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Today’s Reading: Judges 8

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Dubbed the “Pompeii of the East,” Jerash is a Greco-Roman ruined city located 80 miles north of Amman, the capital of the modern kingdom of Jordan, The impressive, beautifully preserved ruins of Jerash include places of worship and other buildings from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Christian, and early Muslim periods. The Oval Plaza seen in the photo is central to the ruins.

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Key Verse: Judges 8:34

Thus the children of Israel did not remember the Lord their God, who had delivered them from the hands of all their enemies on every side;


The people of Succoth and Penuel made poor decisions. Zeba and Zalmuna made poor decisions at Tabor. Gideon made good decisions when he heard from God as recorded in yesterday’s reading. Now there is no indication that he’s listening for God’s directions. How often we rush ahead on our own without waiting on God. There comes a time when we must move forward. Beware of what someone has called “the paralysis of analysis.”

In 1st Corinthians 1:6 Paul writes, “Now these things happened as examples for us.” “These things” would include Israel’s decisions and experience during the time of the judges. When we forget God in our decisions, we become victims of our circumstances rather than victors over our circumstances.


Father, teach me to be careful to consult You daily in prayer concerning my decisions, and may I move forward with trust that You are directing me. Teach me, please, from the examples I’m reading here in Judges. I believe You for this! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!


When I think of “Mount Tabor,” I think of the town of Taber, Alberta, Canada. Rev. Dale Lang was the minister of the Anglican church there when his son was shot and murdered in the corridor of the high school by a deranged fellow student. I’ll never forget how, during the live funeral service that was carried on national TV, in that very high school auditorium, Dale walked to the spot where his son was killed and spoke of their forgiveness for the young man who had committed this crime. Then, with spiritual authority in the Name of Jesus, he cast out the evil from the school. Dale became Canada’s Pastor from that time forward. He and his wife became regulars for some time on the daily 100 Huntley Street telecast. Dale joined me daily on TV for a year, along with Professor of ancient history, Dr. Paul Maier, for a one-year journey through the book of Acts. Dale made good decisions following his family’s tragedy. Check out this video of a unique opportunity I had to go up in a hot air ballon with Dale, as he’s also a skilled balloonist (click here).

Yours for taking the time to wait on God for His decisions, and then moving forward,


P.S. I’m here in cold Canada as type this. I keep a positive attitude about the cold as shown by the picture below. At the farm where Norma-Jean was born, I took Franklin Graham out in a one-horse open sleigh. In the field behind the barn I threw him the reins and jumped out into the snow. He safely navigated back and picked me up. Have fun all you northerners. I expect to be a guest on 100 Huntley Street tomorrow, and you can watch my interview by early afternoon at www.100huntley.com.

Some winter fun with Franklin Graham many years ago.

Some winter fun with Franklin Graham many years ago.

A family walks down the main Roman Road, the Cardo Maximus, in the old city of Jerash. Pillars and ancient buildings are on each side of the street.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, February 10, 2015

  1. …..I as wondering if anyone is having problems with Biblegateway.com…..I used to be able to click on a Book of the Bible, and click chapter 1 and it would read that chapter and when it came to the end, ti would go to the next chapter…..however I can’t seem to get this on this website…..does anyone know if something has changed…any help would be appreciated….

    reading what Dale Lang did at the funeral,: my dad was killed Oct 30/70 at about 5:45 p.m. by a drunk driver. I lived away from home so i got the message about 9:30 that night and left immediately to come home where my mom lived……when I arrived at home and found out the “whole story” I was relieved because for many years I was so scared my dad would kill someone or kill himself because he drank. all the time.

    it turned out my dad had quit drinking/smoking 2 years prior, had no alcohol in his system at all, had a pyhsical about 2-3 weeks prior and was in excellent health which was a plus for his estate. That wasn;’t the end….

    on the 3rd day I was home (before the funeral) I announced I was going to visit the person who drove the car that hit my dad and I was going to tell that person that I forgive them….my mom was furious but I did just that, my sister and I went over, had a confrontation with the father of the person who drove the vehicle but we did see the person and we did forgive the person completely! We told that person exactly those words! To this day i have thanked God for doing that task because not once did I ever have any angry moments. My mom did many times.

    But that is not the end……..6 months after the accident the person took their life! I was devasted, but in God’s most loving way, He comforted me because I had forgiven this person. that was 45 years ago and I have never had one regret. Yes I miss my dad even today, but I am so thankful that God guided me to do this task. There is something about forgiveness that can either make you or break you. Thank you Lord God!

  2. Great flight in Dale Langs baloon, especially taking off from the Crossroads Centre! The wind direction and speed were obviously well calculated, within limits. I like your comparison to how the Holy Spirit similarly guides and moves us. Will look forward to seeing you on Huntley Street tomorrow, David. Have a good day everyone!

  3. Thinking of the scripture reading, I’m often struck by the thought “what were they thinking? ! But I look back at them with almost 20/20 vision. As you said last week,usually these failings happened over generations.My own family has wavered back and forth in their belief each generation. It must have been just as painful for them to see their offspring abandon their God for foolishness and flawed thinking. We can only pray that they change their minds, turn and be saved.

  4. The balloonist… I can control vertical but I can’t control horizontal… Yes, but you can check which way the wind is blowing and the weather conditions before lift off…

    Lord lead me to the one through your Holy Spirit to share the Good News today. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

    Blessings blog friends!

  5. WOW!
    What powerful images today.
    Like the ballonist we can control the vertical movement (to God) but we depend on other factors for the horizontal motion (to neighbours etc).
    I am reminded of the cross.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.
    PS I had the privilege of meeting Rev Dale Lang at an Ontario FLAME conference several years ago.

  6. I am thankful for today’s blog, as I need to be reminded to seek God’s desire first, as I often run ahead, and we all know what happens then.

    Leaning on the everlasting arms! Blessings to all.

  7. Pastor David Thank you so much for your wonderful daily blogs as directed through The Holy Spirit through and in you !

    God’s Timing is Perfect as we seek His Wisdom in Wise Decision Making.
    This morning I was seeking God’s help in making some Major Decisions in my life.
    Your Wise Blog was exactly what I needed to read .
    Thank you JESUS thank you Pastor David from all my❤ heart.
    Sincerely your brother in Jesus Christ
    ROMANS 10:9
    ISAIAH 43:18,19
    JEREMIAH 29:11,12,13
    Phil Kehoe and family.

  8. Thank you David for that link of you in the air Balloon with Rev. Dale Lang. I remember seeing this on TV on that day. Also hearing and reading about the story in Tabor, Alberta and Rev. Dale Lang’s response of forgiveness. What a great example of Christian love!!!
    Thank you for the photos of you and Franklin Graham.

    Our church will be going on a “hayride” this Saturday to celebrate “Family Day”. I’m looking for to the fellowship, and the ride, having grown up on a farm.

    I pray many families will take this time to get together and each other.

  9. we never know which way the wind will blow! Neither Mr. Mainse or Dale Lang had a parachute on in case of trouble. Praise be to God that they had a safe time on the balloon!

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