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Today’s┬áReading: Ezra 9-10

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The northern part of “The City of David.” This area of Jerusalem was also known as the Ophel and is a narrow promontory beyond the southern edge of the Temple Mount and Old City. The Temple Mount is seen at the top of this photo.

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Key Verse: Ezra 10:1

Now while Ezra was praying, and while he was confessing, weeping, and bowing down before the house of God, a very large congregation of men, women, and children assembled to him from Israel; for the people wept very bitterly.


During the captivity in Babylon, much very serious prayer took place. Daniel prayed three times every day while facing Jerusalem. No doubt there were many others doing the same. God answered their prayers with a resounding, “YES!” The result was that God moved the heart and mind of the Persian Emperor Cyrus and his successors.

Josephus, the famous Jewish historian, states in “Antiquities of the Jews” (11.1.2) that Jews showed King Cyrus, who defeated Babylon, the prophecy of Isaiah where his name was mentioned over 100 years before his birth. Isaiah described Cyrus’ role in the plan of God. Josephus writes that this motivated Cyrus “to fulfill what was written.” Archeological excavations in 1879-1882 found what is known as the “Cyrus Cylinder.” At the opening of the Crossroads Centre in 1992, we had a replica of this cylinder on display. It is an important confirmation of the accuracy of the Biblical account, and of the policies of Cyrus in his rule of his vast empire. It says of Israel, “All their peoples I gathered together and restored to their dwelling place” (see photo of the Cyrus Cylinder below).


Lord God, You do hear and answer prayer. Sometimes You say, “Yes,” sometimes, “No,” sometimes, “Slow.” I pray for deliverance of people today from captivity, yes, in Iraq (ancient Babylon) and Iran (ancient Persia), and also here at home. Destructive addictions, bad decisions, a self focus rather than seeking the good of others first, and other things, are holding people in captivity. I cry out to You for restoration of all that is good, kind, and loving. I pray in the name of the One who modelled the life we need, Jesus, Himself, Amen!!!


Norma-Jean and I lived for a time on Seaton Street, Toronto, just one block east of Sherbourne. I would often walk by the Salvation Army Men’s Centre where we volunteered on several occasions. I would think of our city in history. I had read that in the 1880’s Toronto was a mess! Open sewers, contaminated drinking water, much public display of intoxication, prostitution, and other ills that made Toronto a bad place in which to live. One man made a difference. The city became known as “Toronto the Good.” William Howland attended an evangelistic series of meetings at St. James Cathedral, where history records that he realized he was a sinner who needed the Saviour. Fired up by his new faith, he set out to bring change and hope to his city. He regularly visited people living in the slums. He became an active worker in the YMCA. To help people find jobs, he raised the money to build an industrial school. At age 42 he ran for Mayor of Toronto and won (see photo below). His first act as Mayor was to create a morality squad, which patrolled and cleaned up the streets. He instituted a complete overhaul of the city’s water system. He so involved himself in the plight of the underprivileged that he wore himself out and died at 49. Those years impacted Toronto for at least a century.

I see evidences, particularly in the park on Sherbourne Street, that Toronto needs another William Howland. Pray for John Tory, our present mayor. I’m praying for the intervention of God in Canada’s largest city, in our entire country, and around the world!

Yours for hearing from God and for making the best personal decisions possible,


The Cyrus Cylinder (click on photo to enlarge)

William Howland, former mayor of Toronto.


11 thoughts on “Thursday, July 23, 2015

  1. Thank You Pastor Mainse for your grreat information about cleaning up Toronto and Lord we believe together that You would give wisdon to the new mayor of Toronto and bring a great revival in Jesus name Amen

    • Amen Lily May, with prayer God can change all things for the better.
      Thanks Pastor David as always for yours words,I hadn’t heard about Wm Howland and also I enjoyed reading Josephus’ writings.
      It is very encouraging to read from a historian, the things we already knew from the Bible.

  2. Good morning David

    I have been following your daily blog for two years. When I read about William Holland ,I thought what a small world.

    Although we now live in Northern California, I have always related to you as I was Born in a hospital in Hamilton on the brow.

    Later we lived on Howland ave. in Toronto, no doubt named after the mayor.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards Bruce

  3. How I look forward to each day and your 100words! The words on a piece of scripture and some pictures, then the personal memories added. The perfect blend, keep up the encouragement to us all, carol

  4. I can remember when Eaton’s (as it was years ago) drew black drapes across all their show case windows to show respect for the Sabbath.
    What a different world we live in now. I love Toronto and it needs our prayers.

  5. yes it is a different world!
    people have difficulty if their shifts fall on a Sunday, they need to work, some are Christians and they have a hard time trying to balance their life.
    Every community needs cleaning up!
    God bless the Salvation Army that works very hard at caring for all people,
    prayers are needed for all people, those who have funds can donate to the Salvation Army,
    please pray that Christians will step up and mentor our young people, both the young men and young women! They need guiding, caring, a plan for their lives!
    A prayer of thankfulness for 100 Huntley Street for always keeping their eye on the Cross of Jesus Christ, sharing the Gospel all over the world!
    thank you Lord God for guiding David Mainse and others to be able to share the the Word of God throughout the world in thought, word and deed! AMEN

  6. I cry your prayer too David for restoration and renewal in our world!
    I had an awesome prayer session with Audrey yesterday. The highlight was fervently praying for our husbands. They’re both born and raised Catholics but with no faith. For our entire married lives (27 yrs for me and 40 for her) we’ve been tiptoeing around the subject. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts. How AWESOME it must be for couples who are UNITED in Christ! God Bless them! That will be us one day! All Praise and Glory be to God the Father Son and Holy Spirit Amen!

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