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Today’s Reading: Genesis 49-50

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The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

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Key Verse: Genesis 49:10

The scepter shall not depart from Judah,
Nor a lawgiver from between his feet,
Until Shiloh comes;
And to Him shall be the obedience of the people.


Judah is the name from which the term “Jew” is derived, and all of the descendants of Jacob are now known as Jews. Judah was the fourth son of Jacob. He became the ancestor and a type or picture of Jesus. From his father Jacob, Judah received a prophetic word which can only fit the Person of Jesus. His brothers will praise Him. Verse eight also indicates that He will judge the world (John12:31). Romans 14:10 tells us that, “We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” Judah is given the names “Lion” and “Shiloh” (peace). Only in Jesus is this fulfilled. Jesus both wins ultimate victory over His enemies and establishes eternal peace. Judah is told that others will bow to him; this prefigures the worship due to Jesus Christ. Jacob goes on to say, “He washed his garments in wine.” Jesus took the wine and said, “This is My blood” (Matthew 26:28). To whom, other than Jesus, could the personal pronouns in the book of Isaiah refer? If you find time, please check this out by reading Isaiah 63:1-3.


Lord Jesus, I worship You. May I live in Your victory and in Your peace. Thank You for Your blood which cleanses me from all sin (1 John 1:7-9). Amen!


I had the honour of being graduation speaker at Southeastern University in Florida. One of the professors approached me and said that He was teaching religion and they were studying the prophet Isaiah. He went on to say, “Now, if I could only get my students to read Isaiah.” I suggested a mandatory assignment which would be graded upon completion. I said, “Require them to identify every personal pronoun in Isaiah and try to find any person who ever lived whose name could replace those pronouns.” Some months later, he communicated to me that they did this and the only name they could come up with was “Jesus.” God willing, when we arrive in the book of Isaiah, I’ll tell you about the Regina, Saskatchewan, Jewish M.D. who became a believer in Jesus as a result of an hour I spent with him going through the personal pronouns in Isaiah. Tomorrow, God willing, we jump into the Gospel of Mark. Please do your best to encourage your friends to follow along with us in this daily blog.

Yours to exalt Jesus together,



13 thoughts on “Saturday, July 23, 2016

  1. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV)
    “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

    Jesus, the name above all names. Have you ever wondered about where you came from? In this sense, I mean your ancestral line? For some of us, we’re form the lineage of a long line of farmers or labourers but for others, they may have Prime Ministers or dignitaries in their line. However when one becomes a Christian, it makes no matter whether you are king or pauper, from a long line of money or a long line of those who were impoverished … when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your own, when you come to a belief in Him as your Lord and Saviour, you are suddenly a new creation. You now have a new royal lineage coursing through your veins, you are a child of God and a co-heir with Jesus …. forever. This is exciting news because it means new life, new beginnings, a whole new world can be yours …. all because of Jesus residing within your heart. You are who you are, your name remains, your person remains, but your soul is set free to new heights when you believe in the one whose name is above all names, Jesus. Vow not to spend a minute longer without knowing Him, it’s the most important decision you shall ever make. God be with you.

  2. Thank you David for feeding us spiritually through this blog! I have been moved to tears several times during this story of Joseph, when I read the verses where he forgives his brothers. He could see the hand of God at work to bring about good, even through what they had done. He was able to have compassion on their human faults. May God grant me the ability to forgive like that!

  3. Love the blog. Love the Bible. Love the Author of it, of our faith. Love the comments. Thank You, Lord God, for all Your many blessings today. Please keep us in Your care, and help us love others because of Your Spirit in us. To You goes all praise, dear Lord God. In Jesus’ Name, amen

  4. May we/I be quick to forgive as Joseph did…and above all as Jesus Our Lord and Savior did…who “forgave all our sins”!!! Thank You Jesus. I Worship and adore You, bowing down before You, songs of praises singing, Hallelujah’s ringing, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, AMEN!!

    Thank you Pastor David for your guidance and wisdom in and through this Precious daily manna!!!

  5. Yes, Jesus and Joseph teach us a great lesson to forgive our enemies. May we receive that grace as well and see that God may be behind our trials and disappointments. The first coming of Jesus is prophesied in the first book of the Bible. Love the story of Joseph and his role in the family.

  6. Such magnificent words of scripture: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” Gen 50:20. That is the grace for which we can attest to when we overcome what seems insurmountable at the time because our God has a higher purpose and vision for the purpose of our lives. It was a joy to read the book of Genesis and I so look forward to beginning the Gospel of Mark, tomorrow. God’s continued blessings dearest saints in the Lord!

    Thus says the Lord: “The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness; when Israel sought for rest, the Lord appeared to him[a] from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Jeremiah 31:2-3 ESV

    Amazing Grace

  7. Hi to all the bloggers, There are a lot of people talking about yes T.V.
    I live on Van. Island… can you tell me what channel thats on?
    If any one knows ,please let me know ….I feel I’m missing
    out on some thing Thankyou…R…

  8. Thank you Pastor David for taking us through the Book of Genesis, giving more depth to it with your words of wisdom and understanding!

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