

  8. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom Donna but how onderful that she is with the Lord. Will be praying for you tomorrow and for the earthquake victims. How tragic that is!

    • May you be comforted, Donna, knowing that Mom is with the Lord and that she lived a long life on earth – a real blessing for you.

  9. May “The Peace that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind” as you share your heart as a farewell to your Mom Donna. Lord Jesus I pray you hold Donna in the Palm of Your Hand and comfort her in this time of sorrow and grief as she says “farewell” to her Mom. Thank you Jesus, Amen!!

  10. As I look at the photo Reynold..I feel a warmth of God’s arms around and over me. Thank you!
    Trusting that the healing power and love of Jesus is strengthening you each moment of every day Pastor David!!

  11. Praise and thanksgiving to God, was able to sell all my canning jars, put money on loan Please pray that I can sell hand knitted dishcloths, will put money towards loan; thank you Lord for this blessing….
    have a room at the back of my home for a quiet, working, non/smoking/drug free person, must like the pool, exercising, no pets, no parties, if there is someone that would be suitable I pray the Lord will put this person across my path. Thank you Lord for ALL the blessings of this day,
    stopped in at Unity House; was good to see everyone, had a good supper, bless all you deal with a mental illness, give us the strength Lord to continue to live each day. Thank you for all the blessings of this day In Jesus Name We Pray AMEN

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