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Today’s┬áReading: Isaiah 23-25

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Mike Martin, a missionary to Turkey, stands in the ruins of Laodicea. Earthquakes through the centuries have destroyed many historic regions of the world. The Lord said in Revelation 3:16 of the Laodicean church concerning their faith and works, “Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!”

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Isaiah 25:8

He will swallow up death forever,

And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces;

The rebuke of His people

He will take away from all the earth;

For the Lord has spoken.


Isaiah 23 pronounces judgement. Tyre, the hometown of Jezebel, daughter of the King of Tyre and the Queen who introduced Baal worship to Israel, is to be destroyed. Today the site of Tyre is a barren wasteland on the coast of Lebanon. There are no houses and no harbour for the ships of Tarshish (Spain). Sidon is a flourishing city today.

Isaiah 24 gives us a description of some of the results of the separation of creation from its Creator because of the rebellion of men and women to whom God gave responsibility for the care of the earth. Isaiah 24:19-20 describes a scene like the one in the photograph above. “The earth is violently broken…the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard.”

Isaiah 25 is filled with hope for mankind. God is never left without a plan for restoration. He is our strength, our refuge from the storm, and our shade! “The Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces!” How gentle and caring He is to those who “have waited for Him” (25:8-9)!


Lord God, rebellious people and nations have brought disaster upon themselves, but as for me, I wait for You and You have promised Your help in time of trouble. I pray for the grace of waiting patiently for You! I ask this in and through the Name of Your Son and my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!


I’ve walked over the barren rocks where proud Tyre once stood. I’ve walked through the streets of Sidon and laughed with the children playing out in front of high-rise apartment buildings. The tragedy was that the terrorists stored their bombs in the basements of these buildings, knowing that the Israelis would never deliberately bomb childen. It’s all so very sad. The tears God will wipe away are not from self pity, but from the tragedy of human cruelty. May God have mercy on us all!

In the photo below, my son David Reynold, an ordained Minister and our professional photographer, is showing a minor example of Isaiah 24:19, “The earth split open!” Click here for one of Reynold’s reports after returning from Haiti following the big earthquake of January 2010.

Yours for shedding tears and giving sacrificially!


On January 12th, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude quake struck Haiti. Reynold, who had served the people of Haiti previously, was sent there by the Board of Directors of Crossroads to asses how best to assist. Through the 100 Huntley Street television program and its relief and development arm, viewers and supporters of Crossroads/100 Huntley Street poured over $1,000,000 into aid for Haiti.

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  1. I’ve shed many tears over the way First Nations are treated in Canada! Shoal Lake 40 has been on a boil water advisory for 20 years! Imagine! They have to take their case to the United Nations! Some 126 Reservations are lacking the very basics of clean running water and proper sewage treatment! Lord I don’t understand how governments who are elected by the voters can act in this manner to human beings! This is Canada! May God forgive us all! lots of tears!

    • Sah, you commented on December 29th, wondering if a Muslim could be converted to Christianity. Did you watch the 100 Huntley Street episode that day with Nabeel Qureshi? His book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity. He was a former devout Muslim, and became convinced of the truth of the Gospel through historical reasoning and a search for God. He is now a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, and holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University, and an MA in religion from Duke University. Some books by Ravi Zacharias on the subject matter are: Light in the Shadow of Jihad: The Struggle for Truth and Prince And The Prophet. These books offer a great wealth of perspective and soften our edges.

      • TY Beverlee Kay! I’ve read-heard of other stories! I still wonder..I am very cautious and perhaps hardened around the edges from watching what has happened and I simply say again, how come Christians won’t help the homeless right here in Canada, see the story of Medicine Hat, Houses First project, when everyone is taken care of in this country, then help others, a few at a time…also Canada is not the only country, there are other countries that can take refugees…..It’s very perplexing, very complex and it has an unsafe aura about it all! we will never know the whole truth! Yes God knows, and believe me I pray hourly that He will give wisdom, guidance, common sense to our leaders…….

  2. May 2016 be a blessed year with Christ as our leader. May we llove one another as He loves us.
    Thank you Pastor David for your devotion in doing this blog. May we look forward to another year daily with you. I pray that The Lord will give you strength to continue. Bless you and your dear family and All bloggers. Yours in Christ, Eleanor M.

  3. Praise God. Let us sing our praises to our sovereign Lord! Whatever happened to Pastor Dordeless and his family, Reynolds is speaking about in the video? It would be nice to receive an update about the children, rejoining their parents in Canada, which I hope has happened since the Haiti quake in 2010. An article, this morning, stated the skies could be illuminated by the aurora borealis (northern lights) across Canada, this evening. Wishing all saints a Happy New Year’s Eve!

    “Thus far has the Lord helped us.” (1 Sam 7:12) “The Lord who “thus far” has helped you, will help you all your journey through. When the words “thus far” are read in heaven’s light, what glorious and miraculous prospects they reveal to our grateful eyes!” Charles H. Spurgeon

    “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!” (Rev. 5:13)

    ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus’

  4. A new year begins tomorrow… We say goodbye to the old and welcome the new… What wondrous joy do you have for us in 2016 Lord Jesus? I for one, stand fast in my faith, my work, and my family…

    Thank you Pastor David for your daily devotion in bringing the entire bible to life through your blog in a way that we can apply in each of our lives…

    To all blog friends and followers of Christ – May 2016 be a year of comfort to the needy, a year of rejoicing for refugees, and a year of blessing for each of us.

    God Bless! Amen!

  5. Praying for you, Mary, and hoping that you are feeling stronger, as each day passes. I have been blessed, this second back surgery, with a more hopeful and positive outcome. God’s warmth, healing, and love to you.

    • Thank you, I am beginning to get some strength back, I do appreciate your prayers. God does have a reason for all I’m going through, but it is not easy to see it right now. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you Pastor David for your daily blog, wishing you and yours a blessed 2016.
    May the Lord bless all the bloggers and readers, wishing you a Christ filled year.

  7. Thankful for the year 2015 and the trips I took especially to Israel with the Mainses. Also got on Facebook and able to share the Word with my family and friends. Especially thankful to you David and family for this blog and what I have learned in the Word. Also for your sharing fellow bloggers which I have not missed reading. Lastly thank you Lord for keeping me alive and allowing me the privilege to be your servant! Trusting you for greater things in 2016.

  8. Thank you David to you and your family for your ministry to us, not only through this daily spiritual food, but the various links and expositions of The Word!

    May the blessings of the Lord continue to strengthen and keep you all well and safe through the coming year!!!

    Blessings to all you bloggers… may the New Year bring into your lives exactly what you have hoped for. Extending the Peace, Joy and Love that comes through Our Lord be yours always.

  9. Reading Isaiah has been pretty heavy duty around the Christmas Period. Reading Chapter 23 & 24 in “The Message” reminds of the turbulence of our world today and how we need to look to God. But for today, the last day of the year, Isaiah 25 Is a great chapter to close out the old year and launch forth into a New Year. “O Lord, You are my God. I will exalt you. I will praise Your name. For you have done wonderful hings; … Therefore the strong people will glorify You…for You have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shade from the heart..” vs.1, 4. This morning I found myself kneeling before the Lord – yielding myself to Him, as clay, pliable in His hands, to be instruments of his love in a needy world. (Rom.6:13-19, 12:1-2) “Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord to Thee, Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise. .. Take my love, my Lord, I pour, at Thy feet its treasure-store; Take myself, and I will be, Ever, only, all for Thee” (Great Song by Frances Ridley Havergal). Happy New Years to David & Norma-Jean & Family, Leadership and staff at Crossroads and to all the bloggers. “I’m in His hands, whatever the future holds. The days I cannot see have all been planned for me; His way is best, you see; I’m in His hands!” Samuel

  10. Lord TY again for removing smokes/alcohol from me 20 years ago and giving me swimming from a broken leg! That was all YOUR DOING DEAR LORD. Lord I ask that You would bless my dream of a financial breakthrough, to clear my debts, a church deficit and another idea came to me Lord, contact the First Nations at Shoal Lake 40 and perhaps with Your help Lord, help out financially to get this bridge-road finished so the residents can get off the island….these are my dreams Lord, bless my swimming tonight, TY for my neighbours, bless their lives, bless my Pastor and his wife as they both recover from some serious surgeries TY Lord for this blog, to be able to receive he Word of God daily is a good thing! In Jesus Name AMEN

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