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Today’s Reading: Matthew 16-17

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An hour drive north of the Sea of Galilee is Caesarea Philippi, also known as Banias. Here you can view the remnants of the Temple of Pan. It was here that Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” Peter’s answer to that question is today’s key verse.

Key Verse: Matthew 16:16

Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”


Six verses later Peter actually rebuked Jesus. Jesus tried again and again to tell His disciples that He would be killed and would rise again. For some reason He could not penetrate their preconceived beliefs in the Christ who would overthrow the Romans and establish Israel as a sovereign state. So Peter moved from thinking the thoughts of the Father to thinking his own thoughts, receiving this response from Jesus, “Get behind Me Satan.” Peter’s mind was the battleground in the war between the Father, God, and the liar, Satan. To which voice will you listen? How do you know which voice is truth? The answer is to know God’s thoughts as revealed in His Word. This is the very reason this two-year journey through God’s written Word is so important!


Please, Holy Spirit, do for me as Jesus promised. Guide me “into all Truth.” Amen!


Sixty-two years ago I rented a hall in a northern Ontario village and began a Sunday School for my public school students and others. People began to regard me as a minister. For example, a lady named May, about 70, showed up at my door and announced, “Win (her railroad-engineer husband) is dead. I want you to take his funeral.” I said, “I’ll find a minister.” “No” she said, “He told me that you were the only one who prayed with him, and if you don’t do it, I will just stick him in the ground without a service.” I stood in front of the coffin in May’s little cottage and said something like this, “We don’t know why God would take Win.” Actually, Win was 85 and had a heart condition. After the burial, back in my one-room apartment, I confessed that I didn’t know God’s Word well and I took my Bible, opened it, and placed it on my head, saying to God, “With Your Teacher, the Holy Spirit, I will learn to think Your thoughts, and I will then be able to speak with assurance.” Then I went to Bible College and set out on a lifetime commitment to know God’s thoughts. In the first month at the college I was required to memorize 50 Scripture verses. I walked up and down the corridor outside my room hugging my Bible. It became so precious to me.

Daily learning His thoughts,


P.S. Our daughter, Elaine Stacey, with whom we are staying presently, has the very Bible that I mentioned above. It was a gift to me for Christmas 1952, less than a month after I had made my lifetime decision to follow Christ. I remember that it was falling apart after constant use for years, and I bought a new one. Some time later Elaine asked for my old Bible.


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  1. Mt. 16:15b “Who do you say that I am?” …. Indeed. This is a question that for the most part, each and every blog buddy has answered for themselves. For those who haven’t a definitive answer, challenge yourself today. Who is Jesus for you? This is a deep question with eternal consequences. I pray that we might all conclude for ourselves, the answer that Peter replied in our key verse today, verse sixteen.

  2. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and emphasizing how reading the Bible helps us to learn God’s thoughts and ways. This blog definitely is very helpful to me in providing structure and inspiration for doing that. I’m praying for your health and am glad you are getting some TLC at your daughter’s to help with your recovery from pneumonia.

  3. Pastor David- You clutch that old bible like a bull dog grabs a hold of a bone.
    Thy WORD have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee Psalm 119:11. Jeremiah said “Thy WORDS were found and I did eat them, and thy WORD was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart for I am called my thy NAME O ‘ LORD GOD of hosts’. Jer: 15:16
    Bless all the bloggers bountifully
    Rev. Terry Felvus – Grassie

  4. May God bless you, David Mainse! You are like Paul or Moses to us – we want to follow you as you follow Christ. May the cycle continue, & we make disciples as we become disciples ourselves. Lord God, we commit all those You have put on our hearts to You – please save & keep them all. In Jesus’ name, amen

  5. I do have seizures , prayed for healing , and believe that God will heal me in his timing.
    Years ago I did not understand this being a born again christian now I do believe he will
    Lianne Hogg

    • Our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit, we bring Lianne before you and pray for Your healing touch upon her, to end her seizures, completely. We know Your Word says she shall be covered with Your feathers, and under Your wings shall trust in Your truth that will shield and protect her, Lord. We give You all the thanks and praise and glory. In Jesus precious Name. Amen, amen and amen.

  6. Yes, we carry our cross for You, Lord. It is of no good for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his or her soul. Oh, such wisdom from our Jesus. We look to eternity, with You, our Lord and Saviour! Pastor Andrew Belair, preached about the transfiguration of Jesus, Moses and Elijah on the mountain during our Wednesday night Bible study. Could you imagine having been there? Love the precious photo of you clutching your Bible to your heart, dear David. Blessings beautiful saints, in the Lord.

    “And He changes the times and the seasons;
    He removes kings and raises up kings;
    He gives wisdom to the wise
    And knowledge to those who have understanding.
    He reveals deep and secret things;
    He knows what is in the darkness,
    And light dwells with Him.”
    Daniel 2:21-22 NKJV

    How He Loves, David Crowder Band

  7. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. It really touched me because sometimes we are not able to recognize what God has done to us and He uses simple people to do it. These are His voice telling us to go deeper as you have gone. God bless you. I pray that I have this same fire and passion in my life all my days.

  8. Good morning all – thank you David for your constantcy in the WORD – continuing to pray healing for you.
    Lianne, I pray the Lord deliver you from seizures – I have worked with a young man named Rob (47) for 2 years – who has had seizures for many years and is also a double amputee – he too believes he will be healed
    we have opened Healing Rooms here in Stratford and he is going to be prayed over by the team – the Lord bless you all.

  9. Pastor David, I pray that you are feeling better with all the TLC you must be getting at you daughter’ s home, and also all the prayers that are going up for you.
    I have my Mom’s Bible that she brought with her when we came from N. Ireland in 1953. We had a house fire the following year but the Bible survived. Mom died in 1960, I still have that bible it is a bit smokey and tattered but I love having it. She was a wonderful mom, who loved The Lord. Blessings to all, praying that The Lord would touch all who need healing today. Eleanor M.

  10. Does anyone have thoughts on what Chapter 16, verse 28 means? Some who were there at that time would not see death until He and His Kingdom comes?

    • Great question Doreen. In my research it appears to be referring to the Transfiguration. In Luke 9:27-28, and Mark 9:1-8 this promise is made just prior to the Transfiguration. The Greek word here used for “Kingdom” is basileuó, which can mean “to reign” or “have royal power” or “royal splendor”. It appears as though the most natural meaning would be in regards to the Transfiguration, although I’m sure there are other possible interpretations.

  11. Thank you for sharing your comments and life experiences, David. Love the photo of hugging your Bible. Peter made his confession at the Temple of Pan. I remember approaching the door of the cafeteria at the same Bible School and the words of Peter rang through my spirit, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” as the Lord seemed so real to me. Blessings everyone!

  12. Prayer for Victory

    Lord, Thy word have I hid in my heart
    That I might not sin against Thee.
    Bring it back to my mind as I need it
    When Satan whispers his lies to me.

    Your Word is a lamp to my feet
    And a light unto my way.
    Help me see clearly the obstacles
    Satan has planned for today.

    He wants to deprive You of honour
    So others Your glory can’t see.
    Help me be always alert
    So defeated he will be.

    Greater is He that is in me
    Than he that is in the world.
    Let me hold firmly my shield,
    As his arrows at me are hurled.

    I give You control of my mind, Lord,
    Reveal any wrong thinking to me,
    So my heart, my mind, and my actions,
    Will always bring glory to Thee.

    Help me stand in full armour
    Knowing the victory it will bring.
    So all my love and praises,
    Unto You my heart will sing.

    Lord, thank You,
    For Your love shown at Calvary
    And the Holy Spirit You have given to me.
    May I always be conscious of Your Presence,
    And sing Your praises all eternity.

    I wrote this poem in September, 2004.
    I learned lots of Bible verses in Sunday School, back in Northern Ireland. I have never counted how many I know, but the Holy Spirit does bring them back to my mind, on many occasions. Especially when I was in the hospital for about 3 1/2 months recently.
    Thank you all again for your prayers. I am getting stronger and able to get out more. I still need surgery on both hips to be able to walk without a walker. I am hoping to avoid surgery on my shoulders, I have five rotator cuff ligaments that are torn, (three and two ) they are not getting any better, since I depend on them to get around.
    David and family, thank you all so much for this blog, I started shortly after your first time around, but missed the time I was in hospital, other than that time, I have been with you daily. I expect to continue with you for the next two years. God Bless you all.

    • Amen!! Mary Stewart.
      Your Prayer for Victory is so inspiring & uplifting.
      You show great faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
      May God bless and heal you abundantly, in Jesus precious name, Amen! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Precious Book, Precious Book,
    On its dear old tear stained leaves
    I long to look,
    Thou art sweeter day by day,
    As I walk the narrow way,
    That leads at last to that bright home above.

  14. David thank you so much for your blog and your years of service to the Lord. My mom gave me a bible when I turned 21 long before I became a Christian, she wrote in the front cover encouraging me to read it, I still cherish it.

  15. Great picture of you with the bible clutched in your hand against your heart!!


  16. Thank you for all your prayers I love to picture Beverlee where the feathers under God’s wings . I am a person who likes to visualize . Mary you are in my prayers I
    had rotator cuff in my shoulders , and it is not fun physiotherapy did work for me.
    David I love the picture of you hugging your bible there was another person I know
    of who does it to.
    Lianne Hogg

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