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Today’s┬áReading: Ezra 7-8

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One significant source of water in the Middle East comes from a karst spring found in the Golan Heights region of Israel. The water from this spring forms the Dan River which is the largest and most important tributary of the Jordan River. It is fed by rain and snow that filters down through the rocks of Mount Hermon and emerges at its foot, creating the largest karst spring in the Middle East.

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Key Verses: Ezra 8:21, 23

Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions…so we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer.


Let us learn that while fasting does not gain any special favour, it does emphasize the high level of our fervency. God responds to fervent prayer. Fasting is an evidence of a high level of fervency. James, known as the brother of our Lord, wrote that, “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avails much” (James 5:18b). The word “river” is repeated 4 times in our reading. Prayer is like a river. There is a source, found in the rains and springs God provides. The river flows, picking up other little streams as it goes. Without the Jordan river, much more land would be swallowed up by the desert.

Yesterday, our key verse told us that the people “prospered through the prophesying of Haggai, the prophet, and Zechariah.” We considered a sample of the preaching of Haggai yesterday. Today let’s read from the other preacher…Zechariah 1:14-17 and Zechariah 9:9-10. Here is a repeated promise from Psalm 72:8 which is the motto that the founders of Canada chose to describe our country and to proclaim that God is Lord of Canada. Consider Zechariah 4:6b “Not by might [corporate strength] or by power [personal strength] but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” Is it any wonder that the people prospered?


Father God, as is recorded in Mark 9:24, “Immediately the man cried out and said with tears, ‘Lord I believe; help my unbelief!'” Dear Lord, I am encouraged by reading this story and praying the same prayer. Thank You! Amen!!! (Mark 9:14-29).


Haggai and Zechariah had influence on the people of God. Esther, the young Jewish girl who became the bride of the King of the Persian Empire, had a profound influence. No doubt it was her presence in the palace that brought about the letter which we have in today’s reading. Every one of us have a sphere of influence. I mentioned in my first commentary on the book of Ezra a Jewish Canadian named Ezra Levant. He has an increasing influence on Canadian life and politics. Like those who spoke out against the prevailing conditions in Israel, Levant has been persecuted but refuses to be “politically correct.” Check him out. Whether I agree with him or not, I find him fascinating. You may want to encourage him by writing (his website is here).

I turn 79 in less than a month, and I’m still determined to speak out. Dr. John Hull, our Crossroads Global Chief Executive Officer is speaking out daily on the 100 Huntley Street Telecast. Ron Mainse and other hosts are speaking out day after day and night after night. We will celebrate, God willing, the 10,000th episode of the daily show on international TV October 14th. Check out a recent telecast!!! (click here)

Yours for all who use whatever opportunities we have to speak out on issues about which we care,


This sign is at one of the main points where the water comes out of the ground. You can read about the impressive volume of water that this Karst Spring produces.

Norma-Jean and me at the 2005 Movieguide Awards night with Movieguide Founder Dr. Ted Baehr. Ted’s father was a western movie star in the early days of the movies. Ted presented the Teddy Bear award to me. I love my brother Ted. He has had a huge, positive influence on Hollywood. The big stars and movie producers all attend his awards night at the Hollywood Hilton Ballroom. They want their movies to receive his endorsement. Be sure to check out the MOVIEGUIDE information. Ted SPEAKS OUT!!! (click here)

11 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 22, 2015

  1. I have been diabetic for 40 years (in pretty good shape, though). I am a bit anxious about fasting. I know you can fast things other than food. I wonder what would be a good substitute. I did fast for 40 days (Daniel Fast, I believe) around the time I was diagnosed. I did not know of anyone in my family who was diabetic. My oldest son is also now diabetic. Do you think that omitting TV or reading the newspaper or something like that be acceptable? Type 2 diabetes.

    • Doreen, I also am considered to have type2 diabetes but not on meds. Just controlling it by exercise and nutrition. I also have wanted to “fast”. But the reality is: if you do not eat for 4 or 5 hours, our body kicks in and start making sugar to supply the bodies needs. So fasting from foods will be self-defeating. I truly believe, ‘fasting’ is between you and God. We often associate it with food. But, “it is anything that we decide TO DO WITHOUT” for a period of time, whatever you and God works out – it is denying oneself or going without something for a short or longer period of time. God sees our heart. It is just a time to focus on God. The other side of fasting, is to decide TO GIVE SOMETHING to others. Isaiah 58 is a powerful chapter. This is the kind of fast that God says he wants (58:6-7) powerful words to turn our hearts and actions toward the marginalized of our society…and then God lays out further guidelines along with many promises (58:8-14) “light will break forth”, healing will quickly appear”, answered prayer, “the Lord will guide you always, satisfy your needs, strengthen your body and you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail”. 8-11 etc, Thanks Doreen for your inquiry. as it is good to be reminded of Isaiah 58, and also what Jesus said about giving to the needy, prayer or fasting. (Matthew 6:1-15. It is done in “the closet” KJV, privately, in secret, something that only God knows that you are doing. He sees what what we are doing in our private relation-ship with him and promises to reward us openly. Kind regards and many blessings. Samuel

    • upon re-reading your blog Doreen, God does not love us any less if we do not fast.
      this is my personal view: if I decide to do something for a few weeks, like not use my credit card for 2 weeks, then gradually increase that to 3 weeks, I pray about it, I ask God to give me the right attitude to do this and to make sure that I am not doing thos for hte “pat on the back” but because I just feel I want to use some discipline in my spending. I have done this and it makes a person think about spending, and so on….I thank God for His help in this matter, and it’s just between me and Him.
      I’m glad you brought this subject up for discussion! That’s the good part! We are discussing and I appreciate doing so!
      God bless you Doreen!

  2. Thank you all brothers and sisters on our blog for praying for me yesterday.
    I am praying for the same prayer as you did David , and thank you for
    encouraging me. God bless you and your families
    Lianne Hogg

  3. Heard some lyrics today. Something like:
    I need You
    To steal my show
    Wanna watch You go
    So take it away!

    Take it away Lord Jesus! AMEN!!
    Glorious day to all!

  4. Have been away for the past six days. Just returned this evening…

    Thank you for this blog Pastor David… I missed it while away in Vancouver with my family. Hope to catch-up tomorrow.

  5. first of all: serving the Lord can be in many ways, do not put your health in jeopardy if you have any medical problems fasting may not be the right thing, fasting in my mind means to plan not to do something for a few days out of a few weeks, many people during the Lenten season may decide to just drink fluids one day during the week or not eat between 8 a.m. – 8 day a week, , again, do not jeopardize one’s health!
    went to the concert s on the beach (every Wednesday night in my town) and it was wonderful!
    latest update with my Pastor, he had a successful surgery on his eye, someone is bringing him home on Friday in a van, he has to be lying flat and straight and quiet for a few weeks, but he wanted to come home to be with his wife as she starts her chemo treatments. Pastor had his surgery i Alberta, but lives in British Columbia, it’s only been 4 days and all this has happened! PRAISE THE LORD WHO WILL UPHOLD PASTOR AND HIS LOVELY WIFE IN HIS HANDS AND WILL GRANT TO THEM BOTH TOTAL HEALING AND RESTORATION!
    the lifeguard and his family leave for holidays on Thursday for 10 days! Please pray that God will keep them all safe! I really have to tip my hat to this lifeguard! He’s holidaying with 50 other family members! PRAISE GOD! They all get along very well!
    May God grant healing to all who need to be healed, great prosperity to those who need a financial miracle! May the staff at the pool do excellent work and continut to look after all the people who use the pool and gym! It is a GREAT place. THANK YOU LORD GOD

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