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Today’s┬áReading: Psalms 78

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A teacher brings a class of boys to visit the En Gedi Nature Reserve and loses control, as they jump fully clothed into the water! Here David took refuge from Saul. Perhaps David refreshed himself in this very waterfall. In the Jewish schools of Israel, the teachers do as our key verse says. In Israel the students are called Talmudim (translation = disciples).

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Key Verse: Psalm 78:4, 41

We will not hide them from their children,

Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,

And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done…

Yes, again and again they tempted God,

And limited the Holy One of Israel.


Asaph, The senior worship leader of Israel, composed this beautiful poetry and put it to music. Our reading for today puts emphasis on the responsibility we must carry in making sure that the children, the next generation, know the stories of God’s faithfulness. We must not neglect to also point out the people’s unfaithfulness. This teaching method has often inspired the next generation to rise above the older generation’s level of knowledge to experience God in new and powerful ways.

Words put to music often have a greater impact on our lives than words alone. My son-in-law, Bruce Stacey, is like a modern Asaph who has put hundreds of Bible verses to music for the children. Check it out at the Crossroads e-store (click here). Place an order and share the Scriptures in this way with the children, the next generation.


Lord God, You work within human free will because You made us in Your image and likeness. I pray that I may not limit You by my failure to communicate Your stories I read in Your Word. May I also teach the next generation by recounting, in an effective manner, the experiences of my life. In the Name of the One who, at 12 years of age, listened to the teachers and asked them questions, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen!!!


I committed to publishing dozens of magazines back in the 70’s and early 80’s encouraging the reading of the Bible over two years. Ron has taken us down memory lane by inserting below some pages from an old “New Direction” magazine from 1981, including today’s reading from the Psalms. Between these “New Direction” magazines and the beginning of this blog, we’ve published ten books with the same purpose. Unfortunately, they are out of print and unavailable. All the commentaries were fresh bread, and were not copied from the many previous trips through the Scriptures. Now, is prepared just for you, my blog buddies!

Thanks for joining me faithfully,


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27 thoughts on “Monday, October 12, 2015

  1. I am happy to hear Ron and Anne are being led to a new ministry. It has grieved me to see him so underused on 100Huntley in the past year or so.
    May God richly bless them in their new calling.

  2. I remember Father Bob so well. He was a great asset to the program. I do have some problem in receiving the blog. When I try to click on the speaker for the audible portion of the Bible reading via my IP, there is no speaker shown. When I put the co-ordinates on my browser to receive it that way, the reading does not shut off – it carries on reading the next chapters. I have to shut the computer off and put it into my browser again and carry on from there. Early last week it was working perfectly. The reading stopped at the end of the passage and I did not have to restart the computer. I wonder why I don’t see the little speaker thingy in the blog when it arrives via e-mail now. It tells you to click on it for the audio.

  3. Thanks David for all the help to read the Word over the years! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Norma Jean, your family and fellow bloggers!

  4. Blessed Thanksgiving to all. Sometimes circumstances in life are challenging and difficult and our hearts can be filled with worry, fear and anger at what is facing us that we forget to see at what we still have, what we can be grateful now and what we can be thankful in the future by going through the obstacle in our way.

    I am thankful that God is who He is and not what our circumstances, or the doubters say He is, and I am thankful for “Christian fellowship and the power of prayer that sustains and comforts us through the dark nights of the soul.

  5. Thank you Lord for David Mainse and this wondrous blog! Amen and Amen!

    Change is in the wind… time marches on… foreign powers are flexing their muscle in Syria and the middle east, will we have a newly elected Government in Canada later this month, and old age/ebbing health is creeping in faster than most of us would like…

    Catch the fire blog friends… May the Holy Spirit of God bless us as we continue in his word each and every day. Amen!

  6. Thank you David for this blog , and thank you to all the bloggers
    and all your comments ,,,May you all have a happy Thanks giving Day…R…

  7. I’m so glad to hear that Ron & Anne are going to be more involved in the ministry of 100 Huntley Street. I remember when Ron would teach on a passage of subject and how excellent was his teaching. Also Anne, too, provided such wonderful commentaries from the Bible. She has a marvellous gift, with a great vocabulary in her teachings. It’s a real talent. We will really be blessed when we have more of Ron & Anne
    The purpose in my comment with regard to more ministry from Ron & Anne is that I want to make sure these plans come together and that they come together quickly. I believe I am somewhat qualified to make such a judgement since in my bible college studies I majored in theology as well in how to teach bible studies. True: there are others much better than I, but I still believe my judgement is right

  8. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL ! I am so thankful for all the ministries – Huntley Street, Crossroads ministries and 100 Words. GOD bless each person involved in bringing GOD”S WORD to the world.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving and God’s continued blessings, fellow saints. Holding you, David, Norma-Jean, your family and all the crossroads ministry team, in my prayers. Peace be with you, amen!

  10. Doreen God bless you! You have made my day with your comment that speaker “thingy” my words exactly!
    I go through all that nonsense also! I used to be able to hear the reading and then something happened! I understood that those that do the website change things around once in a while! That’s ok except when dealing with older people, it’s tough to figure out the changes!

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